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O SA vs INS - finding legal loopholes


In Hungary for us in the 1990s and early 2000s the Scientology was relatively new - the same was the situation in Russia. We were fascinated by the tales of OT III, etc, and a lot of us signed up for the Sea Org. News reports, Sea Org stories haven't reached us yet at that point of time. The new recruits were promised high pay, nice apartments, possibilities to be Class XIIs, etc. It was all a lie. However the Scientology was so new at the time in those countries that For example a Flag Recruit tour found 410 interested people for the Sea Org in just one city. Hungary for example is way smaller and has less population than Florida but by 1998 the Flag Land Base had 127 Hungarian on staff - approx 11% of the base. In the early 2000s a huge influx - bit over 200 Russian staff arrived. They were handled as shit 0 most of them wound up as housekeepers, etc - only a very few wound up on technical lines. Eventually all of them got ordered to receive sec check, etc - because someone up lines thought they might be brain washed communists. I am not joking - all Russian had to receive PDH ( Pain Drug Hypnosys) sec checks. Actually about 25% of the base was either from Russia or Hungary, an other huge percent - I estimate 31% was latino, 10-12% were the Germans and Italians together, barely any French, and about 18% born in USA staff.

The first problem emerged in 2002. INS started to reject a lot of Scientology visa, etc applications. By then the R-1 (religious worker) visas got cancelled in the US. So all foreign staff had to apply for regular B-1 visas. A lot of them were about to expire. OSA gave a list to the Establishment Officers (they were responsible for establishing the Scientology divisions) a paper listed which staff members' isa was about to expire. Also most of these staff were single and they also had a list of eligible USA citizen or green card holder bachelors or bachelorettes. So in secret - a few staff knew of this there was a push to get these guys married no matter what. I knew a lady who got married to a guy whom she only saw 3 times in her life.

I applied for the green card - I was one of the lucky ones who got that. I remember though OSA did keep files on every single INS officer in Tampa. Who had a kid, what sport team their kid liked, how they reacted to different things, etc. They gave me a lot of ideas how to push my immigration officer's buttons, and it worked - in 5 minutes I got approved for green card.

It might be all legal etc - but still it is dishonest how actually they tricked the goverment. Let me know what your guys take is on this.


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