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***OH MY GOD*** LRH's name finally omitted from Scientology.


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DM's plan is to get regular business people hooked on the "tech"
without knowing it's Scientology and then when they are convinced that
this tech is workable or valuable, they will, at that point, be
brought into the fold and told that the genius behind these works is
none other than LRH.

Ahhhhhhhh Survival Strategies and Body Balance for Performance
Tried that in the 90's when I was working there. It obviously turned out
to be a DISASTER! As soon as people found out it was Hubbard, having
been lied to, they demanded their money back, canceled, etc. Bad idea--
very bad idea. (They finally switched to sending a waiver saying it IS Hubbard--and if that's not ok, to fax it back for the cancel--some did,
some didn't).

I've predicted since I heard about the "Basics" that DM was going to try
to re-write "The tech". Why? Hubbard's insane quotes (The really bad ones) are killing any hope they have of ever, possibly being thought of as a "religion" and if enough people complain, they'll lose that status---and then they're in BIG trouble, due to all the abuses covered by that shield.

Also, in the 90's DM arrived at Flag to tell us all "Camp is OVER!" (We were all at the Sandcastle, and our 6-month checks, as bogus as they were--we had fun socializing with each other and used to joke it was like "Camp".
We were told they were now (then and still) going after the business money,
"The Upstats"---so we were to dress upstat, they tore down the OT 7 map with pins where every OT 7 was, and ALL the fun things we had going were canceled.

They even made one auditor who used to audit Celebs--cut his hair.
We all said, "you're kidding! Your hair IS "in PR" for your public (celebs).
They didn't care.

Well, goodie! More proof the WALLS ARE TUMBLING ***DOWN***:omg: :D

My best to all :)



This is a variation of the use of fronts and front groups, and the deceptively stratified design of Scientology.

For example, there are sometimes two, or even three, versions of one technical or policy issue: One for a specific "public," one for staff, and one for selected senior staff (HCO, Sea Org or OSA, etc.)

There's the original March 1965 Fair Game Law (Confidential "sacred scripture"), and there's the December 1965 slightly modified (for rank and file members) version (See the little box on the back of mags like "Keeping Scientology Working News," where the 23 Dec issue ['Suppression and SPs', etc. No longer includes the term 'Fair Game'] is noted as a reference), and then there's a 1992 special version of the same HCOPL that is almost meaningless, having deleted most of the (obnoxious) main points, and is used to show to naive new "public" (if they express concern about 'the Fair Game' issue), or to journalists or to judges - or the IRS? - when they ask about "the Fair Game Policy." (Of course, others things are also used to mislead, such as handing the person a 'Way to Happiness' booklet, etc.)

Nothing has actually changed. There's just an additional layer of deception.

This is the sickness of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology - it doesn't seem capable of reforming itself, except to become even more covert. It doesn't reform, it just becomes sneakier.
As for SuperPower itself - it was mostly the same old data, with some new computer renderings of the facility on a floor by floor basis. There was one exception to this: for the first time ever renditions were shown of the equipment used for the SP RDs - perception RD, etc. They consisted of:


A chair mounted to a stand that attached to a mechanism under the floor that would pull the chair linearly. (G force or acceleration type drills?)

Another chair with a video screen - very much like the types of motor cycle video game simulators you see at game places. The picture displayed an image as though one were going down a paved two lane highway through countryside. The device moved about just like the motorcycle type simulators. DM said something about how one would operate this while exterior if I recall correctly.

So, finally we get to have a real implant station instead of just ad libbing? Cool. :pcpunch:
This just struck me as I was skimming through this thread, maybe they're putting LRH on the same level as Xenu. You won't hear about him until you've paid enough to get to the next level.



This just struck me as I was skimming through this thread, maybe they're putting LRH on the same level as Xenu. You won't hear about him until you've paid enough to get to the next level.

Wow! Brilliant! How to Not-is the dubiouser and dubiouser RON without as-ising source into non-existence.
That is to say real non-existence as opposed to "conditions"-relative non-existence.
Dainty little David could easily get agreement of putting source higher-up - high enough up in some intergalactic universe that wogs and new bodies in can't see him. Dainty David gets to maintain, consolidate and increase his own power.
And just as Jesus Christ, Mohammed and Siddhatha evolved to higher divinity after reliquishing the encumbering mortal flesh, so too will Ron. And his embarrasing stupid utterances will not hinder newbies. They can pay to hear them on OT500
I love this idea.:) :) :) :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

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Yes, it is an oldie .....but goodie

It is a rather humorous thought that old Hubbie could get completely whitewashed out of $cio - is it not?
Re: Bridge

The old Bridge warehouse in LA really burst my bubble about the "value" of LRH books. I got a Red Leatherbound Mission Earth set, which I paid $5000 for, which arrived half with numbers correct, and half the set was mish mash numbers and "fill in" numbers, and was a total overt product. It would not be worth anything to a collector, as it was not numerically consistent with the set number the same in each volume. I took it back. I think Warren Meyer took me in, and the place was a chaotic mess. There was a PILE, not stacked , just piled up, of Red Leather Mission Earth vols in a corner. When I heard they were pulping the old books, I thought "well, at least the warehouse will get cleaned out". They had several versions of DMSMH in English and Spanish, with dates on the cover which immediately made the cover obsolete when not sold in that year. Stupid. I still have some very expensive Planetary Dissem Quantum meters, which I think it would be an overt to sell, or even give away.

You know Warren Meyer? From Los Angeles?

In present time

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Lol, this thread got bumped but I didn't realize it, so was reading a post from 2007 and thinking yeah this is tech redo two. In real life that is probably what is getting ready to happen.
From ARS:

I'm posting this for an anonymous source who will be going public shortly.
Bottom line: DM is finally admitting that LRH's name is mud in civilized
society. So to hell with KSW: it's time to re-brand!

-- Dave


On July 7th of this year a major event will be held at FLAG. Scientologists
from around the world will be flying into Clearwater to hear what DM is

This event, the Freewinds Maiden Voyage Event will be held for the first
time at FLAG with the intention of disseminating this most important news.

Of course Scientology is prone to exageration, but they claim that 250,000
Scientologists will start arriving in Clearwater on the 5th and 6th in
preparation for this earth-shattering news.

What those arriving Scientologists DON'T know is what it is DM will be

ALL the books are being pulped---in that they have all been RE-EDITED to
read more smoothly. Even DM is claiming that this is the first time he's ever
been able to get all the way through Dianetics ---Imagine that~

So they will roll out all the newly re-edited books....yes, Science of
Survival, New Slant on Life...all of them.

But is that the big news? Not quite.

DM will also announce that both the Buffalo Org and the Berlin Org have
achieved St. Hill size.

He will announce that if these two suppressive places could go St. Hill
size, then there's hope for the rest of the planet.

But is that the biggest news?

No---but this is:

Scientology is attempting to mainstream itself---in a covert fashion. DM has
ordered and provided that all the admin tech books marketed to the outside
world will no longer carry any mention of LRH!!!

DM's plan is to get regular business people hooked on the "tech"
without knowing it's Scientology and then when they are convinced that
this tech is workable or valuable, they will, at that point, be
brought into the fold and told that the genius behind these works is
none other than LRH.

Can you say OUT-TECH?

It appears that DM has replaced his former lieutenants with professional
business people who are helping to rewrite the admin crap and make it more
palatable for non-scientologists.

Following the roll-out study tech will be introduced to the schools without
one mention of LRH or Scientology----same plan.

DM has finally cog'd to the fact that Scientology has a bad name----so he's
going to market it by playing down the "religion angle" and get people buying
the books and tapes without knowing they're based on the works of LRH.

There will be a copyright holder----a subsidiary--the name is as yet
unknown, but the old crap will no longer give credit in print to LRH.

Even David Singer will be turning out new courses without the use of the
name Scientology or LRH---and all this is with DM's blessing.

Once we find out the name of the "subsidiary", we should be able to thwart
DM's plans to HIDE the fact that they're pushing the same old crap on
unsuspecting people.


so that explains why the bills haven't had a winning season for years