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No Memorial Service for Scientology President's Son?

Idle Morgue

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One part of the answer is that people in Scientology are completely shut down emotionally. This is deliberate and Hubbard wanted it to be so. In medical terms it's called Dissociation, and is an almost universal outcome of Scientology processing. Feelings are nasty wet things to Scientologists, and get in the way of command intention, so they are not to be allowed or tolerated by any 'good' Scientologist.

SMILLA: You are SPOT ON! :yes:


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Of course they believe that but it is still not an excuse.

Even when I was a scienotlogist, I never crossed a line. I always had compassion although I did believe we were better than wogs. Not prouf of that one :redface:

But my best friend (who is not a scientologist) had become sick and was on psych meds and I never stopped talking to her or being friend with her.I never believed in disconnection. I was too 'open minded' for them. :biggrin:

The level of inhumanity $cientology has attained is mind blowing. They just will implode. Some will never see the real truth but I believe many will wake up.

My dear Whitedove - I think you never ever were a real Scientologist. Not everybody is so easily hypnotized. Some peoples heart and soul are to big and to strong shining bright into the darkness of the world. So Hubbard never managed to destroy the beauty of your soul and the love and compassion in your heart. And I believe it was and is the same with Karen. :yes:



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This thread got me thinking.

What is it really that prompts people to do such a thing?

It isn't just the individuals involved; they will get the same kind of treatment themselves one day.

So what is it?

Minimumly the people involved must have repressed any and all of their humanity.

It isn't just this cult; I'm sure there are others now and in the past whose injustice and inhumanity equals this.

What is this disease that squashes love and compassion?

It is like a computer virus that infiltrates certain minds.

What is it?

The Anabaptist Jacques

You ask "What is it?" TAJ? In my opinion it is quite well explained in the following video:


It is time that the government of the United States of America is beginning to see these very obvious totalitarian Nazi like structures in the Church of Scientology that were set up by Hubbard in order enslave his followers and in order to take over world power.