NY Daily news: DM accused of snooping in secret celeb confessionals


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Tommy said...

"[Our members] are going to Haiti, spending millions to charter planes to fly in supplies and doctors and nurses," says Davis. "All the while Anderson Cooper is in his designer T-shirts, just standing around, while we're helping people for real."

Yes, and they are donating big $ to the IAS Special Haiti fund or whatever it is too. And we know where *that* money is really going...


PS: Amy pwnd Tommy so bad that I gave her the high, high honor of immortalizing her in my sig line :) :)


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How effective can someone be when they deliberately choose a screen name that reads and is pronounced "I ASS" ?


Did I do that? Must have been a Freudian slip. :whistling:
(Don't worry IAAS. It's ok to make an ass out of yourself when you belong to a group that is far superior to everyone else and you're saving all of mankind by doing it.)

Oh, and I hope you're not divulging anything in session that you wouldn't want DM snooping on and either laughing about with others or using against you one day if you don't behave exactly as he would like you too.
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How effective can someone be when they deliberately choose a screen name that reads and is pronounced "I ASS" ?


Gotta love it breaking it down into symbols ...

What ya resist I ASS what ya pull in ya .... up the kazoo mate...


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So, to become "famous" by "vanity" publishing -- "publish" meaning to produce and distribute information, yes, I agree that Amy Scobee's information has been widely read. Producing and distributing "information" which furthers one's own agenda on a message board would also be "vanity publishing," since the writer is the one doing the publishing. IASS, as you have noted, the thread originated by you is widely read. Congratulations, you've become famous through vanity publishing.


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I came across this 2003 post from a former INT base member explaining how the cult has files on all staff AND PUBLIC and who has access to it.

This shows that the cult has been doing this for YEARS and should be very shocking to all scientologists!

From: [email protected] (SpawnOfXenu)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 5 Dec 2003 12:59:00 -0800
Organization: http://groups.google.com

This is a message to all Sea Org and $cientology staff members - most
of whom will not know this information about the corporation they're
working for.

I am a former high-level Sea Org member. I was at the "Int Base" or
"Gold" for 10 years and a Scientologist for over 20 years. The info
I'm about to pass on to you is legit and something that I'm sure OSA
and RTC would NOT want you to know about.

All staff members know that their Ethics Dept. keeps an "ethics file"
for each staff member. This file contains and accumulates reports
written by other staff members for things such as policy violations,
"out-ethics" activities - really anything that another would consider
to be "out ethics" to the group. It also contains O/W write ups and
session reports auditors are required to write up and send to a
person's ethics file in certain cases. Ethics files are used as a
"tool" by an Ethics Officer or executive to help spot the "SPs" or
"PTSes" within the organization who are stopping the lines and
blocking the "flows". A "fat" file means you've either got an SP or
PTS on the line and there are various ways an EO or exec goes about
sorting this person out. Most staff members know the above info as it
is contained in basic ethics policies written by Hubbard. Public
Scientologists also know that an ethics file is kept on themselves by
their local Ethics Dept. which is used in the same way as above.

Another file kept for every Scientologist is a PC folder or Pre-Clear
folder. This folder is labled as "Priest Penitent" and is only to be
accessed by Scientology Ministers or authorized personnel such as a
Case Supervisor or your auditor. Which is a complete falsehood and
you'll see why later in this message. This folder contains the reports
and worksheets from every auditing session or confessional a person
has ever had. This information is supposed to be confidential and held
in confidence. The ONLY instance where an auditor is supposed to
report to Ethics something from an auditing session, is if the staff
member or public was intentionally withholding something from Ethics
and "getting it off" in session to avoid ethics handling or

Last but not least is the "Personel File". This file contains basic
personnel info such as tests and other write ups used to qualify staff
members for certain positions in the organization. It also contains a
person's "Life History" write-up. This write up is done by the staff
member when being hired and contains every drug you've ever taken and
how many times, every close friend and relative you have with contact
info, every sexual experience you've ever had (in full detail)
including masturbation, etc... When you're done with this write-up,
anyone who reads it will know pretty much everything about your life
and some.

Now, I'll move on to the main reason for this message. A few years
ago, I was on an RTC mission to input staff member information into a
computer data base. With this data base you can type in any staff
member's name and pull up their information instantly.

First we went through every person's Personnel file and typed in their
entire Life History write up, their recent test scores, and any other
pertinent info required in the data base.

We then had to go through every ethics file and for each report enter
in what the report was about, who it was from and a summary of what
the report was about i.e. "Knowledge Report from Staff Member A:
Reports that Joe Blow was not doing his job and instead was smoking a
cigarette during post time, being idle." We also had to type in every
O/W write up - at least the "important" things from each write up.
Things like "I should have taken a shower today but didn't" were left
out of course. So, you can imagine how much information from the
ethics files were entered.

Now here's the killer, all the PC folders were gone through in the
same manner! It was mainly the confessionals and sec checks that were
inspected, but it was done and you can only imagine how "off policy"
and "out tech" that is.

The said purpose of this data base was to be a tool for executives and
HCO personnel to see if staff members were qualified for certain
"posts" or jobs in the organization. That's just not true because
nobody needs to know your PC folder info for post qualifications!

When we were given the order from RTC to go through the PC folders, I
remember thinking that something wasn't right about it, but as a staff
member, you know you're not to question ANYTHING that RTC orders. RTC
are the GODS of Scientology and if its from RTC you just better do it,
no questions asked. "They must have a really good reason for this."

This data base was only available at Int and middle Management, but
was supposed to be exported to every HCO around the world. I don't
know if that ever happened as I left before I ever knew. After the
mission completed, I went back to my post in HCO. I still had access
to the data base and would log in on occasion being curious about any
changes being made or any other added functions. And lo and behold,
public information was now being added in the same way. You could also
look up who had been declared PTS or SP and read any information
entered on the individual.

Imagine if Hitler had had this tool at his disposal...

Possibly Dan Garvin from his experience in INCOMM can shed more light
on this as well.


"In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." George Orwell

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I don't understand why they would want to know about every single time a guy pulled his whank.

I remember years ago during the Mission Holders Holocaust in Florida I was with a handful of other Scientologists and we happened to run into Brown Mckee from Connecticut. We got to talking to him and he was filling us in on some info about what was going on.

Someone in the group was asking him about why all these big Ethics Handlings and write ups were occuring and Brown McKee with a very frustrated look on his face remarked something along the lines of "Some of these people are on posts that have nothing better to do than to sit in an office and read Ethics Files and gather up overts and witholds on others, including every single time they masturbated"

At the time I didn't take what he was saying seriously and figured he was just using hyperbole to get a point across.

But I guess they really like to dig for dirt, or at least what they consider to be dirt.

Gads I remember when I was a teenager some of my firends were openly saying that they were wanking 2 or 3 times a day every single day, morning, after school and at night.

Damn if you do the math and those guys got into Scientology those Ethics Files must have been pretty fat.

And those people in the Ethics Office reading them - come on now! Who the hell wants to sit and read Ethics Files that go into detail about every single time someone pulled their whank.

Get a freekin' life! They have way too much time on their hands!



Well they have to get their jollies somehow, Rene. They can't get married anymore or have sex so what's a poor, horny Sea Ogre to do? Wait! I know! Read about everybodies past sex lives!! :D


I love what Amy is doing - Little bits of truth just shit all over copious amounts of bullshit. The truth has still gotta be told to do that though, so good on Amy and all for putting it out there. :thumbsup:


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Only yours mate. :D

I've always had a suspicion that my sessions were being videoed!

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Scientology book claims to reveal celebrity member's private details
The author Amy Scobee has refused to back down from her allegations and according to Radaroline writes that she has personally witnessed while in the office of David Miscavige, take a phone call in her presence from another top church executive. During this phone conversation Scobee revealed that the two men found great amusement as they dished the dirt on a female celebrity who was closely connected with Michael Jackson. Scobee states that she believed the celebrity to have been the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley.

Soderqvist1: Lisa Mari Presley has been interviewed by Penthouse 2003!
The quote is from the end of the interview.

Playboy: How would you characterize your taste in sex?

Presley: Probably “porn style.” [Laughs] I am a little dark on the subject. I like it rough, the way they do things in porn movies.

Playboy: Have you ever wished you were lesbian?

Presley: Sure. I think I’d be much better off as lesbian. My best friend is also my assistant, and she’s been with me for eight years.
I feel like, damn! If I were gay and I could’ve been with you, we would have been perfect.


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Just over looking at Marty's blog. Reading the comments re Tom Cruise auditing being taped has me shaking my head. They are all astounded, ASTOUNDED, that any private auditing files were ever read by DM, let alone read out to DM's drinking buddies and laughed over. They claim to be overwhelmed by the idea that any auditing session was ever videotaped.

Surely to god these people aren't that naive? They must have read the recent releases to the media by CO$ reporting the "crimes" of people like Ann and Mike, details of which came from their auditing folders. Yet they seemed to be really upset by the idea that Tom Cruise's auditing sessions were taped and filmed, let alone made fun of by DM.

Comment after comment is shocked and shaken that DM could do such a thing!

And what about Marty? Wasn't he involved for years with putting out black PR containing nasty details from the personal files on people who blew? Now he is saying the confidentiality of the auditing session is the basis of Scientology and must be absolute.

Odd, very odd.....