November 2008 pickets USA

Free to shine

Shiny & Free
Pasadena 8th Nov
I just got back from Pasadena. Benny's Friend, Swift, Graham Berry, and many others were there. It was interesting. There were a lot of handlers there, giving out anti-anon flyers. We would say, "He's a scientologist," just as they were handing them to someone, and the person would obviously pull away, as if they were being handed something very undesirable. Someone played guitar, and Swift entertained us with detailed explanations of the mechanics of body thetans. Oh, and Xenu was there, too, covered in LRH book covers, and spewing LRH drivel. So was a Sea Orgasm who won my affection by the end of the evening, with his description of Scientology and LRH. I might have gone a tiny bit overboard explaining to a female Scilon why it sucked that Susan Lentsch couldn't see her daughter, and asking her what she thought about that. Whew. All in all, twas fun.
The Pasadena, California protest was interesting for me because the Pasadena Org does not technically exist. It is an empty building that offers no services or value to any Scientologists whatsoever. The Braley Building we marched in front of has been empty for two years. It is a dead, empty building.

The Super Power Building in Clearwater, Florida has been dead and empty for almost ten years. The Santa Ana, California Org is empty. I understand that the Brussels Org is in disrepair. Other Scientology "Ideal Orgs" are, like the Pasadena Org, empty and unused. The Church of Scientology can no longer complete its cycles of action. Worse, the Braley Building generates no revenue for the City of Pasadena and has not for two years. Scientologists on scene at the protest claimed that it would be ten more months. However, Scientology's promises should never be counted on. Scientology has a history of lies. It is that simple: Scientology lies in order to further its own agenda. The lies are too numerous to list here but they are documented in court records and available for all to see. What we critics don't know are the lies CoS has told that have gone undetected.

When I was at the Pasadena Org protest on 08 11 08, all of the Scilons I saw were sullen, unhappy middle-aged people trying to defend... an Org Building that has sat empty and useless for two years. The Scilons spent a great deal of time on their cell phones beside the Braley building on a closed-off street that has been turned into a retail area. There are some small trees there in big planters. The Scilons spent time back by the trees on their phones. The usual Scilons were there, but they seemed subdued this time. Unlike Big Blue or HGB where the turf favors them, the Braley Buildings offers no barriers -- and no LAPD officers who are in bed with Scientology while off duty.

Who were the Scientologists talking to? I would guess Scientology's notorious Office of Special Affairs.