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Featured Ok, I'm telling more of my leave story.

Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by Wisened One, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    Re: More of my exit story, edited, etc.

    You were clever to get out in 1980, you must have missed a lot of bad stuff!

    Did you just walk away or did all that training influence you for a long time?
  2. Maria Cuervo

    Maria Cuervo Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: More of my exit story, edited, etc.

    I was not that clever. I was in Venezuela, helping found a Scn org there (actually Valencia and Caracas). At the end of one of those trips, I went to LA, studied with D Mayo, came home. I really had missed a lot of stuff since I was in the hinterlands first, having fun in a foreign country. Since there were few of us and I was heading up the tech end, I basically had no boss but the Admin person (still in scn) but he was more a friend and partner. So then I am in LA, studying the Sunshine Rundown stuff, having fun at that location whose name I forget now, not AOLA but another place away from LA, the ranch? Anyway, i was with all the SO folks there, mess hall and so on, but mostly spent my time doing weird things. Like studying Bulletins or writings that were not yet published, reading case folders and so on. It was fun but I was never clear exactly what the apprenticeship would lead to since it was not like the course was finalized. I then went back to AOLA. Since I was OT 7 and a case cracker C/S, I ended up fixing a bunch of no case gain OTs, c/sing for them, and so on. After doing that and not wanting to sign the billion year thing (they wanted to get me to stay) I left and went back to my org. When I got there there were gestapo types that arrived soon after, from Clearwater I think. It was weird. I had had a large office and now they moved me to a tiny one. I think that I had been with Mayo did not help. Little did I know that probably soon after or around that time he was probably considered a threat and rounded up. Given the atmosphere, I left less than a year of being back. It was my first and main departure. I'll tell you the rest in another post. :)
  3. Maria Cuervo

    Maria Cuervo Gold Meritorious Patron

    When I left the first time I knew better than being transparent and telling anyone at the org I was going. My husband and I both wanted to go (He was also an auditor but mostly worked in a different section of tech. I forget the dept. He was in charge of the the validation end where pcs are checked in the booth to see if they are floaty.)

    Anyway, I just blew and he blew. We had very few belongings but we still believed in Scn so we took our admin and tech vols, plus a few meters we had with us. I had been fortunate that during the time I was c/sing and auditing they had given bonuses for stats. My pcs always fn'ed and those I c/sed did well too. So I got bonuses. I was able to buy a nice meter and books and so on. We took all that with us. I still have the meter. It did not fare well with time and does not work. It's trash. The books are with him in another state.

    So we left and we had to anyway since his mother was dying and I ended up caring for her. I was quickly declared a squirrel and an sp and so on. A year or so passed, at least, and some guy from the intelligence CIA part of Scn contacted me to say everything was going to be swell. All I had to do was infiltrate the AAC since Mayo knew me, see what intel I could gather. If I did that, the SP thing would be lifted and FL bill expunged. Even though I had departed I did not know what was happening in the church. I only knew that I believed in the tech and didn't want the freeloader bill or the SP declare.

    So I went out to AAC and after only a day or so there, realized they were GOOD FOLKS and that I would not spy. I stayed at a very nice lady's house (Hannah) who was married to an heir to Warner Bros or else she was the heir. I forget now. I met folks. Everyone was very cool. The CoS handler contacted me to find out what was up. I told him that I was leaving CA, that I couldn't spy and that I guess I really was an SP. He came to a hotel room where we were to meet and got me to sign things that would hold me to secrecy. I was afraid of him (physically he was actually a bit weird looking too) and I signed. He sent me back to my state of origin or I payed for it. I don't recall. Actually I think I paid for it.

    I got home and called an AAC contact from GA to let him know there was another mole in AAC and that it was not me. He hung up on me and acted as if I was lying. I soon found out why. The CoS had planted lies to deflect what they were doing to the AAC and basically spread the rumor that I was a spy. While I admit that at first I was supposed to be a spy I deny I ever really spied. Since almost instantly I realized it was BS. Within a few days of being home I began to receive hate mail from AAC AND from CoS folks. (The CoS mail mostly was from those at the Venezuela org which I helped to set up and found and those letters hurt the most actually, more than the AAC letters since I had only known the AAC folks for a couple of days anyway).

    In 1988 or so I did try one more time to fix things and went to the Celebrity Center. They tried to recruit me. Another long story but I ended up having to escape from the CC building! There were security cameras everywhere and it was not easy to do. I had to abandon most of my belongings to pull it off. I'll tell about that soon.

    Being persona non-grata to both the free zone and the CoS meant that I had almost no ties to anyone and so I was able to wean off the tech and forget about it. But even all alone it took years to realize that everything, absolutely everything in SCN is bogus.

    I have no contact with anyone anymore and this forum is my first contact in years.
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  4. So I'm laying here 14 years later still wondering what happened to my fellow mkranchers so I found this site n started reading and the memories came back all to well I remember everything like it was yesterday I was there for a year two months and 14 days........ The person who said they killed mk ranch I know you....... There's alot more to the story then you could possibly imagine...... I was the one sitting in the wooden octagon horse pen next to the classroom....
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  5. JustSheila

    JustSheila Crusader

    Hi IescapedMKranch! :welcome2:

    Please tell us your story. :drama:

    Did you know a boy named Nathan while you were there, who had one glass eye that was often infected?
  6. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    You talking about Megalomaniac? He hasn't posted around here for quite some time...

    Sorry if got the wrong dude.

    EDIT: Sorry, it was the wrong guy.

    This is him I think:

    He also hasn't been around for a long time.
  7. Voodoo

    Voodoo Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

    I did my first course in Scn in 1973. By the mid '00s I had decades worth of upsets and failures with the church, and had witnessed literally thousands of 'things that should not be.'

    In 2005, I was receiving full time auditing at one of the higher orgs, and it was going horribly. It began with them attempting to de-attest me from the state of Clear, but I wasn't having it, and told them so. I was one of those who, upon hearing the words, "You did not achieve the state of Clear", threw down the cans and walked out of the org. :punch:

    Well, they recovered me, but I'll never forget how I used to blow down every time I left the org after session. :whew:I acknowledged that fact to myself at the time, but couldn't properly process the thought to its natural conclusion because of my cult conditioning. :unsure:

    In time, I did get the final blowdown upon leaving, but that was seven years later.
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