Official Church of Scientology website accepts Chinese government censorship


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Official Church of Scientology website accepts Chinese government censorship.

[NOTE: Yes, another thread based on the same Tony Ortega post. I think this is also important, and Tony's post was filled with information on a number of separate topics.]

Query: Is accepting Chinese government censorship supposed to be something to be proud of for a religion?

Is it supposed to be a good thing to have one's website approved in, "a place that they don’t want their citizens hearing about other beliefs, religions, or human rights?"

Scientology is proud of the fact that its website is approved in a country where, "you can’t Google the Dalai Lama?"

It is inspiring to see the Church of Scientology stand in solidarity with its Tibetan Buddhist brothers.

Is this supposed to be a new chapter in a revised edition of Profiles in Courage?

Tony Ortega: Scientology says it’s received $5.7 million from Google in advertising grants

Relevant Excerpt:
At a $100 per person event held in the San Fernando Valley on September 6, about 500 Scientologists were told, among other things, that * * * the Chinese government has approved Scientology’s website,
, as one of only a few religious websites Chinese citizens can access without restrictions

Relevant Transcript Excerpt:
Now, China is a special animal. For those of you who don’t know, China has very specific rules on censorship, meaning that the Chinese government controls the media, all incoming and outgoing communications across the country. Specifically, they control what you can and cannot access across the Internet. Quickly, this is known as the great firewall of China.

[Crowd: Laughter]

Let’s put it this way. You cannot access Google. There’s a special version of Google just for China which is completely different than the Google we have here in America. You cannot access YouTube. You cannot access Facebook. In fact there are a number of normal websites that you cannot access within China. And this is a place that they don’t want their citizens hearing about other beliefs, religions, or human rights.

In fact if you were standing in mainland China, on your cellphone right now, you can’t Google the Dalai Lama. You can’t Google the word ‘evil.’ You can’t even Google the word ‘Ferrari’ because the president of China’s son drives a Ferrari and God forbid you read any gossip about him.

However, I am pleased to announce, since the opening of our new ideal org of Kaohsiung, one of the only religious websites that you can now access free and unrestricted in China is


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strange, I'm guessing they bonded due to their shared purposes to censor the internet worldwide and control masses?
Seriously, I don't get it. The message is, "Whoo Hoo! People in China can't reach the Dalai Lama's website, but they can reach Scientology's website without restriction!"

And that is something to celebrate?

Shouldn't the fact that they can't reach the Dalai Lama's website, but can reach yours without restriction, perhaps tell you something?

And, again, thanks for standing in solidarity with Buddhists and other religions world-wide.