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Old Ethics Officer was Out Ethics

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Out Effix, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    good post and thank you.....The divorces in Scientology are really unbelieveable. I did not know this was not normal...until I met some people from other "churches" and they don't know many people who get divorced ....but in Scientology - divorce is SOP...

    The Chaplain and EO want the Scientologist to get the divorce over with without any courts or HE& R - so if you were naughty - you will pay and pay and pay....I know - it happened to me too....:p

    Guilt is a built in mechanism in all human beings....Scientology capitalizes on it...

    If you do something wrong - it is amazing how the Tech leads you to punishing yourself....hard!

    I know of a Scientologist whose wife divorced him.....after she was caught having an affair .... and he had to pay her 1/2 of his income for eternity....

    He blamed himself that she had the affair.....he was always gone....

    so it all depends if you feel guilty or not...

    Scientology teaches you that "you pulled it in" and this fucks with peoples is so cruel...

    if you feel bad about a mistake you made - you will offer yourself up as a martyr....and hang yourself on the cross...or hang some Scientologists have done :(

    Other churches do not act like this. My friend - who is catholic - just goes to confession in a booth - for FREE. Tells their sins to a Priest - who does not see who the person is...nice and confidential...just get it off your chest. The worst thing that comes out of that is the person may have to say a few hail Mary's and Our Fathers...but THAT IS IT! Done!

    Scientology - will not only make you pay for transgressions in this will also make you pay for transgressions you think you did in past lives too...which is all fabricated by you and your imagination...

    Scientology MAA's are trained at Flag to comb the folders and find something the Scientologist did to make them pay FLAG - this happened to quite a few people. One guy had an affair when he was 18 with a married woman...he got that overt off and years later - FLAG picked open that scab and wanted him to pay... he left Flag and never went back...eventually left Scientology and I think he got declared (which is a badge of honor).

    Flag - what a bunch of Fuckers!

    Scientology is Fucking Cruel and Fucking crazy!
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  2. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    In a Scientology divorce, a lot depends on who the org values more. The spouse who is easier to get regged, or who is on staff, will generally get the better treatment. One woman I know got offloaded from the SO with her toddler. Her husband who stayed in the SO paid her no child support. She couldn't even apply for welfare, because the welfare authorities would have gone after him for child support for her.
  3. TrevAnon

    TrevAnon Big List researcher

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  4. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

    exseaorgclocmoflagetc Patron with Honors

    I beleive its all about indoctrination...they start off small..with TR's and bullbaiting...which are built to train you to have no reaction regardless of what is thrown at you. That is the first step in a long line of processe for getting you to suppress and disconnect from your feelings and thoughts. After supressing your own feelings and thoughts, then they are replaced with all church thoughts....and your monitored to make sure all church toughts are good, if they arent good thoughts about it, you are punished(ethics conditions, or paying for more auditing, sec checks)... Ultimately your own thoughts/needs are brought so far to the back of becomes difficult and scary to think anything but what they tell you to. [​IMG]
  5. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

    exseaorgclocmoflagetc Patron with Honors

  6. Cat's Squirrel

    Cat's Squirrel Gold Meritorious Patron

    "Scientology MAA's are trained at Flag to comb the folders and find something the Scientologist did to make them pay."

    I wish just this one fact was better known about the CofS - there are no secrets in the auditing room. You might think that that guilty secret that you got charge off talking about is in the past, but once it's in your case folder it can be used as ammunition against you any time it's in their interest.
  7. Onkel

    Onkel Patron

    This makes so much sense! But if you were to say this to a scientologist they would dismiss it for sure - the guy was a psychiatrist, right?
    I know my ex girlfriend, who is in, doesn't believe in anybody in that field. According to her they are all making things worse and don't have any insights on the mind.
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  8. Arthur Dent

    Arthur Dent Silver Meritorious Patron

    A little late in welcoming you out, OE, but :welcome2: out! Let the fun begin!
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  9. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    Thank you Arthur. I cannot say I am having fun because my family is in deep and drinking that tainted poisonous koolaide, especially my mom.

    I hope the new year brings me some really good luck to get my family out of this fucking, evil cult.

    I am afraid my family will sink with the ship. Scientology is such a total and utter failure.
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  10. anon1

    anon1 Patron

    It is depressing isn't it? What seems so obvious to us now, cannot be grasped by those we love who are still in. You can literally go to an archive building, carbon date AND take a photo of the actual military records of LRH exposing his lies, take them to your family and they still won't believe it. They will believe the government forged them. You could even show them that website says they have, what is it, like 170 orgs & missions? And that just by that number alone if you have 150 (WAY over generous) public for every org PLUS an extra 5,000 at flag public & staff (cannot fill a 5500 capacity venue), the numbers would STILL linger in the 35,000 mark. You can show them maths, science and they still won't see it. But we're here if you need to vent.
  11. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Call Hubbard whatever you want, he was a brilliant con man.

    He hit upon something fundamental, that there are a bunch of people who desperately WANT TO BELIEVE that they can be powerful and immortal, and will ignore any data to the contrary. Once you suck them in, they will devote their lives to the pursuit of this thin dream. They will sacrifice their children's future in pursuit of this dream. It is the dream that gives their lives significance and meaning, and they will give up anything else in order to maintain the dream.

    There's a book I found illuminating on the subject:
    The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements

    Although originally written in the 1950's, it is still relevant to today.
  12. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    I am so mad right now - another divorce in the tiny little Scientology group.....

    Another final product of "Scientology Services"

    One of the spouses just received some "services" and what happens after one receives a shit load of "Scientology Services" is they now have to point to the "WHO" ....that is causing them so much suffering (broken dreams and goals that never come true) and they all chose their spouse. It is SOP in Scientology. Fucking CULT! This couple has had nothing but financial ruin and struggling to support their family....they are die hard Scientologist's too.

    I hope to get the other spouse out. That is my goal for 2018.

    What I have noticed over the years is that Divorces are SOP in Scientology.

    Everyone that does a bunch of services is financially ruined, put in a state of confusion and their marriages destroyed.

    I am so tired of watching this.

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  13. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Hey Out Ethics, a very belated Welcome!!

  14. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    If one spouse is easy to get on service, and the other is not, they will assume the other spouse is out and "under the radar", and try to split them up before the "out" spouse infects the "in" spouse with any ideas. If the "in" spouse is the wife, and they can get a big divorce settlement from the other (which would immediately be grabbed by the reg) then that's even better.
  15. anon1

    anon1 Patron

    It's fucking disgusting. I have managed to get a friend who was actively doing services at Flag only 2 years ago to seriously doubting scientology. I personally find that being very open and pointing out statistics and scientific evidence was the best approach. I also just demeaned pretty much every scientologist we know. I know it's mean, but pointing out that these people have received hundreds or thousands of auditing hours and are still complete weirdos who don't base their lives on facts is helpful.

    For years I had left the church knowing that scientology didn't work for me but not thinking it was a con. What did it for me was seeing the documentation that LRH had lied about his wives, military records, education, scientific abilities etc
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  16. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    You are spot on my friend. The truth will set those members who have some rational mind left....FREE.

    What I noticed over the years....

    There was what Scientology promised....and then what it actually delivered.

    Out Exchange and lies.

    I noticed how sane people (WOGS) were after my divorce and I dated a Wog....her life was amazing and her family - sane and rational.

    I was raised in this cult and all I saw was devastation along the dynamics for pretty much everyone. A few slipped through the cracks and were allowed to have a little money and live a little - as long as they toed the line and gave $$$$ constantly.

    But - the majority of $cientologists were financially ruined and their families destroyed.

    Only the die hard "believers" survive. My parents have koolaid coursing through their viens.

    What was the last straw for me....

    I noticed ALWAYS that Scientology never does anything wrong - it is always the members who get blamed.
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  17. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    Scientology - what the fuck is Scientology? I am constantly renewing my viewpoint, now that I am out.

    My consciousness would not allow me to have the whole truth all at once....THAT could have killed me. But over time - I am able to find out more and more about this faux "church" that is actually a billion dollar industry hiding behind a religious cloak so it can do its crimes in broad daylight.

    The truth on what Scientology really was - was there from the very beginning but I would not look. I was conditioned to " not think ".

    I could not afford to care. I would have been punished.

    I simply resigned myself to think I need to go CLEAR and OT in order to understand all of the shenanigans I witnessed whilst serving as a slave for this cult.

    I was under a SPELL. I BELIEVED.

    There is no science behind Hubbard's claims. There are no CLEARS or OT's. One guy that went CLEAR a few years ago - donned eye glasses right before he attested to "the State of Clear". His success story waxed so much enthusiasm as to how this was his goal for a very long time. He had been on the Bridge for so many years - he forgot the promises of L Ron Hubbard. He posted his photo on social media and those eye glasses stood out to me like a beacon in the night....

    Then I watched the REGG vultures descend on him...and convince him he is in the DANGER ZONE and must get on the OT levels now.

    It did not make any sense to me...none of it.

    Besides that -

    I don't know 1 OT I would like to be like. I don't know 1 Clear either.

    Back to the hypnosis...very few words were repeated over and over and over...until it became MY reality. Until I BELIEVED. This really was a science of mind control....not making the able more able and stopping criminality and insanity. This is a road to insanity. Scientology disables the able and kills the weak.

    The words permeated my subconscious mind and stuck there like glue for decades....working to keep the truth out.

    "Don't LOOK". Don't read any entheta about the founder or is out ethics and a high crime. (VERY CLEVER)

    Don't look at the internet. (you will die of pnemonea if you read the highly confidential OT levels....all about Xenu). I did not even have a sneeze.

    Don't listen to that person - someone who was fleeced by a registrar to bankruptcy or had some bad handling at the Mecca of Technical Criminality....FLAG. I was told...they are a degraded being, pts, no case gain, criminal etc....(and that person actually was telling the truth and was none of those things)

    No case on post.

    Take it up in auditing.

    All phrases designed by Hubbard and "trained" to be used by Scientologists to hypnotize you into "believing it is true"...

    Please - research hypnosis. It is so easy to do to people. Advertisers do it every day.

    Scientology really is a science of marketing. A fake set - designed to get you to believe it is a church.

    It is a sinister cult.

    Hence - what is true for you is true until it is TRUE but we won't let you have that truth...
    A spell cast by a mad man.

    The founder of Scientology - "DR" L Ron Hubbard... a cruel and evil charlatan of the 1950's....selling snake oil and rapping souls.

    Hubbard was a clever and evil man. L Ron studied hypnosis, OTO and Thelema and played around with black magic. He also studied mind control and rhetorical writing so he could start a religion and make a lot of money.

    Religion.... is for sale.

    There seems to be a built in mechanism in Homo Saps....where we need to believe in something greater than ourselves.

    Something to "go to" when we lose loved ones, tragedy strikes and life becomes unbearable.

    All the way through history.

    People kill over religion. People will sacrifice their lives over "belief".

    Hubbard was right - If one is desparate to make money - start a religion. But you must go ALL the way or it won't work.

    Scientology...what an evil cult to be "born into"....what an evil religion to join....

    Scientology is vicious and dangerous. Scientology KILLS.

    My lesson was this...

    This "religion" of Scientology makes people weak and disabled. I have seen people leave Scientology who have no tools to deal with life. Many end up homeless and unable to work and function in the world. I know - I was one of them.

    I dedicated a good portion of my best years to this cult. It destroyed my dynamics....and almost destroyed ME.

    What did I learn from wins from being hornswoggled into "believing" what the cult told me....was this....

    In order to know the TRUTH - one must know the LIES.
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  18. Onkel

    Onkel Patron

    I'm thinking about those words.. The things you say that are just sentences you have learned. Like what would be the typical things to say when you go clear.
    I'm curious because my ex girlfriend is on the bridge now and she sounds so mechanical.. She finished grade four and happiness rundown, so I'm guessing she is close to clear. She'll say stuff like "I feel so happy and relaxed. I am able to be good and caring towards everyone and create win win solutions. I have so much power, but I don't need to use it because all problems solve themselves." And so on.. I just want to know if they are her own thoughts or just sentences that have been plantet and she thinks they are her own..
  19. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    First ask her what "BEING CLEAR" means to her. Have her show you in the Dianetics book how Hubbard describes the State of CLEAR.

    Then ask her - who do you know ...that is CLEAR??

    Ask to meet with them...start poking around as to how long it took them, how much it cost them and what changed in their life after "Going Clear"...

    Get out the Dianetics book and ask them to show you where in the book - the "gains" are described - that they obtained. covertly tell your girlfriend so she does not know you are doing it...

    You will be feeding her the CLEAR COGNITION...

    Tell her you have been reading Dianetics and have realized that

    "I am mocking up my own reactive mind but I can stop it and control it". That you feel amazing and can do anything.

    Repeat this phrase over and over - slowly over time.

    Pretty soon - she will cognite and hopefully get her certification that she is CLEAR.

    Also - you need to bring up Xenu story and bring it up A LOT. Tell her someone sent you a video and it was the South Park episode. Who is this Xenu character??

    Tell her the whole story....about Xenu.

    This will disqualify her for the OT levels but they will never tell her that. They will "REGG" her for the money to do the OT Levels but she will be deadfiled because "she knows".

    Stay under the radar - do the most damage you can do to Scientology and get her to leave by showing her what a scam it is.

    Be careful - she has been "PROGRAMMED" to believe that anyone who is not FOR Scientology or her going up the Bridge - is an SP - Suppressive Person. Just remain neutral with no interest in doing it....but if it makes her happy - GREAT - you are all for it. That is your "canned response" that will keep you safe.

    Now get out there and feed her the Clear Cog. LOL Good luck and do let us know what happens.
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  20. Onkel

    Onkel Patron

    Would be some experiment! But she is my ex-girlfriend. And she is currently in Johannesburg where she has been for months now trying to go clear. For the moment I am letting her do her thing. I can't really reach her.. She makes no sense to me. But it's good to know what they are telling her and what she is supposed to figure out.
    Since English is not my first language - mock up? What does it mean? That you create the reactive mind yourself?.. Kind of reminds me of a sentence from the movie Her: "The past is a story we tell ourselves." Always thought that was kind of clever. Very insightful - and it didn't cost me thousands of dollars, a relationship and hours and hours of auditing. But I'm sure she'll tell me it's all worth it. For the greater good.