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Old Timer St Hill Estates

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by @lutz, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. @lutz

    @lutz Patron

    Hi to my many old friends from the old St Hill Estates Org - circa. 1975 to 1984.
    Castle Project and CO Estates in good times and bad. Many untold stories.
    Regards to all on the board . . . good to see Mick Parkee is still going. :)
  2. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Gold Meritorious Patron


  3. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    Hi to you too. In 1975 I'd been gone from Saint Hill for a year but I was on the RPF with Mick Parkee. No one ever has a bad word to say about him and I'm glad to hear he's still with us.
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  4. @lutz

    @lutz Patron

    Thanks for the prompt response. Basically I knew most of the guys serving in the SO from the period 1975/1984, those in Estates Org . . . on various RPFs . . . or those who worked on the Castle Project (new Reception, Connector and stages 4 & 5).
    From Stables to Stonelands, Brookhouse, Bullards and the Manor. If there ever was a definition of insanity it would surely cover the events of that period which eventually led to collapse of Estates and demise of most of the crew.
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  5. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    Well, your post is a trip down memory lane, since I helped dig the foundations for the fucking castle in 1973/4 and lived at Stonelands and the boathouse there while I was on the RPF. I expect we know a lot of people in common who were still there when you arrived after I had left apart from old Mick Parkee.
  6. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Hi there, whoever you are.

  7. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    I knew Mick Parkee in the early 1990s, when he was the chief cook at the Stables. He used to bitch and moan loudly about whatever was the PTP of the day with his assistant Peter something, who was similarly grouchy.

    When I knew him, Mick had a grouchy exterior, but one could see that he had a beautiful, caring interior. I heard vague rumours that he left Estates Org after I left St. Hill, and had done the Briefing Course after that.

    At one point soon after I arrived at St. Hill on the TTC, I was told (by Mick, I think) that I couldn't eat without food tickets, and since my org wasn't sending any money, I had to find my own solution for that. A friendly chap from, I think, Call-in called Rob Fisher snuck me out food for a couple of days, which I ate hiding behind a tree near the Stables.

    I've always wondered whatever happened to Rob Fisher. He struck me as being very wise about what was really going on in the Sea Org. He would have been in his 30s or 40s in the early 90s. I gathered that he had probably been in the SO for years when I arrived in the early 1990s, but he didn't really strike me as being like a Scientologist in his behaviour. Which made me very curious about what was going on in his mind.

    Later, when I was 'summoned' to St. Hill under threat of a Non-Enturbulation Order, Rob was the first person who greeted me at St. Hill reception, and he tipped me off that, contrary to what I'd been told, the plan was to try to recruit me into the Sea Org. He showed me a clipboard which had my name on it, and against my name was written "needs to arrive in the Sea Org". As he showed me this, he stared intently at me, as if to say "Watch out - you're about to be subjected to a heavy recruitment cycle". It was this, and his helping me to eat during my first time at St. Hill, that gave me very warm feelings about this guy and his good intentions.
  8. @lutz

    @lutz Patron

    Thanks for the welcome.

    The "BoatHouse" down by the pond at Stonelands was in fact an old potatoe store, not unlike the tool shed up by the swimming pool. I was amazed that this too hadn't been converted into berthing.

    The stinking old pond was eventually cleaned out by RPF and Raef Warren with a JCB - a development project by John Spick. Unfortunately Raef dug out most of the clay and the pond went dry.

    Mick Parkee was always good for the odd crust of bread.
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  9. @lutz

    @lutz Patron

    Hi . . . thanks for the welcome.

    I've been hovering for a while but have now decided to add a few posts of my own . . . once I'm familiar with the Forum.
  10. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    When I was on the SH RPF for a couple of months (1979?) that boathouse was used for RPF berthing.

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  11. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    Paul, I was trying to remember some of the names of staff at SH, but apart from Bob and Ivis, their names escape me now. One name I was able to remember but seem to have forgotten now was the sour-faced Swedish bird who was qual sec. Her husband worked there as well. Please remind me of her name.
  12. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    Haha. When I was there, the AOSH Qual Sec was a freckle-faced woman with an Aussie or New Zealand accent. The last memory I have of her is of her screaming at me that I was wrecking the prospects of humanity to go free, because I'd decided I'd had enough of being on staff. From the look in her eyes, she really believed what she was saying. She seemed like a fanatic.
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  13. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Malin Gelfan, husband Peter. She left in the early 70s and became a Class XII at FSO.

    Here's a 1974 list of some SH people. I'm not on it as I didn't 5x my stats. I'll add some posts as best I remember 45 years ago.!topic/alt.religion.scientology/XNU2YjhGSuI

    2 May 1974
    All Org Staffs


    Ron Hopkins
    D. Hopkins
    N. Charlton
    D. Wavell
    Lynne Wood
    L. Morgan
    M. Garlick
    C. Morris
    A. Webb
    T. Cusworth

    Jim Keely
    Heidi Keely
    C. Rabey
    C. Holling

    Brenda Wilson
    Bob Rosenstein
    Danny Fischman
    Patricia Piccone
    Lew Stanley
    Kathy Uytenbogaardt
    David Beale
    Frank O'Sullivan
    Stuart D'Arcy-Hyder
    David Sheppard
    Martin Weightman
    Gilliam Nieman
    Mick Downey
    Regina Bertelsons
    Hazel Wright
    Mary Armitage
    Steve Wilkinson
    D. Cusworth
    M. Bellmaine
    S. Stratikopoulis

    Linda Charlton -- CO
    Malin Gelfan -- Org Officer ?
    Philip Quirino -- LRH Comm
    Peter Whitehouse -- AG
    Ivis Bolger -- HAS
    Amy Youngman -- Recruiter? / Reg Office assistant
    Peter Morgan -- Body reg
    Audrey White -- Addresso
    Trumbull Jackson -- Printer
    Jenny Brodie -- Auditor Editor
    Colin Guy -- Dir Income
    David Flood -- Dir Disbursements
    Hazel Gibbs -- HGC Auditor
    Richard Reiss -- Tech/Qual, auditor or C/S
    Leslie Fisher -- HGC Auditor
    Doris Brown -- D of P
    Ann Glushakov -- HGC C/S
    John Bellmaine -- HGC Auditor
    Bruce Glushakov -- Qual Sec?
    Trudy Chamberlin -- Dist Sec
    Lyn Collins -- Success Officer
    Arthur Cusworth -- Examiner
    Sheila Massey-Hicks -- Dissem
    Amy Schlather -- Auditor? C/S?
    Pedro Doria -- Senior C/S
    Cliff Von Shura -- ?
    Pat Stanley -- Payroll Officer
    Peter Buttery -- HGC C/s? Auditor?

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  14. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    Oh yes, she must have been a disciple of Linda Parselle. Screaming at people was her speciality and I have been on the receiving end of it from her myself. How a lovely geezer like John Parselle ever got tangled up with that virago has always been an enduring mystery to me.


    A domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman.
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  15. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    OMG, I've just had an orgasm from reading your post. Thank you, thank you, I've been up half the night trying to remember her fucking name. Ahhh ...
  16. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    I edited the post and added more names. You'll probably drown. :biggrin:

    Oh, I forgot I made this list of AOSHUK staff too. I did it in 2007. I'm not going to update it with who's dead now as this post is not editable after 24 hours.


    AOSH UK Sea Org Members 1972-86 Edit
    This is a partial list of SO staff at AOSHUK between 1972 and 1986. Some joined before 1972 and are still there in 2007. Some were only there a matter of weeks. Maiden/married names are shown where known, in no systematic manner.

    Leonora Adam
    Paul Adams
    Bob Ainsworth
    Linzy Ainsworth (Sandy)
    Margaret Ainsworth
    Bryan Andrews
    Julia Andrews

    Amos Bamigboye
    Chris Barnes
    Sara Baziuk (West)
    Tony Baziuk
    Carol Beatty
    Ken Beer
    John Bellmaine
    Morag Bellmaine
    Angela Berthoud (Paris)
    Ron Biggs
    Bob Bolger
    Ivis Bolger
    Martin Boothby
    Tony Bowling
    Jenny Brodie (Bunting)
    Janice Bromley
    Kris Buckeridge
    Roger Buckeridge
    Dale Bulbrook (Waller)
    Marianne Bumberger
    Chris Burton
    Christine Buttey
    Peter Buttery

    Ira Chaleff
    Neville Chamberlin
    Linda Charlton
    Pauline Chatterton
    Trudy Chamberlin (Eyre)
    Carol Collins
    Elizabeth Collins
    Lyn Collins
    Sylvia Collins
    John Cox
    John Cronin
    Paula Cronin
    Les Crozier
    Dawn Crundall
    Arthur Cusworth (Deceased)
    Thelma Cusworth (Deceased)

    Doug D'Aubrey
    Benny D'Costa
    Aileen Darcy Hyder (Pollack)
    Winston DeVaughn
    Andy Dowgray
    Gail Dowgray
    Lucy Duncan
    David Dunlop
    Pam Dunlop
    Ted Dunn

    Karen Eckhart
    Don Edwards
    Helen Edwards
    Reg Evans
    Rose Evans

    Elva Field (Glatt)
    John Fisher
    Leslie Fisher
    David Flood

    Peter Gallop
    Mark Gardner
    Malin Gelfan
    Peter Gelfan
    Geoff Gerrard
    Amir Geuron
    Alan Gilbertson
    Barbara Gilbertson (Rae)
    Keith Gilleard
    Ann Glushakow
    Bruce Glushakow
    Neil Gould
    Hazel Grafton
    Maggie Graham
    Carole Grope (Mitchell, Biggs)
    Mike Grope
    Alistair Guy
    Colin Guy
    Ewan Guy
    Ina Guy (Edwards)

    Jane Harris (Lance)
    John Harris
    Julie Harris (Fehn)
    John Harvey
    Jeremy Heath
    Peter Hill
    Linda Holling (Cusworth, Charlton)
    Martin Huber

    Trumbull Jackson
    Mark Jefford
    Dick Jones
    Linda Jones (Harrington)
    Sue Jones
    Jan Karlsson
    Lennart Karlsson
    Irene Kaye (Dercynski?)
    Steve Kaye
    Daisy Kirkby
    Owen Kirkby
    Chaz Kember
    Hank Laarhuis
    Don Larson
    Hazel Larson (Gibbs)
    Ron Lawley
    Meynard Levinson
    Max Liberson

    Alec MacRae
    Marion Mason (Schuster)
    Sheila Massey-Hicks
    Claire McFarland
    Claudette McGee
    Laina McNamee
    Malcolm McPherson
    Myles Mellor
    Ilona Millar
    David Miscavige
    Ron Miscavige
    Ray Mitchell
    Ron Mitcheson
    Michael Moore
    Peter Morgan
    Trisha Morgan
    Jenny Moss
    Ron Moss
    Sheldon Mousell

    Sheila Nagy (McTaggart)
    Janice Nassor
    Rahmon Nassor
    John Nixon

    Frank O'Sullivan

    Mick Parkee
    Dorothy Parker
    Marion Pouw
    Roger Power
    Julie Price
    Rufus Price
    Isla Pryde

    Monica Quirino
    Philip Quirino

    Bernie Radburn
    Chrissie Radburn
    Dalene Regenass
    Len Regenass
    Cala Reiss
    Richard Reiss
    Carol Riess
    Helfried Riess
    Eileen Russell Able

    Antonia Seymour (Geuron)
    Phil Shaw
    Paul Scrimshaw
    Brian Sheen
    Dave Skull
    Cerise Smit
    Hermann Smit
    Alex Smith
    Annette Spink
    Lew Stanley
    Pat Stanley
    Sotiris Stratikopoulos

    Jean Taylor
    Jenny Taylor
    John Taylor
    Lynne Thompson (Bliss)
    Peter Thompson
    Sunny Tosh (Hagen)

    Caroline Wakley
    Dale Waller
    Suzy Waller
    Gen Ward
    Janice Watkins
    Carolyn Webb
    Kathy Webb
    Audrey White
    Peter Whitehouse
    Geraldine (Gen) Whitt

    Andy Yarrow
    Amy/Aimee Youngman
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  17. strativarius

    strativarius Inveterate gnashnab & snoutband

    Paul, I knew all these people from your list well:

    Ron Hopkins
    Norman Charlton
    T. Cusworth
    Linda Charlton
    Malin Gelfan
    Carl Holling - He was the RPF Bosun when I first arrived on it in 1973
    Bob Bolger
    Ivis Bolger
    Mick Parkee - Also on the RPF
    Ann Glushakov
    Bruce Glushakov
    Martin Huber - Also on the RPF
    Steve Wilkinson
    Nev Chamberlin - Also on the RPF
    Trudy Chamberlin
    Lyn Collins
    Peter Buttery

    Here are some of the people I was on London Org staff with that I've managed to compile over the years:

    Marcus Allen
    Anne Atkinson
    Geoff Brewer
    Peter Buttery
    Sue Finer
    Alan & Barbara Gilbertson
    Bruce & Anne Glushakow
    Ron Hopkins
    Paul Humphries
    Joe Irving
    Nicky (thousand-yard-stare) Mendoza
    Malcolm McPherson
    Peter Molgard
    Tom Morgan
    Mike Oram
    John Parselle
    Mike Phillips
    Alan Saint
    Alastair Segerdal
    Kay Hopkins / nee Sheldon
    Chris Speer
    Pam Horwitz /nee Thorne
    John Harry Watson
    Stephen Wilkes
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  18. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Awesome lists . . . Thanks. Some wonderful people giving wonderful memories there.

    What do we know of Lyn Collins, she was my buddy in Melbourne just prior to my setting sail to the UK.

    Malin Gelfan is a class act, last seen at FSO.

    And what of Frank McCall ???? A sort of semi-staff guy.

    Word I have is that Heidi Keely has passed . . . Diabetes did her and her husband in.
  19. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    Is this John Harry Watson:

  20. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Frank McAll:
    On another note, in 2012 a long term original Sea Org member and comrade of LRH’s, Frank McAll, living in an apartment off base with his now ex-wife as he is deceased, received excellent medical care, probably just to keep him quiet. He had poor eyesight in his right eye and received a glass lens replacement and when he had heart trouble was given a pacemaker. At the time he was a much loved member of the group and there were many LRH Advices written about Frank, including a little document he had framed on his desk, typed by LRH in 1973 that “Frank, for all his good works in service of the Commodore, is hereby released from any further ethics handling.” This was signed by Ron himself. Frank maintained that Ron had told him on many occasions that Frank was never and could never leave the Sea Org. In May of 2012 he dropped the body while still in the S.O. (in comments, halfway down page)

    Lyn Collins:
    Vague memory time, not sure. I was in the PAC RPF's RPF in March-June 1996. Sylvia Collins was the Rs R Bosun, and also my auditor for leaving sec check. We had known each other at SH 20 years earlier, and she was also a decent senior in the R's R. I asked about Lyn (her mother), and what comes to mind is she married some rich guy and was out of Scn so not in comm with Sylvia any more.