NOI supports Narconon


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Somewhere deep in the Web I found this:

NOI Minister Tony Muhammad had much to say in 2006 about the growing Scientologist influence in the NOI. He claimed that the connection comes from Farrakhan’s deep interest in any programs or ideas that will advance African Americans and that Scientology is simply one mechanism that will truly enhance the NOI community.

“I found some validity in some of the L. Ron Hubbard work. They have one of the best drug rehabilitation programs in the country,” Muhammad explained. ”We like the drug treatment program and we at least want to collaborate on that.”

According to the Times, these drug treatment programs — which have gained widespread criticism — are known for their harsh methodologies. The program, based on Hubbard’s detoxification methodology, claims to remove harmful toxins through intense exercise, hours in a sauna and the ingestion of minerals, oils and vitamins. On its web site, the church describes the program as follows: “The Narconon program not only addresses the mental and physical debilitation precipitated by drug abuse, but also the reasons why an individual turns to drugs in the first place.”

And somewhere else I read that NOI were now running security at some Narconon facility and abusing white inmates (what else?)

Are they planning to take it over?

How can the Scientology organisation prevent them if this is their intention?

Is Scientology a fruit ripe for the plucking?


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These are links for NOI working as security guards at a Narconon facility in Michigan.

The Nation of islam ex-convicts are both security and Ethics officers. The ethics officers are supposed to enforce the standard of conduct and handle the legal issues. They are not trained and not formally educated in anything but hard knocks so beware.

Everyone who came or comes to Best Drug Rehab is a victim. I have witnessed the executive director hit both patients and staff. The security are from the Nation of Islam and they say some horrifically derogatory statements to the male clients. Calling them faggots and ganging up on them like some sort of prison gang.

Another good article about the rehab program:
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Perhaps when all is said and done, the NOI guards will be there to make sure that everyone else drinks the KoolAide.