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Old Ethics Officer was Out Ethics

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Out Effix, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    "Mock Up" is a Hubbardism.....a phrase he used and the members duplicate

    It means "to create"

    As a thetan, according to Hubbard, you are creating or destroying.

    As thetans, we "mocked up Scientology" so lets "unmock it"...LOL! A little J&D thrown in as a bonus.

    When it comes to the "Clear" cognition, one will spend hundreds of thousands...if not millions of dollars and many years come to the realization that...

    "I am mocking up my own reactive mind but can stop it and create it"

    I never went Clear and it would have taken several lifetimes to "Go Clear" because Hubbard lies about what a Clear is. He changed the definition so many times - my head is spinning.

    There is the past life Clear
    A Dianetic Clear
    A Clear-Clear
    A 1st dynamic Clear
    A Clear

    L Ron promises in his "marketing" that one will GET RID of that part of your mind that creates doubt, that stops you from achieving your goals, that causes you trouble etc....

    All LIES!

    Because I believed Hubbard when he wrote about "getting rid" of your reactive mind - I "believed" he had a way to help people achieve their goals never obtained by man before...

    But - LOOK around you lurkers.....there are millions of people that create beautiful lives. Theyu create art and flourish and prosper. They are already CLEAR and they will stay Clear of Scientology if I have anything to do with it.

    The reality in Scientology is - You don't get rid of anything except common sense and a TON of MONEY.

    You learn to stop your thoughts about Scientology unless it is nothing but waxing enthusiasm about how great it is and how Ron is Source...

    Scientologists are manipulated into joining staff and working for free. They are manipulated and deceived by "high pressure sales"...trained Registrars until they are broke and in debt. Then Hubbard encourages filing bankruptcy to obtain some type of revenge on the "bankers" with a reference Scientologists use about "Pirates and Bums".

    Scientologists, for the most part, destroy thier lives and are manipulated into states of CONFUSION already achieved by MAN before...hence, Jim Jones and other evil cults that destroyed their members right before our eyes.

    and Hubbard designed (from Hypnosis techniques and black magic - OTO plus borrowed stuff from other philosophies and religions) and put them into the "tech of PARLOR TRICKS....and all the parlor tricks to do just that - they are mind control techniques to deceive.

    This is the "Tech". Scientologists actually pay Scientology a ton of money to "learn" ...
    Scientologists get trianed to do these Parlor tricks to themselves and others until they can manipulate and deceive with insouciant certainty.

    The parlor tricks work when standardly applied.

    All your ex girlfriend is doing - is allowing herself to be hypnotized, manipulated and deceived by the charlatan L Ron Hubbard and the thug, David Miscavige, who has managed to Keep Scientology Working.

    She is destroying her mind by "going Clear". Especially in present time Scientology. It is very dangerous.

    What caused the split up between you two? Scientology?

    Send her an annonymous letter stating these words:

    "I am mocking up my own reactive mind but can stop it and control it".

    Then...send her Hubbards OTIII WAll of Fire - everything you wanted to know about Xenu but were afraid to ask. She won't die of pnemonia....but she may BLOW Scientology.

    I hope she gets out. Her life is in grave danger.
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  2. Onkel

    Onkel Patron

    Yes, I made a thread about it called My girlfriend left me for Scientology. People have been really nice to let me in on things. And I've really enjoyed reading your posts. Hope you can get some more people out! Especially your family.
    I am really worried about her. I still love her and I wish she would see how she is being manipulated. The times I've tried to reason with her, she asked me where I got the information, and told me the internet is full of lies. She'll also say stuff like "people weren't to fond of Jesus, back in the day.." As if to say that others are completely wrong, when they claim it's a bad organisation.
    I questioned her about the science, and asked her if she had ever seen any proof to any of the things LRH claims to have found out. I told her that when you figure something out you publish results and others will go through them and agree - or disagree and study further and so on.. I asked her how come none of that takes place in scientology. She said there is no need. And then made a weird comparison saying "it's like if you have the plans to build a perfect robot - then you wouldn't change a thing." There is no such thing as a perfect robot - and people will always try to improve things.. She is in over her head and making NO sense what so ever. But I guess maybe her sub conscience was talking about the people Scientology are turning into robots :p
    I wrote some things in an email - she didn't read it. She wont have it and wants me to respect her choice - or she will stop talking to me and focus on others who think it's ok to spend money on making herself, others and the world better. So I've stepped back. I hope it will dawn on her at some point.
    Just got so hurt and horrified that I want to understand what the hell is going on.. So I can tell everyone to stay away from this evil cult. They recently bought a big ass building here in Denmark, trying to get noticed and get more people in, I'm sure. I fear that she will move to Copenhagen and help in any way she can. :(
  3. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    There is nothing you can do but try to stay in touch with her because she may get to a point where she can't take it anymore and she needs good friends who care about her - to reach out to.

    Tell her respect her decision to practice Scientology and that you are always going to be a good friend who cares.

    Don't be surprised if she reaches out to you someday. So many people leave Scientology - more leave that stay so you have that stastic going for you.

    Did you break up due to Scientology?
  4. Onkel

    Onkel Patron

    We are both girls and we had been together for almost two years. Very happy, although I was at times upset with being put aside so she could do courses. But she told me that once she was feeling better from all the auditing she would be able to put me first, and that it was really an investment in our future happiness. She was in LA at the celebrity center for a few months this summer finishing her srd. Then when she came back she was desperate to go clear, so she took out her pensions, shipped her daughter of to be with her father, who is also a scientologist, and went to Johannesburg to stay there for at least two months in order to go clear. I was not happy. But she begged me to wait for her. We then planned to have Christmas together at a mutual friend in cape Town. And I decided to suck it up. I have never loved anyone like I loved her and I truly thought we could make it through anything.
    But then one of her end phenomenons on grade two was being heterosexual. And she ended it because of that, seing as how I would not be happy being with a woman who was checking out guys. Who didn't want to have sex with me anymore and who dreams of being in a loving relationship with a man (who would have to be a scientologist)in a city where she can do more scientology. Yes - she told me those things. And broke up in at text message!
    She now says she is not at fault for us breaking up. That I can't blame her for turning heterosexual. She says I was ignoring problems such as the fact that she probably wants to live in Copenhagen. And she hopes I won't ignore problems like that in the future. We've had very little contact since she told me. There is no empathy - and it's just very painfull to witness how clueless and mechanic she is.
    I travelled across the world and had Christmas without her - I had already bought the ticket. Beautiful country, South Africa. But I had a hard time enjoying it. Now her visa is running out. Don't know if she has finally had the life altering cognition.. I expect I'll talk to her when she gets back. And then I'll tell her again, as I already have done.. That I can't reach her, and I think she has lost her way. But if she ever wants out I'll be there for her.
    She is right about one thing though - I turned the blind eye on a huge problem called Scientology. But she has been in it for 17 years. It's hard to compete.
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  5. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    I am sorry she is stuck and trapped in this cult. What is sad is Scientologist's really believe homosexuals are 1.1 on the Tone Scale...not desirable - so that is why she "went straight". The members secretly hate the gays but will never admit it. So - she will supress her sexuality until it comes out sideways. Some leave...some stay. Who knows how long she will be able to take it but don't wait for her...she is trapped for sure if she "went straight".....she is simply "being right" about the cult she is in. It is part of the mind fuckery.
  6. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    I have some breaking news....about our tiny, minuscule Ideal Org...

    Public Members are leaving

    Staff too

    The Org is shrinking

    It really is not breaking news but I thought you would enjoy it nonetheless

    One of my covert sources tells me about the goings on at our local morgue. Pun intended! :)
  7. myrklix

    myrklix Patron with Honors

    So could you tell us which org? And, if not, what region? Or continent? Would be helpful to know what other orgs are failing besides Boston.
  8. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    Ask a CLEAR about Hubbards letter to the "clear".

    The letter where he tells the clear what he expects.

    If someone were actually CLEAR - why would Hubbard need to send them a letter and then say ..."I am counting on you"...

    Sounds like more Hubbard manipulation to me.

    What do you guys think? HH - I especially would love to hear your take on this.
  9. Out Effix

    Out Effix Out Ethics Ex Ethics Officer

    I am sorry - that is "classified".

    OSA lurks on this board.

    I still have family and friends IN Scientology and I don't want to lose them.

    I cannot reveal anything about my location in space. It could tip them off.

    I will tell you this - our org is just like everyone elses....small, tiny group of a few die hard families Keeping Scientology Working.

    I have heard from other people around the globe about other Orgs in the US and they are all failing.

    Shrinking membership and staff.

    The Orgs have been super small for many years but Leah is doing some real damage. Thank you Leah Remini.

    The only thing growing in Scientology is David MIscaviges nose - from LYING.

    I am certain my family will go down with the ship because Hubbard figured out if you spend enough time, enough money and get "trained" to manipulate yourself and others into believing that Scientology Works - they will DIE TO BE RIGHT about Scientology. My parents are heavily invested in being right about the belief (not science) that Scientology is a religion that helps people - even though the two of them have witnessed much harm done to people....and most people leave Scientology. The group is tiny and the few left are financially ruined, bankrupt, divorcing or divorced and broken beyond belief. Many are bat shit crazy. Poor people.

    The very sad truth for me is my family is virtually hopeless of ever leaving Scientology

    Although - I have a few friends I have hope for.....and am working on them. :)
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  10. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    That's an important point. In his "Letter to Clears" he tells clears to act like clears, and that bringing the state into disrepute by bad behavior would be handled as a suppressive act.
  11. Onkel

    Onkel Patron

    Is there a place where you can see this letter? Would be interesting to see what is expected.

    I laughed a little when I read this. It's so crazy and tragic at the same time. Being clear must be super hard work! "This is the new you - act accordingly, or there will be consequences!"
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  12. Onkel

    Onkel Patron

    So sorry about your family. I hope they somehow end up breaking the spell after all. And I hope you do manage to get some of your friends out!
  13. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    "An Open Letter to Clears is discussed at Marty's blog
  14. He-man

    He-man Hero extraordinary

  15. Whattodo

    Whattodo Patron with Honors

    Why will this be possible?