NOI/Scientology gone wild: Playing the race card on vaccines



Having trotted out just about every conspiracy theory in the book against the tightening of vaccination laws in California, the opponents of Senate Bill 277 have come up with a new and truly cynical angle – race.

Echoing vaccine critic Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and using forums owned by the Church of Scientology, among other platforms, the head of the Nation of Islam and the group’s Los Angeles leader have spent the last several weeks denouncing the measure, which would eliminate the state’s overly broad “personal belief” exemption to school vaccination.

Last week, the Rev. Louis Farrakhan urged black families in Los Angeles to keep their kids home from school if state lawmakers pass SB 277, citing discredited claims that vaccines are linked to autism, particularly among black male children.

Meanwhile, Nation of Islam Western Regional Minister Tony Muhammad, who has credited Scientology with his emotional recovery after a police beating, appeared with Kennedy at a “town hall” at the church’s South Los Angeles community center. Kennedy claimed that the pharmaceutical industry has corrupted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Muhammad called out legislative Black Caucus members by name who had voted for SB 277.

“If they live in our neighborhoods, we will be in front of their houses throwing eggs,” Muhammad promised. “And we will have the biggest Uncle Tom signs they’ve ever seen.”

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