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Why the silence of Mark Rathbun about:

Jenna Miscavige Hill's upcoming book (Feb. 2013): Beyond Belief: My Secret Life inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape. HarperCollins Publishers imprint William Morrow

Lawrence Wright, Pulitzer Prize winner's upcoming book (Jan. 2013): Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief publisher Alfred A. Knopf

He may not figure very favorably in Jenna's book since he was involved in withholding letters from her parents to her after they left before she did.

And since he was one of Miscavige's enforcers of abusive policies, he may not want to promote Lawrence Wright's book either.

But since both books will undoubtedly help to indite Miscavige as the author of scientology's ills, you think he'd be in favor of promoting them.

What other books is Marty failing to mention on his website? Simply allowing others to mention the books and post a link doesn't count, in my estimation, as his own acknowledgement of these authors who can speak with authority about corruption in the business.


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That is the big problem with Marty, that he has not owned his overts completely. If he only came clean and told the truth, and had Miscavige indicted, he would be a wholesome person. Unfortunately he is playing other games.

I did not know that he withheld these letters from Jenna, can you direct me to where that information come from?


And in January, Marc Headly is going to reveal who Connor Cruises' real/biological parents are. I'm looking forward to a big month!


Where did you see this information? Just curious.....:biggrin:

That Marc is going to drop a bomb with that included? I think it was a year ago or so that Marc posted that. There was what seemed to be something special in his words that Tiny Fists would understand, and they were directed at him.


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Hmmmm. Seems my Scilon crystal ball is working better and better.

And for my next post - I plan to blow your mind. It might be a bit cryptic to the noobs but most will figure it out.

OSA/RTC - Prepare yourselves bitches. You can send your letters to whoever you want. When that kid turns 18 in January, I am going to tell him everything - and I mean EVERYTHING. Sis will obviously find out too, so lock it all up and write your checks now. It wont matter much, the truth is the truth. Put them through the "where did I come from rundown" or whatever you want. Pimping will seem like a holiday when this one hits the street.

Oh yeah OSA, because Tiny Fists tells you so little of what he is up to on his own you will play this game at the biggest disadvantage.

Oh yeah - on your little connections chart program, just draw a line between every person on the internet you have a record of because that is how this shit works now. We will make a new system and call it "2 degrees of Scilonville". Everyone knows of someone who has been screwed by scilonville. Everyone. Try it. It's fun.

Also, quick question before I sign off - Do you have to count Facebook & Twitter on your entheta stat? I know you track it, but does it count on the stat?

Until next time...

Is this what you mean? It was at https://forums.whyweprotest.net/com...e-left-scientology.105235/page-3#post-2190866