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Oct 2008-- Updated OT 8 list

Discussion in 'Completions Lists' started by Kookaburra, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. son

    son New Member

    Ok.. just found my mum on this list by googling her name. Half of the results show her name on some sort of anti-Scientology website or another like this. I am no longer a Scientologist, just quit going, picking up calls and refuse to get contacted. I doubt my mum has been active either for several years now, we just stopped talking about it in the family several years ago. So may I ask, what's the point of a list like this ? Why give people a hard time, they might just want to be left in peace and probably aren't even active anymore. I will probably still participate in some discussions on here, as I'm interested in the experience of others, but not really emotionally involved anymore. But I don't see what you want to achieve with "name and shame"-lists like these...
  2. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Welcome to ESMB, Son. Glad you faded away from Co$ and would like to hear more of your story if you're willing. :)

    And if I may....imho, don't think these lists of people/completions, etc are meant to be 'name and shame' lists. There are a quite a few exes who have family and friends still in and these lists provide info for them. (And perhaps some comfort that they're still alive? :unsure:). Just my two cents. I do see where you're coming from, though.
  3. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    One of Scientology's major weapons has been its secrecy. It's deliberate hiding of any information about what's going on inside Scientology. There are no name and shame lists here, although, some people may be held in less regard than others. Most people mentioned here are remembered fondly and many people find old friends through exactly the kind of naming of names you see.

    Welcome aboard. I don't know what 'lists' you're seeing your mom's name on, but, since you're now 'out', maybe she'll see that (for the first time) and 'reconnect' with *you*.

    It's fairly typical for Scientologists to think 'it's only me' and slink away quietly, without realizing that the people they think are 'gung ho' are in the same position they are.

  4. Mark A. Baker

    Mark A. Baker Sponsor

    I agree as far as going up the bridge. That's not a crime. Neither is being a scientologist a crime. However, many horribly abusive & destructive actions have been undertaken by scientologists affecting others in pursuit of their own individual bridges & the goals set by the management of the Co$. So, attempts to publicly "shame" people for membership or association with scientology are abusive.

    But I do consider that drawing attention to individuals such as L.Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige, David Petit, or Marty Rathbun, whose activities as scientologists brought great harm to others is a valid activity in which to engage.

    Mark A. Baker
  5. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    The list of OTVIIIs isn't so much a "name-and-shame" list as an interesting look at a rather important fact; it shows just how many of the OTVIIIs are now OUT of the CofS (one way or another).

    If someone were to append (to the names) the current status of each, it'd be a good wake-up tool.
  6. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    I am up for it Panda Termint

    I volunteer to acquire the names of those out. But there may be some out who don't want it publicly announced. So out of respect on that I would just do a numbers thing.

    I have the list which consists of just under 1999 names minus the duplicates which yielded 1759 names until the year 2007.

    Once the OUT names are gathered together I could just report, the number out from the 1759 names. Let me guess 300? which would leave 1459 unknown or still in. Names of those definitely still in say 500? could also be tallied and this would leave the unknowns of perhaps 959!!

    If someone like Geir Isene for example would like it confirmed that they are out of the CoS then I could republish the list annotated with such names.

    The data could be provided to me as a post or as a PM, I have no preference.

    Comments like now a freezoner, independent, no longer interested in doing the bridge, etc. could help with painting the picture in numbers. Approximate dates could also be useful

    The more input sources the more complete and accurate will be the result.

    I welcome replies.
    Last edited: May 20, 2010
  7. greebly

    greebly Patron with Honors

    All information is good information please update the list as stated.

    And son, welcome, chat to your mother about it ask her a simple question:

    Is she still a member of the C of S yes / no

    As they claim to have around 8 million members....
  8. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Great! There are many known names of those who have left the CofS, many still "flying under the radar" and more than a few who've died. I'll start compiling a list of those I know of and PM it to you (with some code for the "still pretending" dudes).
    Give me a day or two. :)
  9. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you Panda:thumbsup:

    Anyone else?
  10. Ulf K. Maier

    Ulf K. Maier Patron Meritorious

    Pearl Beckmann, OT VIII

    I don't believe there's any way Pearl Beckmann (corrected spelling) could still be alive, as she was already in her late 60s-early 70s when she was a student in my courseroom in the early 1990s. Naturally, I would be delighted to be proven wrong, as she was a very dear and charming lady, grandmotherly. The cultic delusion did not make her evil, IMO...
  11. The Great Zorg

    The Great Zorg Gold Meritorious Patron


    If 1758 people did the levels up to and including 'ot 8' and taking any number as an average cost of that person's 'bridge', then some shocking numbers appear!

    Say it might cost each person $200,000 (cost of 'levels' up to and including, plus books, plus lodging and all extras) to get all the way to 'ot 8' and say that each person had to pay (excluding staff), why that's

    (Number Of 'ot 8's listed - staff completions) x average cost = cash income




  12. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

  13. The Great Zorg

    The Great Zorg Gold Meritorious Patron


    I see that. Well, the credited our group, so w t heck? :confused2: :thumbsup: :)

    351 million fricken dollars! ...and that's CONSERVATIVE in my figurin'!!!! :omg:

    That's not even starting to figure in the massive book sales, the sales of which are in part coerced and usually end up as landfill. I know all my books written by the big clam were either torched or are rotting in the local landfill. :yes:

    "The Technology Of l. ron hubbard" = past, present and future landfill. :yes:
  14. Lure Rob & Hyde

    Lure Rob & Hyde Patron with Honors

    On your list Marjorie Zacks ( also did the gruesome L's) died in some home for invalids about 8 years ago or so talking to herself while watching TV I heard .:duh:

    Another cult " product " WOW this shit don't work how can that be????

    QUOTE=Kookaburra;163297]From Patty Piendiaz on OCMB:

    Would somebody please post this on ESMB for me.


    OT 8 completions.

    This list is NOT complete.

    It includes all OT 8 completions listed in Freewinds Magazines up through
    and including Freewinds Issue 70 from Dec 2007.

    It does NOT include Freewinds Issues 61, 62, and 63 as these issues are missing.

    Some of the names will have "Done Twice" listed next to their name. This means that they have done OT 8 twice. The reason for this all OT 8 were ordered to go back and redo OT 7 and then redo OT 8, when DM came out with the Golden Age of Tech. So some of them have been put through the ringer twice.

    Note: At this link you will see the latest OT 8 newsletter.

    If you notice the cult says they only have 1020 comps. I believe the reason the C of S is only counting 1020 completions for OT 8 is because they are only counting those that did OT 8 after the Golden Age of Tech.

    Here's the list.

    If anyone has any info on these people I'll be happy to add the information to the list. It would be good to know what has happened
    to all these OT 8's and how many have died, left, been declared.

    That info might shake up the people still inside

    Also if anyone has the missing Freewinds Issues and any issues after Issue 70, please contact me here or email me at [email protected],
    so I can update the list.

    Abby Juneau
    Adelheid Rech-Gesche
    Adrian Klapproth
    Adriana Scarpellini Done twice
    Agathe Schroter
    Agneta Stahl
    Ahuda Gorman
    Alain Chevrot
    Alain Rosenberg
    Alan Kellman
    Alan Larson
    Alan Turbin Done twice
    Alba Gloor
    Alba Grande
    Alba Guzzo
    Albert Franceschetti
    Albert Lotz
    Alberto Santinato
    Alda Borello
    Aldo Airoldi
    Aldo Stanzani
    Alessandra Franchi Panigalli
    Alessandro Lazzari
    Alexander Blechinger
    Alfonso Marin
    Alice Webber
    Alicia Debbah
    Alicia Gray
    Alison Banks
    Allen Collins
    Allyne Rosenthal
    Alon Roth
    Amy Elliot
    Andree De Thiersant
    Andres Koch
    Andrew Kitt
    Andrew Rinder
    Andrew Tucker
    Andy Hoare
    Andy Savas
    Angel Figueroa
    Angela Moret
    Angela Moro
    Angela Sushko
    Angelica Moore
    Angie Gilchrist
    Angie Trent
    Anita Grechi
    Anita Lundstedt
    Anita Mally
    Anita Schneider
    Ann Bowling
    Ann Carter
    Ann Roberts Done twice
    Ann Snider
    Ann Thomas
    Ann Urban
    Ann Wagle
    Anna Buch Lawaetz
    Anna Di Meo
    Anna Laino
    Anna Lawaetz
    Anne Gordin
    Anne Grieg
    Anne Nielsen
    Anne Strickland
    Anneliese Stuerzer
    Anne-Sophie Rosenblad
    Annette Brase
    Annette Brennan
    Annie Maisriemler
    Anthony Berka
    Anthony Falcaro
    Antoinette Lee
    Antonella Marlines
    Antonella Peghin
    Antonello Moi
    Antonietta Fadda
    Antonietta Mancuso
    Antonio Della-Giovanna
    Antonio Mazzoleni
    Ara Hadjian
    Ariane Jaquier Declared SP
    Arlene Boeger
    Arnell Burghorn
    Art Neumann
    Art Stein
    Astrid Neal
    Avishai Shalev
    Barbara Clarke Deceased
    Barbara Dakin
    Barbara Gendusa
    Barbara Hegetschweiler
    Barbara Indemauer
    Barbara Kalergis
    Barbara Kinder
    Barbara Lee
    Barbara Levine
    Barbara McFadyen
    Barbara Perron
    Barbara Rinder
    Barbara Schwandt
    Barbara Silver
    Barbara Wiseman
    Barey Wayne Critzer
    Barry Klein
    Barry Shereshevsky
    Beatrice Findley
    Beatrice Vuille
    Beatrix Lohmann
    Ben Ochart
    Benjamin Garner
    Benjamin Ghiora Done twice
    Benjamin Wolff
    Bennett Weber Done twice
    Bente Lenz
    Bernadette Glenski
    Bernard De La Cour
    Bernardo Lan Deceased
    Bernd Conradi
    Bert Laing
    Bertha Aubert Llorens
    Beth Ludwig
    Beth Nabors
    Beth Settle
    Betsy Heess
    Betsy Putterman
    Betsy White
    Betty Halliday
    Betty Lunde
    Beverly Ettinger
    Beverly Manasse
    Beverly Park
    Bia Wunderer
    Biggi Reichert
    Bill Kilpatrick
    Bill Lorentzen
    Bill Nagengast
    Bill Rhodes
    Bill Shields
    Bob Adams
    Bob Anderson
    Bob Baritz
    Bob Flanagan
    Bob Graves
    Bob Gray
    Bob Nastasi
    Bob Nielson
    Bobbi Woods
    Bonita Wilson
    Bonnie Paull
    Bonnie Rockwell
    Bonnie Sue Krumpe
    Bonnie Troescher
    Bonnie Wright
    Brenda Dyer
    Brett Miller
    Brian Reso
    Brigitta Mollmann
    Brigitte Gutermann
    Brigitte Meneau
    Brigitte Staub
    Britta Bang
    Bruce Dobin
    Bruce Goldman
    Bruce Taylor
    Bruno Perugini
    Buzz Newman
    Calvin Poole
    Candace Devoe
    Candace Zillweger
    Carl Borowski
    Carl Rohrig
    Carlo di Francesco
    Carlo Khatchi
    Carlos Lores
    Carlton Edwards
    Carlynn McCormick
    Carmelo Ferlito
    Carol Austin
    Carol Beeny
    Carol Blaut
    Carol Craig
    Carol Hubbard
    Carol Kingsley
    Carol Loweree
    Carol Morse
    Carol Morse
    Carol Thoburn
    Carolann McDonald
    Carole Kight
    Carole Smith
    Carolyn Bader-Bonifas
    Carolyn Groff
    Carolyn Judd
    Cary Wilkins
    Catherine Brown
    Catherine Douady
    Catherine Laplantif
    Catherine Scherzinger
    Catherine Tweed
    Cathy Alessandrini
    Cathy Davis Done twice
    Cecile Donze
    Char Byrnes
    Char Shipman
    Charla Lorch
    Charles Blankenship
    Charles Momsen
    Charles Rosenkranz
    Charlie Uslander
    Charlotte Goettsch
    Charlotte Harness
    Chel Stith
    Cheri Hall
    Cherie Arend
    Cheryl Kapuler
    Cheryl Schwalbe
    Chiara Staples
    Chick Corea
    Chris Briceno
    Chris Gerson
    Chris Palmer
    Chris Tingley
    Chris Wertin
    Chris Wrightsman
    Chris Wrightsman
    Christa Bordewieck
    Christa Donker
    Christa Koch
    Christian Bosiger
    Christian Gounord
    Christian Lussi
    Christian Svensson
    Christiane Spina
    Christie Voight
    Christina Larsson
    Christina Lindroth
    Christina Ruane
    Christine Kischke
    Christine Williams
    Christopher Estey
    Christopher Kight
    Christopher Music
    Chuck Devoe
    Chuck Koch
    Chuck Simon
    Churlya Wurfel
    Cindy Conway
    Cindy Feshbach
    Cindy G. Wilson
    Cindy Gray
    Cinzia Cagnoni
    Claes Ditlevsen
    Claire Pinelli
    Claire Taylor
    Claire Woodruff Done twice
    Clara Franceschetti
    Clarisse Meschoulam
    Clarisse Schmid
    Claude Boublil
    Claude Froute De Domec
    Claude Sandoz
    Claudia Caspary
    Claudia Schuhbock
    Claudio Lugli
    Clay Sayre
    Colleen Piper
    Connie Case
    Connie Harris Done twice
    Connie Kaiser
    Connie Lahmann
    Cookie Leonard
    Cooper Kessel
    Corinne Haff
    Corry Ryke
    Costanzo Robasto
    Craig Jensen
    Cristina Bazzani
    Cristina Parisio
    Cristina Roveyaz
    Cyndy Wright
    Dagmar Roeder
    Dagmar Zavichak
    Dali Bahat Done twice
    Dan Byl
    Dan Stradford
    Daniel Robison
    Daniela Fava
    Daniela Gonzalez
    Daniela Prior
    Daniela Saglimbeni
    Daniele Gounord
    Danielle Ambert
    Danielle Pozzebon Died of cancer OT 4 son committed suicide
    Daphna Hernandez
    Darlene Eggen
    Dauri Kowitz
    Dave Carbonarra
    Dave Erison
    Dave Gibbons
    Dave Haldy
    Dave Kluge
    David Agami
    David Amsalem
    David Banks
    David Curtis
    David Erison
    David Gaiman
    David Howson
    David Jelley
    David Kaup
    David Luscombe
    David Minkoff
    David Morse
    David Nutter
    David Petersen
    David Regan Done twice
    David Sanders
    David Silva
    David Slaughter
    David Stedman
    David Wilson
    Dean Blehert
    Dean Eggen
    Deanne Mac Donald
    Debbie McNeely
    Debbie Musack
    Debbie Parker
    Debbie Taffe
    Debbie Ward
    Deborah Company
    Deborah Indursky
    Deborah Salame
    Deborah Sobocinski
    Deborah Zimmatore
    Debra Fuller
    Debra Mace
    Dede Johnston
    Dedo Maspero
    Dee Snook
    Deide Schnabl
    Delores Pearson
    Denise Boutin
    Denise Scherer
    Denise Scherzinger
    Dennis Dubin
    Dennis Feeney
    Dennis McKenna
    Dennis Negley
    Dennis Roland
    Denver Frater
    Denyse Doudan
    Detlef Foullois
    Diana Balentine
    Diana Pfleger
    Diana Sandrin
    Diana Zottola
    Diane Boito
    Diane Henderson
    Diane Korringa (Workman)
    Diane McCloskey
    Diane Music
    Diane Phillips
    Diane Winter-Long
    Dianne Shuck
    Dick Eastin
    Dick Kraman Done twice
    Dickie Conn
    Dieter Schmitt
    Dietmar Kecht
    Dimitri Lanza
    Divona Lewis
    Doc Roland
    Dolores Mangels
    Don Chamberlin
    Don Pearson
    Don Tolan
    Donald Burgett
    Donald Roberts
    Donna Barton
    Donna Isham
    Donna La Rock
    Donna Stewart
    Doris Buechel
    Doris Danne
    Doris Heinzel-Rodenhauser
    Doris Levine
    Dorothy West
    Dot Harvey
    Dottie Tillberg
    Doug Daniloff
    Doug Walker
    Doug Weigand
    Doug Williams
    Douglas Neuman
    Douglas Sadwick
    Drew Johnston
    Duncan Guertin
    Earl Smith
    Ed Bryan Done twice
    Ed Mooney Deceased
    Edda Wicki
    Eddie King
    Eden Golden declared
    Edit Horvath
    Edith Hodgson
    Edith Stockli
    Edna Eaton
    Edoardo Gatti
    Edouard Wessley
    Eduardo Guillen
    Edurne Aranguren Done twice
    Edward Goss
    Edward Hamlyn
    Edwin Baer
    Edwin Cramb
    Edy Ender
    Eka Zoellner Done twice
    Ekkehard Bertsch
    Elaine Aguirre
    Elaine Manley
    Elaine Rowles-Pool
    Elana Grossi
    Eleanor Blankenship Deceased
    Elena Cardone Done twice
    Elena Chiancianesi
    Elena de Mava
    Elena Fine
    Elena Gaviraghi-Soldati
    Elena Hurtado
    Eleonore Reutter
    Elgin Gambert
    Elias Agami
    Elias Galico
    Elisabeth Anstrin
    Elisabeth Hedinger
    Elisabeth Kochsiek
    Elizabeth Barron Horwich Died age 53 Brain Tumor
    Elizabeth Baybak Done twice
    Elizabeth Castleman
    Elizabeth Currier Done twice
    Elizabeth Krewer
    Elizabeth Marelli
    Elke Conradi
    Ellen Almqvist
    Ellen Dorsett
    Ellen Hyrne
    Ellen Jaillet
    Ellen Woo
    Eloisa Feeney Done twice
    Eloy Dewey
    Elsa Knewitz
    Else-Britt Ekstrom
    Else-Marie Ditlevsen
    Emil Kauer
    Emilie Kong
    Emilio Kobeh
    Enrica Casagrande
    Enrique Espinosa Done twice
    Enza Guzzo Died of Cancer
    Enzo Belletti Done twice
    Enzo Piccone
    Eric Sorensen
    Erik Vos
    Ernest Corbett
    Ernst Haible
    Ernst Koch
    Erwin Annau
    Eugenio Galli
    Eva Andersson
    Eva Blake
    Eva Gramm
    Eva Lefevre
    Evan Malm
    Eve Hanson
    Eve Willner
    Evelyne Clark
    Evi Vogel
    Exilda Pearlman
    Ezio Lappano
    Fabienne Bellot
    Fabio Frigerio
    Faith Barter
    Fareeda Bulbrook
    Farhad Raschidi
    Farid Tabibzadeh
    Farrel Laclaire
    Fatima Baron
    Fay Pollard
    Faye Morris
    Felicitas Murk
    Felix Reinhard
    Fermin Sanchez
    Flo Burghorn
    Flora Sullivan
    Florence Bezazian
    Floriana Fassi
    Floyd Sloat
    Forrest Dockery Done twice
    Forrest Van Benthuysen
    Fran Clark
    Fran Willardson
    France Carpentier
    Frances Clark
    Frances Rich
    Francesco Casula
    Francesco Locilento
    Francesco Mainini
    Francesco Pedrali
    Franco Beschi Done twice
    Franco Comi
    Franco Useri
    Francoise Hooks
    Frank Aggio
    Frank Riemer
    Frank Vedder
    Franziska Glur
    Fred Filios
    Fred King
    Frederick Holtby
    Frederick King
    Fritz Spohn
    G. Randy Hepner
    Gabi Brendel
    Gabi Gadiot
    Gabi Lanik
    Gabriele Braun
    Gabriele Schaefer
    Gabrielle Allen
    Gabrielle Crittenden
    Gaby Ryan
    Gad Klopshtok
    Gaetanno Antonio Cammarata
    Gail Carroll
    Gali Halamish Done twice
    Garnet Palmer
    Garry Roberts
    Gary Beeny
    Gary Catt
    Gary Epstein
    Gary Henkel
    Gary Kern
    Gary Lerner
    Gary Rich
    Gay Ribisi
    Gaye Corbett
    Gayle Rego
    Gaylee Dean
    Geir Isene
    Gene Adams
    Genevieve Perrin
    Geoffrey Fushi
    Geoffrey Pick
    George Baillie
    George Jonic
    George Malnati
    George Pilat
    George Seidler
    George Ward
    George White
    Georgette Dumas Done twice
    Georgia Swenson
    Georgina Kleinman
    Gerald Gordon
    Gerald Lee
    Gerald McNeely
    Gerald Racheff
    Gerard Renna
    Gerd Schliemann
    Gerd Weber
    Gerhard Benneck
    Gerhard Schwandt
    Gerri Fischman
    Gerry Chromoy
    Gert Eriksson
    Gery Ruegg
    Gianluca Bordoni
    Gianmario Bianchi
    Gianna Favalli
    Giannis Bogdanos
    Gianpaolo Mucci
    Gill Dodington
    Gillian Christie-Cullen
    Ginger Rodeghero
    Ginny Boheme
    Giorgio Cairoli
    Giorgio Gobbi
    Giovanni Dell'Aria
    Giovanni Giambarini
    Giovanni Rusconi
    Gisela Gunter
    Gisela Hackenjos
    Gisela Pesce
    Gisele De Benoit
    Gisella Galicia
    Giuliano Cocchetti Committed suicide
    Giuseppina Riccardi
    Giusy Maspero
    Glenn Currier
    Gloria Kamph
    Gloria Schlueter
    Gloria Suarez Romero
    Goerge Keck
    Grace Ting
    Gracia Bennish Roberts Done twice
    Graham Donovan
    Graham Payne
    Grant Cardone
    Graziano Furnari
    Graziella Da Ros
    Graziella Sartor
    Greg Bradley
    Greg Gloor
    Greg Kingdon
    Greg Layton
    Greg Smith
    Gregory Bradley
    Gro Miller
    Gro Skov
    Guido Scherer
    Gulle Jorck
    Gunilla Eriksson
    Gunther Gafton
    Gunther Laws
    Gunther Leonhardt
    Gwen Culbert
    Gwen McCoy
    Gwen Vanderbijl
    Hain Diner
    Halina Cirillo
    Hamida Jafferji
    Hamish Bulger
    Hanna Sheffi-Shadowsky
    Hanne Ginge-Nielsen
    Hanny Barram Done twice
    Hans Brugemann
    Hans Juel
    Hans Peter Klotzli
    Hans Pfeffer
    Hans-Peter Fischer
    Hans-Ruedi Ackle
    Harald Loefller
    Harold Bezazian
    Harrie van der Heijden
    Harriet Weber
    Harriette Hughes
    Harry Lucas
    Harry MacDonald
    Harry Rostig
    Harry Taplin Done twice
    Harry Wong
    Hazel Osborne
    Heather Kertchem Done twice
    Hedi Matt
    Hedii Lipscher
    Heidi Altorfer
    Heidi Klinger
    Heidi Raschidi Done twice
    Heimo Bucerius
    Heinz Kroczek
    Heinz Wrege
    Helen Fritsch-Covary
    Helen Kitchin Deceased
    Helen Meuley-Ract
    Helen Wisner
    Helene Dugmore
    Helga Wagner
    Helga Zaun
    Helgard Hahn
    Hellen Chen
    Henning Jorck
    Henny Deridder
    Henri De Bruyn
    Henry Blumenthal
    Henry Jaggers
    Herb Sutphin
    Herbert Stahl
    Herman Newkirk
    Hermann Schnabl
    Hermann Schubotz
    Herwig Kroll
    Hilu Hansen
    Holger Hackenjos
    Horst Dubiel
    Howard Ryan
    Howard Shube
    Hubert Bruttel
    Hubert Wurfel
    Hugh Elliot
    Hugo Canton
    Ian Rinder
    Ida Calver
    Ignacio Gracia
    Ike Kezsbom Deceased
    Ilda Garza
    Ildiko Tombolini
    Inge Schuhbock
    Ingeborg Schnitzler
    Ingrid Collewijn
    Ingrid Gibson
    Ingrid Keller
    Ira Finklestein
    Irene Burgener
    Irene Dirmann
    Iria Lavacarra
    Irit Pillo
    Irma Giger
    Irv Trudell
    Isabelle Monod
    Isadore Chait
    Isella Piccone
    Ivy Kimmich
    J. Brent McDaniel
    J. Michael Armentrout
    Jaakko Raita
    Jacinto Castellano
    Jack Dirmann
    Jack Mortimer
    Jack Potter
    Jack Sushko
    Jackie Molnar
    Jacob Lenz
    Jacqueline Mingard
    Jacquellyn Meyers
    James Chamberlin
    James Christensen
    James Eckhart
    James Fiducia
    James Hort
    James Kalergis
    James Krebsbach
    James Madia
    James Mangiamele
    James Mayer
    James Newell
    James Parker Done twice
    James Wilkinson
    Jan Regan
    Jan Silber
    Jane Allen
    Jane Bosan
    Jane Dockery
    Jane Grondin
    Jane Hutchins
    Jane van Pelt
    Janet Bowes
    Janet Hedge
    Janet Hollander
    Janet Klein
    Janet Larson
    Janet Lawrence
    Janet Petersen
    Janet Wilkins
    Janice Myerberg
    Janice Racheff
    Janie Wallace
    Janine Privat
    Janine Wenger
    Jaqueline Delafraye
    Javier Benet
    Javier Gutierrez
    Javier Munoz
    Jay Blaut
    Jay Johnson
    Jay Spina
    Jaye Curry Done twice
    Jayne Greenwalt
    Jayne Kraman Done twice
    Jayson Bromboz
    Jean Brasel
    Jean Helpert
    Jean Hornnes
    Jean Rosko
    Jean Spinner
    Jean Trainor
    Jean Vavrus
    Jeanie Charles
    Jeanie Lan
    Jeanine Pasche
    Jeanne Decuypere
    Jeanne Keenan
    Jeanne Matheny
    Jeannie Scoglio
    Jeannie Trahant
    Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Magee
    Jeff O'Mealy Done twice
    Jeff Walker
    Jeffrey Avrin
    Jeffrey Hahn
    Jennifer Jensen
    Jennifer Sgroi-Stanzani
    Jenny Scarfe-Beckett
    Jenny Wakley
    Jens Kjeldsen
    Jerilyn Hamra
    Jerry Dyas
    Jerry Ehrlich
    Jerry Racheff
    Jessica Byrnes Done twice
    Jessica Marks
    Jessie Snow
    Jesus Garcia
    Jill De Hochepied
    Jill Hagan
    Jill Methven
    Jill Wise
    Jim Burghorn
    Jim Bush
    Jim Jackson
    Jim Meskimen
    Jim Neal
    Jim Rego
    Jim Spina
    Jim Wallace
    Jo Anne Beachy
    Jo Anne Christensen
    Joan Lonstein done twice
    Joan Mort
    Joan Roswell
    Joan Ryan
    Joan Saks
    Joan Sigal Done twice
    Joanne Beaubien
    Joanne Nastasi
    Jocelyne Dupuis
    Jochen Knewitz
    Joe Feshbach
    Joe Pinelli
    Joe Spencer
    John Allender
    John Chadder
    John Chambers
    John Dekiewit
    John Fudge
    John Glass
    John Greene
    John Hansen
    John Kertchem
    John Novello
    John O'Neal
    John Rich
    John Smith
    John Stout
    John Sullivan
    John Woodruff
    Jon Coale
    Jon Fyffe
    Jon Sears
    Jon Soeder
    Jonathan Gerson done twice
    Joni Marchese
    Jorge Castaneira
    Jorj Baker
    Jose Galicia Jr.
    Jose Luis Galicia
    Jose Serrano
    Jose Villareal Acosta
    Josef Kunz done twice
    Joseph Andruscavage
    Joseph Duncanson
    Joseph Lavin
    Joseph McCusker
    Joseph Stover
    Joseph Taffe
    Joy Ollemans
    Juan Galindo
    Juan Manuel Cardona Trevino
    Jude Barnes
    Judith Code
    Judith Schwyter
    Judith Weigand
    Judith Willardson
    Judy Bruning
    Judy Freedman
    Judy Irons
    Judy Magee
    Judy Norton
    Judy Preger
    Judy Vedder
    Judy White
    Judy Willardson
    Judy Wood
    Juliane Kostinger
    Julie Champness
    June Hutchins
    Juraj Lipscher
    Jurg Staubli
    Jurgen Suplit
    Justa de Villiers
    Justin Ford
    Jytte Jorck
    Karen Aylor
    Karen Brackett
    Karen Howard
    Karen Judkin done twice
    Karen Kalman
    Karen Megan
    Karen Morrissett
    Karen Renna
    Karen Scott
    Karen Simons
    Karin Beaty
    Karin Chapman
    Karin Moeller
    Karl Kroeger done twice
    Karl Morz
    Kaspar Zwicky
    Kate Mays
    Kate Smith
    Katharina Piotrowski
    Kathi Gfeller
    Kathie Gregory
    Kathie Heard
    Kathleen Roche
    Kathleen Savas
    Kathy Braceland
    Kathy Conable
    Kathy Feshbach
    Kathy Marier
    Kathy Morrill
    Kathy Shepard
    Kathy Snow
    Kathy Welch
    Katie Heller
    Kay Daly
    Kay Roland
    Kaye Champagne
    Keith Code done twice
    Kelli Widmaier
    Ken Dorsett
    Ken Rabey
    Ken Whitman
    Kenna Smith
    Kenneth Gerbino
    Kenneth Salazar
    Kevin Burke
    Kevin Good
    Kevin Rush
    Kevin Wilson
    Kifumi Keppler
    Kitty Kerr
    Kitty Niehues
    Klaus Kempe
    Klaus Koller
    Koko Tabibzadeh
    Kristin Tomczak
    Krystyna Louw
    Kurt Wicki
    Larry Buhman
    Larry Gluck
    Larry Polak
    Larry Putterman
    Larry Silver
    Laura Case
    Laura Lewis
    Laura Piazza Possebon
    Laura Ward
    Laura Wilson
    Laura Wolfe
    Laurence Dambrin
    Laurence Zani
    Lawrence Byrnes
    Lawrence Hanson
    Lee Cambigue
    Leila Joffe Vander Heijdon
    Lena Akesson
    Lena Susman done twice
    Lenny Macaluso
    Leona Logan
    Leonie Price
    Lesley Zimmatore
    Leslie Davis
    Leslie Eaton
    Letizia Pizzi
    Liane Gottwald
    Libby Regan
    Libby Weigand
    Lil Linson
    Lilis Bronsoiler done twice
    Lilliane Eckharter
    Lina Micheletti
    Linda Aldrete
    Linda Batdorf
    Linda Ferguson
    Linda Hall
    Linda Hodges-Leach
    Linda Neilson
    Linda Smith
    Linda Triscik
    Lindy Duncanson
    Lisa Bernard
    Lisa Bragato
    Lisa Bragato
    Lisa Johonnesson done twice
    Lisa Malm
    Lisa Malmquist
    Lisa Terrenzi Miazwer
    Lisbeth Ambuhl
    Lisetta Calzolari
    Liz King
    Lloyd McPhee
    Lois Gloor
    Loren Dirks
    Lorena Nacif
    Loretta Miscavige Deceased cancer
    Lorna Farca
    Lorraine Bulger done twice
    Lothar Erdtmann
    Lottie Adler
    Louis Peens
    Louise Gilbert
    Louise Smith
    Louis-Michel Brolles
    Lucia Bragg
    Lucie Jungi-Saner
    Lucinda Feshbach
    Lucy Cole
    Lucy Dabbah
    Luigi Begnigna
    Luigi Bertoni
    Luigi Cosivi
    Luis Alfonso Garcia
    Luisa Bellagamba
    Luisa Bertoli
    Luisa Gissi
    Luisa Orlandini
    Luisella Pugliatti done twice
    Lupina Lara
    Luzia Voeller
    Lynda Allender
    Lynn Burkhart
    Lynn Ferry
    Lynn Irons
    Lynn Peters
    Lynn Roberts
    Lynne Goldstein
    Madeline Lowe
    Maelien Spina
    Magaly Gonzalez
    Magda Morra done twice
    Maggie Fuller
    Maggie Reinhart
    Maggie Spohn
    Maike B-Stahl
    Maina Kuhn
    Majid Tabibzadeh
    Malcolm Croft
    Malcom Gellatly
    Manuel Vianna
    Marc Marty
    Marc Silber
    Marc Walter
    Marcel Wenger
    Marci Berger
    Marco Belli
    Marco Chiancianesi
    Marco Natale
    Marco Sarrocco
    Marco Viscardi
    Marcos Dana
    Margaret Condon
    Margaret Eckold
    Margaret Hodkin
    Margaret Regan
    Margene Zimmer
    Marguerite Robin
    Marguerite Wirick
    Maria Adinolfi
    Maria Bogdanou
    Maria Elana Nunez
    Maria Franceschinelli
    Maria Giovanna Ponchetti
    Maria Grazia Rocco
    Maria Hurtado
    Maria Lodovici
    Maria Pia Gardini Declared SP
    Maria Vega
    Maria Weber
    Marian Reguera Ardanza
    Marianna Altorfer
    Marianne Kessler-Rossini
    Marianne Mueller
    Marie Gale
    Marie Murillo
    Marie Suter
    Marie Therese Meili
    Marie Wanner
    Marie Williams
    Marietta Kempe
    Marijke Qureshi
    Marijke Vos
    Marilena Galli
    Marino Bertoli
    Mario Des Rochers
    Marion Koth
    Marion Shuster
    Marisa Damiani
    Marisa Fumagalli
    Marit Eisenmann
    Marit Hadjian
    Marjorie Zacks
    Mark Haydon
    Mark Kloss done twice
    Marsha Fox
    Marti Carlson
    Martin Greenberg
    Martin Schonenberger
    Martine Benneck
    Martine Sitbon
    Marty Prince
    Mary Adams
    Mary Alice DeWitt
    Mary Ann Chait
    Mary Chadder
    Mary Dolan
    Mary Finley
    Mary Heldt
    Mary Hobbs
    Mary Huss
    Mary Jane Luniewski
    Mary Jo Leavitt
    Mary Kahn
    Mary Kaufmann
    Mary Lynne Wolfe
    Mary Maclean
    Mary Mason
    Mary Newman
    Mary Wolfe
    Maryann O'Donnell
    Marzia Pezzali
    Massimiliano Bonoldi
    Massimiliano Speri
    Massimo Cavadenti Deceased
    Matthew Feshbach
    Maureen Tolan
    Mauri Karger
    Maurizio Polverini
    Mauro Gianfranco
    Mavi Santinato
    Mavis Imra
    Megan Fleischl
    Megan Shields
    Meggie Wojan
    Melanie Wertin
    Melissa O'Hara
    Mercedes Garcia
    Mercedes Gomez
    Meri Dolan
    Meryl Nilsson
    Mia Perssons
    Michael Baram
    Michael Clark
    Michael Drazkowski
    Michael Grope
    Michael Henderson
    Michael Ingbar
    Michael Juneau
    Michael Kananack
    Michael Karger
    Michael King
    Michael Klinger
    Michael Lee
    Michael Lewis
    Michael McCoy
    Michael Norris
    Michael Pattinson [Exterior from Scn with full perceptions]= SP
    Michael Phillips done twice
    Michael Shadowsky
    Michael Suggs
    Michael Zimmatore
    Michael Zimmer
    Michal Spencer-Smith
    Michel Reveillere
    Miguel Angee Ruiz
    Mike Carlson
    Mike Chatelain
    Mike Miwa
    Mike Osborne
    Mike Pomerantz
    Mike Smith
    Mike Staples
    Mike Wilson
    Mildred Moscona
    Milko Thies
    Min-Jung Park
    Mireille Ksentine
    Miriam Crippa
    Mischa Rice
    Mitch Talevi done twice
    Mitchell Drobbin
    Mitzi Bergman
    Mohsen Zargar
    Moira Blumenthal
    Molly Barton
    Molly Baxter
    Molly Jelley
    Molly Missonis
    Monica Lugli
    Monika Bernath
    Monika Burkli
    Monika Christen
    Monika Helpert
    Monika Ruegg
    Monika Wieneke
    Monroe Kleiderman
    Muriel Cheshire
    Myrna Safra
    Myron Rapp
    Myron Robinson
    Nadina Garza
    Nancy Cameron
    Nancy Davis
    Nancy Frisch
    Nancy Miller
    Nancy Parodi
    Nancy Reitze
    Nancy Sadwick
    Nancy Weilgart
    Naomi Kleyn
    Natalie Mage
    Neil Fraser
    Neil Kunen
    Neil Woods
    Nena Erdtmann done twice
    Nerida James
    Nick Lekas
    Nicla Spica
    Nicole Keppler
    Niels Kjeldsen
    Noel Carroll
    Noelle North Norris
    Noemi Cortinovis
    Nola Vains
    Norm Novitsky
    Norman Lewis
    Norman Moe
    Nornie Rabey
    Nowell Didear
    Ofra Bahat done twice
    Ole Lindell
    Omar Jazzar done twice
    Ornella Vaccani
    Otto Kauf
    Otto Meyer
    Pablo Rohrig
    Pam Fyffe
    Pam Kresse
    Pam Wrightsman
    Pamela Angus
    Pamela Barton
    Pamela Blehert
    Pamela Chipman
    Pandy Katakuzinos
    Paolo Meini Deceased
    Paolo Melis
    Paolo Tucci
    Pascal De Benoit
    Pat Fraker
    Pat Hoertling
    Pat Maroshek
    Pat Parodi
    Pat Shannon
    Patricia Curtis
    Patricia Garner
    Patricia Hales
    Patricia Mooney
    Patricia Piccone
    Patricia Riemer
    Patricia Rogers-Brugger
    Patricia Schlaich
    Patrick Lue Fan
    Patrick Luefan
    Patrick Robinson
    Patrizia Brambilla
    Patrizia Brunelli
    Patti Brown
    Patty Riemer
    Paul C. Mogensen
    Paul Davis
    Paul Maisano
    Paul Missonis Jr.
    Paul Morel
    Paul Myerberg
    Paul Price
    Paul Spencer-Smith
    Paul Spencer-Smith
    Paul Turnbull
    Paula Hayes
    Paula Ohl
    Paula Snider
    Paula Walser Portmann
    Paula Webster
    Pauline Zani
    Paul-Unko Rieter
    Pavane Fraser Moriak
    Pearl Beckman
    Pearl Lantz
    Pedro Martin-Moreno
    Peggy Hitchman
    Peggy Pearson
    Peggy Westerman
    Peggy Wiley
    Per Pagh
    Percy Wong
    Peter Anstrin
    Peter Brendel
    Peter Glur
    Peter Grant
    Peter Jorck
    Peter Somplatzky
    Peter Wakley
    Peter Zimmatore
    Phil Beaubien
    Phil Colson
    Phil Hart
    Philip Antonio
    Philip De Fontenay
    Phillip Parke
    Pilar Gonzalez
    Pilar Madero
    Pina Ronconi
    Pino Brenicci
    Pino Gangi Dino
    Pomm Olsen
    Rachel Lockwood
    Rafaela Khatchi
    Raffaella Ceresoli
    Rainer Biermann
    Rainer Biermann
    Ralph Criscione
    Ralph Swarens
    Ramon Barragan
    Ramon Quintos
    Ramses Erdtmann
    Randy Baxter
    Randy Kretchmar
    Randy Stith
    Raquel Mena
    Raul Dingler
    Ray Miller
    Ray Mithoff
    Ray Rockl
    Ray Von Hollen
    Raymond Barton
    Raymond Cassano
    Rebecca Chambers
    Rebecca Neuman
    Reed Suggs
    Remy Gigos
    Renata Aiudi
    Renata St. Lawrence
    Renate Helnwein
    Renate Webb
    Renato Ingenito
    Renato Smith
    Rene Donze-Kueng
    Renee Sherman
    Renetta Shearer
    Renzo Longo
    Reto Gfeller
    Riccardo Mazza
    Riccardo Rosso
    Rich Graf
    Richard Bishop
    Richard Bromley
    Richard Crites
    Richard Dean
    Richard Ferry
    Richard Lore
    Richard Melrose
    Richard Trela
    Richie Ettricks done twice
    Rick Melrose
    Rick Robjent
    Rick Rogers
    Rita Bright
    Rita Stockhausen-Fischer
    Rita Zarahn
    Rob Bosan
    Robbie Robinson
    Robert Bein
    Robert Collewijn
    Robert Conn
    Robert Dahlquist
    Robert Dobson-Smith
    Robert Fine
    Robert Hedinger
    Robert Hernandez
    Robert Jeans
    Robert Kaye
    Robert Lawson
    Robert McFarlane
    Robert Neilson
    Robert Norman
    Robert Price
    Robert Schwartz
    Robert Sudalnik
    Robert Voight
    Robert Wirth
    Roberto Baroni
    Roberto D'Annibale
    Roberto Mazzoni
    Roberto Panigalli
    Roberto Patola
    Roberto Tarabini
    Robin Drimmer
    Robin Filios
    Robin Shereshevski
    Robyn Skutta
    Rochelle Eriksen
    Roger Mueller
    Rohn Walker
    Rohn Walker
    Roland Ambuhl done twice
    Roland Andersson
    Roland Ekstrom
    Roland Kuhn
    Roland Stahl
    Rolf Gutermann
    Romano Romanini
    Ron Anderson
    Ron Fiandaca
    Ron Moss
    Ron Nedd
    Rona Bowles
    Ronald Lewis
    Ronald Luniewski
    Ronald Watson
    Ronit Soracco
    Ronni Drimmer
    Ronnie den Braber
    Rosalind White
    Rosalyn Paul
    Rosalynn Carlton
    Rosaria Ferrario
    Rose Garvin
    Rose Goss
    Rosemarie Freihoff
    Rosemary Didear
    Rosmarie Widmer
    Ross Munro
    Rosser Cole
    Royce Quimby
    Rudi Mohl
    Ruedi Jungi
    Ruth Baer
    Ruth Bradley
    Ruth Carey
    Ruth Knudsen
    Ruth Lennie
    Ruthe Humphrey
    Ruti Ydovich
    Sabine Ender
    Sabine Haible
    Sabine Rohrig
    Sakura Thompson
    Sally Culloden
    Sally Jeans
    Sally Jensen
    Sally Slevin Baggett
    Salvatore Cammarata
    Salvatore Maria Martini
    Salvatore Siracusano
    Sandor Szaniszlo
    Sandra Epstein
    Sandra Rosti
    Sandro Asnaghi
    Sandy Adair
    Sandy Breitling
    Sandy Brennan
    Sandy Kroeger
    Sandy Mesmer
    Sara Lan
    Sara Lister Goldberg
    Sarah Calderon
    Sarah Condon done twice
    Sarah Russo
    Sarina Foster
    Sarit Kimchi
    Sarit Rosenberg
    Sax Ten Oever
    Scott Graves
    Scott Gregory
    Scott Snow
    Scott Weigand
    Scottie Regensburg
    Sergio Calcinai
    Seymour Rubin
    Shahab Emrani
    Sharon Kimbal
    Sharon Kloss
    Sharon Larson
    Sharon Lidchi
    Sharon Trump
    Sheila Atkinson-Baker
    Sheila Bulger done twice
    Sheila Gaiman
    Sheila Gellatly
    Sheila Gluck
    Sheila Pauly
    Sheldon Goldberg
    Sherene Lee
    Sherese Graves
    Sheri Payson
    Sherry Anderson
    Sherry Brier
    Sherry Larson
    Sherry Tully
    Sheryle Cassano
    Shirley Austin
    Shirley Clark
    Siegfried Kiontke
    Sigi Walser
    Sigrid Mohl
    Sigrun Quetes
    Sikica Feldman
    Sikica Feldman
    Silvana Favulli
    Silvana Meneghin
    Silvana Mori
    Silvano Gentilin
    Silvia Becerra
    Simon Meadmore
    Simone Lorenzen
    Simone Poehlmann
    Sioux Hart
    Sissi Reginato
    Solomon Dabbah done twice
    Sonya Scott
    Sophie Betke
    Stacey Patton
    Stafan Gebhardt-Seele
    Staffan Svensson
    Stagy Ruiz
    Stan Gerson
    Stanley Swenson
    Stefan Erdtmann
    Stefan Schneider
    Stefania Merlino
    Stephanie Kilpatrick
    Stephen Boyko
    Stephen Edison
    Stephen Marchese done twice
    Stephen Parodi
    Stephen Redpath
    Steve Heard
    Steve Honka
    Steve Weitz
    Steve Yeich
    Steven Besio
    Steven Hayes done twice
    Steven Perrin
    Sue Lynn Moore
    Sun OK Grope
    Susan Ahola
    Susan Broughton
    Susan Kerr
    Susan Lefkowitz
    Susan Posyton Simon
    Susan Rowe
    Susan Royal
    Susan Safirstein
    Susan Watson
    Susan Whitman
    Susana Moreno
    Susanne Bornemann
    Susanne Montangero
    Susette Ackle
    Susi Wirth
    Susie Mattison
    Susie Shugart
    Suzan Ott
    Suzanna Sudalnik done twice
    Suzanne Justus
    Suzanne Roberts
    Suzy Barbee
    Sven Venzin done twice
    Sydney Lee
    Sylvia Heneghan
    Sylviane Faust
    T.L. Rosenkranz
    Tammy Gardner
    Tamra Meskimen
    Tara Kitt
    Tatjana Stahl done twice
    Ted Lewis
    Ted Winegar
    Teresa Crosley
    Teresa Riccardi
    Teri Rigdon
    Terrence Shank
    Terri Marx
    Terri Novitsky
    Terrie Arnold
    Terry Johnston
    Terry Morrill done twice
    Terry Mundon
    Thea Jackson-Jacobs
    Thea Rich
    Theo Box
    Theo Grant
    Therese Donze
    Thomas Chandler
    Thomas Frigge
    Thomas Maxwell Sr.
    Thomas Steiner
    Thomas Wright
    Tim Bowles
    Tim Melchior
    Timothy King
    Tina Dillard
    Tina Eckstein
    Tina Estey
    Tina Pagnutti
    Tina Phillips
    Tina Sponsillo
    Tiziana Bonazza
    Tiziana Colognese
    Tiziana Romanini
    Tiziano Mainini
    Tiziano Minello
    Tobias Leutenegger
    Todd Lucht
    Tom Magee
    Tom Reitze
    Tom Shuster
    Tom Supak
    Tomas Tillberg
    Tony Butzlaff
    Tony Hitchman
    Tony Hollom
    Tony Lonstein
    Tony Urbanek
    Tony Walpert
    Torrey Spencer done twice
    Tova Wolff
    Trine Kjeldsen
    Ty Dillard
    Udo Eckstein
    Ulli Sommer
    Ulrich Gurzinski
    Ulrich Katzschmann
    Umberto Orlandini
    Ursi Keat
    Ursi Lussi
    Ursula Buhler
    Ursula Keat
    Ursula Kellman Gambert
    Ursula Neurohr
    Uta Bucerius
    Uta Maria Rentsch
    Ute Lahmann
    Val Smith
    Valerie Futris
    Valerie Futris
    Valerie Manago
    Valter Brignoli
    Vanessa Bellmaine
    Vera Hopkins
    Vera Tweed Heer
    Vered Ziv
    Veronica Orvananos
    Veronika Fliegerbauer
    Veronique Pizzinast
    Vicki Marshall
    Vicky Montesinos
    Victoria Agami
    Victoria Gerbino
    Victoria Raschidi
    Vikki Lorentzen
    Vikki Petersen
    Vikki Walker
    Viktor Sigfried Walser
    Vincent Gulasa
    Vincent Gulasa
    Vincent Magni
    Vincenzo Servodio
    Vincenzo Trapanese
    Virgilio Castellano
    Virginia Fair
    Virginia Garza
    Virginia Jensen
    Virginia Sloane
    Vittorio Montini
    Vivian Bardavid
    Viviane Agami
    Vreni Schurtenberger
    Waki Zoellner
    Wally Hanks
    Wayne Fuller
    Wendell Dayton
    Wendi-Lynn Hechtman
    Wendy Bostrom
    Wendy Ettricks
    Wendy Ghiora
    Wendy Moose
    Wendy Negley
    Werner Schnetler
    Wiebeke Hansen
    Willi Flosser
    William Moon
    William Stromberg
    Willie B. Wilson
    Willie Newman
    Wilma Katzschmann done twice
    Wolfgang Zabel
    Wouter Korringa
    Yaffa Klopshtok
    Ylva Balasz
    Yolanda Curty
    Yvonne Prince
    Ziba Feulner
    Zoran Peshich

    Total 1715.
  15. Auditor's Toad

    Auditor's Toad Clear as Mud

    Well, I'm not going to purify the list for 'em, but, there are people listed that are long dead, some no longer active in scn, and some declared.

    That list just ain't very accurate.

    How come they need to pump up their numbers with dead people?
  16. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    It's not the CofS' list, it's a Critics List. From the preamble;

    OT 8 completions.

    This list is NOT complete.

    It includes all OT 8 completions listed in Freewinds Magazines up through
    and including Freewinds Issue 70 from Dec 2007.

    It does NOT include Freewinds Issues 61, 62, and 63 as these issues are missing.
  17. koki

    koki Silver Meritorious Patron

    look, it is Golden down......
  18. Pooks


    Correct and now it's really out of date. After my son's wedding (Oct) I'll start working on the lists again. I have a bunch of Freewinds to work on and will try to update the OT 8 list. What would be good in the meantime is for people to post info on which ones of the OT 8's have died and cause if death if known. It would be good information.

    If any of you lurkers/EX's have or get Scn Mags, it would really be appreciated if you sent them to me. Tear of your address label and please mail me the mag.

    Patty Moher
    130 Squire Street
    New London, CT. 06320.

    You have no idea how useful these mags are to the people trying to expose Scn abuses.
  19. JackStraw

    JackStraw Silver Meritorious Patron

    Joe Feshbach had died (mid-August, this year.)

    Also, Cindy Feshbach is listed, as is Lucinda Feshbach. They are one in the same,
    "Cindy" being short for Lucinda.