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This is an expansion upon something I originally posted this under an assumed name of Matthew Bryant. I know that this is dangerous, it’s been pointed out to me that I’m messing with somebody’s religion.
I just believe there is room in the world for multiple points of view and discussion. I believe that in order for the world to continue to grow and advance frank and open discussion should be had and pursued.
If my thoughts and opinions herein offend you I sincerely apologize but I believe in free expression. That there is room for opinions other than one’s own. That if we are to live in a free society that everyone should be allowed to express those beliefs.
The one thing I don’t believe is that any government, group or religion has the Authority to command silence.

Enciridion of Auditing

Let’s talk a bit about Engrams, returning and how advancement in the last fifty years of cognitive science might provide better ideas as to how this whole process works.
I won’t go into details on the original postulates since they have been written, expounded and likely known to everyone reading this at the time of this posting. So I will simply summarize.

There are three relevant pieces to the mind which as a whole becomes known to each individual simply as “ I.” The first is the main portion which is the Analytical Mind, the second portion is the Reactive Mind and the third is the Main Bank where memory is stored, accessed by the File Clerk.
There are more pieces, bits, circuits and complexity involved from both Scientology and neurobiology involved but for the basics of auditing those are the three main components we work with.
When a moment of pain, distress or hypnosis become involved the analytical mind undergoes a period of unconsciousness, latter on the reactive mind essentially shorts out that bit of memory from the banks shutting down the analytical mind’s capacity to process it and installing simple, overly specific directives that override the analytical mind’s ability to use reason in those circumstances that resembles the original incidents.
It’s been my observation that these tend to act the same way a hypnotic suggestion works.
Dianetics doesn’t go into much detail for good reason, they had no idea. They copped out a bit with some stuff on cell memory, promised to investigate further and since then they might have but they published very little of their finding if they did. Bad scientific practices if you ask me but no one does.
I would like to propose a better theory than cell memory and for most of how engrams function that don’t require going out into theoretical space to do so. at least until we come to how returning functions. My ideas on that are every bit as far out and potentially nonsensical but the only thing I’ve run into that functions the same way involves quantum physics, which might not be as far fetched as it sounds when you consider how the brain actually functions.
I will propose simple experiments that can verify my findings in a lab at the summery of each relevant chapter.

Over the course of evolution from simple animals to more and more complex life the brain evolved into more complex structures along the way. This can be mapped in the human brain by looking at how each stage of evolution provided us with a new area of the brain to work with making our behavior more complex with each new layer of complexity.
The simplest animals only had the first layer to work with which for the most part functioned to control basic biological function, as the brain evolved in more complex animals, more complex structures and behaviors came with it until you get to the fifth layer, only present in higher mammals like humans and we evolved the ability to reason.
My old introduction to psychology text book said the neocortex, the fifth layer, only existed in humans but I suspect biologists that studying whales and dolphins would agree.

The five layers of the human brain are;

1) Medulla Oblongata (Myelencephalon)
2) Pons and Cerebellum (Metencephalon)
3) Midbrain (Mesencephalon)
4) Thalamus and Hypothalamus (Diencephalon)
5) Cerebral Hemispheres (Telencephalon):

The thing to keep in mind about each of these layers is that the time of evolutionary development that they represent, each at some point were the “top” layer. The animals we originally came from only had a Medulla Oblonga, equivalent to think with. Those simple animals had a set of behaviors and actions that they used to navigate the world. To think with essentially.
By time you get into complex mammals like dogs and cats their highest level of “ I ” comes up to layer four, equivalent of our Thalamus and Hypothalamus, which mostly governs social and emotional behaviors. The dog, cat or rabbit only has the fourth layer to reason with but these animals do indeed think.
Before the biology geeks get at it I will point out that in our minds the regions below the neocortex are mostly connecting tissue to the layers above and that at the top layers of each animal representing a step on the evolutionary ladder the structures are considerably different. I would like to point out to them that ultimately you will see a lot of similarities in those “thinking” structures and connecting tissue in the higher rungs that biology never really explained.
From a Scientological stand point the neocortex itself is connecting tissue to the greater being of the thetan, soul or whatever religiosty word you want to call it (I like to think of it as the Psychic Being but I’m an atheist and dislike “churchy” words.) This could provide a spiritual (or psychic) context for the drive to evolution, the soul/thetan/psi-being of each animal is essentially manipulating each body like a meat puppet from it’s top most layer. It forms into connecting tissue at each stage of evolution because it’s structures as time goes on are already so.
As our beings reincarnate time and time again the experience of each life becomes better and better as we move further up the ladder making me wonder what comes next. Many beings would like us to stop here because “this is awesome.” I disagree believing that evolution is survival, and that one maxim that life has proved on an ever changing planet is evolve or die.
We can go further, but I digress. For now I’ll just say, more on that latter.

I submit to you that the process of the reactive mind that shorts out the standard bank is an actual biological process that occurs at the lower layers of our brains, the capacity to think, if simply, directly and overly specific, existed in our fore bearers, and those same structures which were once the exclusive domain of thought can continue to think and store memories on their own. This is the biological source of our reactive mind.
Those portions of our mind are lower down and more directly connected to our biological being (Scientolgists call it Genetic Entity or GE for short,) they are also way more connected to the survival impetus of our bodies.
Back in those stages we only had the one command, survive or die, and those portions of our brain are also only following this basic rule. In our earlier cultural development from grate ape all the way to cave man, this short circuiting of pain response was just as useful as it is to fish. When something that’s going to hurt is coming at you there is no time to “think”, just get out of the way or take it down. To some lesser degree it’s also still useful after a fashion, I’m sure anyone who has been hit by a car steps more carefully through an intersection but you won’t get far in this word if you develop a phobia of streets. That is where modern man as diverged from cave man, we constructed a world out of our genius that for the most part no longer needs these structures.
Our Analytical mind which sits way up in the neocortex as a result of these short circuits with higher survival value from the cave man point of view, still takes precedence over our ability to reason. This then blanks out the standard bank, which is also a part of the neocortex (not completely mind you but mostly) reducing the amount of functioning gray matter we have to think with.
I know that psychology is a bad word to Scientologists, I won’t go into why that is or what I think about it, but in those circles it’s been long observed that those with better memory recall are smarter as a whole and more creative. Scientologists noticed this as well very early on and to L. Ron Hubbards credit the cause as function was outlined pretty well. It makes sense in many ways from the stand point of this theory about the MEST (MEST is Scientology for Matter Energy Space Time, meaning physical, observable matter) brain being the source of the aberrations. So as these shorts are repaired each individual is able to return to his optimum state which they call “clear.”

Scientology provides good processes for repairing these short circuits, with returning, to reopen those parts of the analytic mind and thus bring us back to full operational condition. The returning process used in auditing is often thought of as a psychic process, and for all intents and purposes it is, but despite the pseudo-scienceness of that we can still use in experiment.
To prove disprove my brain theory of auditing we will have to audit a pre-clear under an FMRI machine, (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging,) if my theory is correct you will see while returning the lower areas of the brain light up prominently and as the standard tech continues the returning process those areas will dim as the portion of the neocortex the event is recorded in brightens up.

Due to trade mark laws and the often observed litigiousness of the church the process I will include is my own. This is a process I developed and posted on the Internet under the name Matt Bryant.

Bubble wrap audit.

Materials required, a small square of bubble wrap to act as destructible mass.
Please note, in order for process to go correctly do not ask details about events, just yes or no questions.

First Level,

Step 1: Beginning of Session

Ask the subject, “Are you comfortable? Have you had enough to eat? Is there any reason you see that we can not proceed with the session?"
If yes to all three, “Beginning of session. Place your finger on a bubble in front of you.”

Step 2: Induce reverie or close eyes

Tell the subject, “Look up at the ceiling. When I count from one to seven your eyes will slowly close. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven.” Repeat counting until eye lids start to flutter.

Step 3:Install canceler

Tell the subject, “You will remain aware of everything that goes on. You will be able to remember everything that happens here. You can pull yourself out of anything you get into if you don’t like it.In the future, when I utter the word canceled, everything which I have said to you in session will be canceled and will have no force with you. Any suggestion I have made to you will be without force when I say the word canceled. Do you understand?”

Step 4: Bring up time track

Tell subject, “You should see a white bar on the bottom of your vision, that is your time track shift your perspective so that you are looking at it in front of you.”
“Is the time track visible?” If not repeat that command until the time track is visible.
“Move your time track so that it is running through the bubble under under your finger in front of you. The events that have the focus of your attention will be in that bubble."

Step 5A: Return subject to the past

“Move down the time track until you get to the event you wish to audit.”

Step 5:

When you arrive at the event, ask the subject, “Is there an earlier event connected to this event at cause?”
If yes, ask;
Can you return to that event at this time?
Is this an event you are comfortable clearing?
Is there too much existence on this event to clear at this time?
If the answer is yes or maybe to all of the above move time track to that event and start
When satisfied that you are at root cause move onto Step 6.

Step 6: Work with memory (file clerk) to get at the data

Tell subject, “ Do not give any description to the event we are auditing. I will ask simple yes or no questions to determine when we are ready. Do you understand?”
“Good, play through the event from beginning to end. Tell me when you have finished.”
Ask yes or no questions,
Can you clearly hear what is going on?
Are there any other sounds there?
Can you feel the moment?
Contact the somatic.
Do you have contact with the somatic?
Can you smell what’s going on?
Can you feel tactile sensation?
Can you see the colors there?
Can you feel any movement?

Ask, “Are you satisfied that you have the beginning, middle and end of the event?”
If the answer is no, instruct subject, “Go back to the beginning and go over the event again. Pick up any additional data you can contact.”
If the answer is yes, move onto the next step.
Note: If this event remains in blackout after several returns there is likely a secondary blanking it. Use Step 7A to bring up secondary events and clear those one by one until Primary is available.

Step 7A: Identify and sort secondary events

Instruct subject, “Now I want you to bing up all events connected to this one, you should be able to see in front of you, all secondary events connected to this one, connected by a thread. Look at these events one by one and decide if you want to keep some or all of the contents. If so with your other hand pluck and destroy the connecting thread, when done move the disconnected event to the side. Let me know when you are ready to proceed.”
When subject is ready, direct subject “ Place the disconnected secondary events into another bubble and place the finger of your other hand on that bubble to hold them.”

Step 7B: Clear event

Instruct the subject, “ Pop the bubble.”
If and your subject are doing well the charge on the primary and secondaries will be clear of charge. <If you are doing very well the events will be gone altogether, and the secondary events held under the other hand will be changed considerably.> Ask the subject then to pull the held secondaries up and decide if the tone has changed enough on any of them so that they are no longer, “bad,” and to release those. If they are still bad move them back to the bubble and pop them.
If charge remains on primary go back to Step 6. If primary is clear but secondaries still have charge go back up the chain and repeat Step 6 on the highest charge secondary. The subject should know which secondary has the most charge without you having to move to the meter.

Step 8: Bring subject to present time

Tell subject, “Come to present time.”
Ask, “Are you in present time?”

Step 9: Canceller

Say, “Canceled.”

Step 10: Restore Subject to full awareness

Tell subject, “When I count down from five to one and snap my fingers you will feel alert. Five, four, three, two, one.”
Snap your finger.

Before I go into why this process works as well as it does, we first need to go into Native Abilities, where I think they come from and what role they play as you climb through thee levels past clear, to optimum being and beyond.

On quantum phenomena and Native Abilities.

Scientology states simply that perspective creates reality. This is definitely true from a philosophic, psychological and religious perspective. The interesting thing about this simple statement of truth from the human condition is that quantum physics is providing us with useful data that essentially proves this.
Let’s take the classic two slit experiment that scientists used to prove that light is both a particle and a wave. To summarize you take a light source and shine it at a partition with one slit cut into it and on the other side of the partition you place a surface for the light to project on to. On this surface you will a pattern consistent with particle disbursement. However when you shine the light passed a partition with two slits in it you can observe a wave interference patter, like with water waves in the same setup. This allowed science to prove that light is both a particle and a wave.
The interesting thing about quantum phenomena and this experiment is that mathematically it was proven that any quantum particle, like light, is truly only a wave when it is unobserved. The experiment only worked because you were indirectly observing light by looking at the wave canceling pattern on the partition. If you were to directly observe light, through a medium for example, you would only be able to measure particles moving in a straight line.
Latter on a very interesting experiment was conducted, at first with electrons and latter photons, where a detector was placed over one slit which would detect whether the photons were particle or wave (in the original electron experiment they were trying to see which slit the electron was passing through, it was discovered that it was both until observed,) something interesting happened. The wave interference pattern on the partition changed to a particle disbursement pattern. You can conduct this experiment with three slits as well and when the detector is turned on the wave function collapses and boom particle pattern, when turned off, boom wave pattern. The three slits will show the wave function collapsing from all light passing by the partition across all slits, not just the one being observed by the detector (citation required).
This is interesting, it shows that indeed perspective effecting, if not creating, reality can be proven to some degree with scientific experiment.
This quantum phenomena gives us a basis for which we can extrapolate the role a thetan plays in shaping reality.
There actually is a lot more to this that is a little out of scope for this work as a general overview but I would very much like to continue my experiments into the phenomena at a latter date.
To summarize, with quantum effects being shown to be a part of how the thetan operates and functions within the physical MEST universe, it should be found through the science and maths of quantum mechanics how this can be proven.
This is where we get into native abilities, quantum entanglement and quantum time travel. Once we enter into the realm of quantum phenomena a whole new understanding in how a theta, the returning process and other observable native abilities function, (which have never been adequately explained in published works,) become obvious.
As I mentioned in the section about how the biological brain operates I believe that the thetan sits on top of our brain driving the biological entity. (To be more precise it sort of sits in and around it in multidimensional space but like I said before, latter works and experiments.)
In biological science it for a long time was thought that the electromagnetic emanations from our brain were a byproduct caused by it’s function, but recent experiments in that field have also shown that they are not a byproduct at all but a component.
In these experiments the electromagnetic fields were disrupted and shown to disrupt thought itself (citation required). Showing that they are not a byproduct at all but an integral function of how the brain works.
This is key to understanding native abilities. The universe itself seems to operate in nine dimensions according to M theory, (I think it’s twelve but the other three don’t seem to do anything but that’s for a later work.) In this higher dimensional quantum space we have room to extrapolate function, thought and being. This also gives us a frame work to hang the mocking up of MEST, effects of Is, As-Is, nodes and other phenomena, which from my oringinal perspective always seemed like metaphysics of psychic phenomena but now seems to be the by product of living in a quantum mechanical universe.
It should be mentioned that in the standard model theory, classical information can not travel backwards through time but many quantum physics experiments don’t prove this postulate. As some of you who hit higher levels within Scientology can testify (but don’t) this is likely bogus. If perspective shapes and creates reality and we have any degree of control over that perspective then we should be able to shift our perspective through discipline and training to other places in time, the universe and or other universe at large.
Science investigates this with high energy particle colliders, Scientology with training, Buddhism through meditation, witches through their craft and other religions and creeds by their own method. In discovering the nature of reality and existence itself there’s room enough for everyone, as suits their own particular idiom.

First and Second Principle of Dynamic Auditing

Back to that earlier process. There are two observable phenomena I would like to discus in this work regarding the dynamic principles of existence. If persepctive can shape reality then perspective creates existence. Some see this existence as a finite quantity but if perspective creates it then the only limiting factor would seem to be how much perspective and how many. So in essence it would be limitless.
First is the phenomena is auditing drag. Essentially when you are going up in tone, (Scientology has a tone scale with definite levels associated) I think the primary thing holding you back is the perceptions of the auditor himself. Just as you need a trained auditor to audit, since the auditor has to pull you up to some degree, where you are and how far you rise is also resisted by his relative perception.
It’s why so many processes have to start by stating the purpose, to grant being, because without that a human being’s own natural inclinations produce too much drag to overcome. It’s also why when psychologists pick up the auditing processes of the church and run them they don’t seem to get anywhere. They don’t want them to work quite simply, so they produce no pull to raise your levels.
In an auditors case we are also running into a psychological drag because people in general resent those who rise faster and easier than they themselves did, so in essence an auditor will subconsciously hold his subject back. This gets to the root of the issue regarding good auditors tend to make good auditors, because having received good auditing and risen faster than most, one is less inclined to hold his own preclear(PC for short) back from going up.
One additional drawback/feature that tends to reinforce this process is that auditors receive a bit of surplus existence, “blowing them up,” by withholding some of that raise from their preclear, this in creates an energy greed that can also reinforce bad auditing.
The way I’ve discovered to avoid this is if the auditor gives no existence to what is being audited. Pull no viso, ask no open questions and in essence give no reality to the events, engrams or locks being audited.
I believe that it’s this auditing drag that causes the negative effects of going up too quickly since, with the bubble wrap process that doesn’t seem to happen.
It also seems to help in my process if the auditor has made no attempts to evaluate the level of the preclear, so there is no percept to push back on. This doesn’t work too well with Scientology’s standard tech but I find that whole process needlessly cumbersome. The church likes to audit with drag because the auditor himself is pushed up up by this resistance like riding the bow wave of a boat, thus giving the auditor something, I don’t think they should need additional incentive since the whole point is to help people and after all in the church you pay for auditing.
The second principle is to audit with destructible mass. You gain better results if you audit with mass and this has been known for some time but for some reason the church likes to define mass as having to pay for it.
You gain much better results nullifying charge if you take something that represents the charge and destroy it in the returning. I like to use bubble wrap because it’s simple and everywhere, bigger bubbles seem to help too. Just have the time track run through the bubble under your subjects finger and when you get to the event, while giving no existence to the event. Ask for no description, just if they have it clear in their mind, it may be necessary when running engrams or secondaries to return to it enough to get a clear picture in their head. When comm lag goes flat on the basic yes or no questions in the following process pop the bubble.
The first time I ever done this I got results akin to an operating thetan breaking a ridge, all sorts of flapping arms and body gyrations. Massive reaction.

The grater question becomes on why giving existence to events creates drag. Just what is existence anyway?
Existence is the product of the observation of reality, simply put. At higher levels it can be perceived or at least that’s what they tell me. So here’s another experiment I ran.

The Existence Trade Process

Have two subjects face each other.
Have each subject gather an equal amount of existence.
Trade that existence.
Note how each as a result gains more existence then he sent. It was approximated to me as about fifty percent more.

This of course makes sense if you consider that we live in an expanding universe that is created by the perception of the beings within. There would have to a multiplying effect on existence or the universe would never get past the larval state. It kind of kills the maxim that you don’t get something from nothing in a way, since if that were true there would be no universe at all.

The layers of the World

There seem to be twelve layers or levels to this world. And in those levels there seem to be other levels. They might be regions of a dynamic universe but for now I’m going to go with levels.
At the lower level you get to the primordial universe with much fluctuation of existence as the beings there begin to come into agreement on just what this reality thing that they are presented with is exactly. As agreement becoems more and more pronounced this reality thing as you progress up the levels becomes more substantial.
Since perspective can shift your location in reality it can also shift you up and down the levels. So what keeps the beings on the bottom layers down and the ones on the upper layers up.
This seems to be an issue with our own cognitions, those thing within us that cause us to do things that would prevent a reality from forming probably because excessive anti-survival behavior could destroy that reality. The universe seems to respond by keeping reality in flux in multidimensional time just so reality can have opportunity and ways to form so that it may eventually become permanent.
I guess you could say that universe itself wants to exist and so accommodates. Consider those things within us that would prevent that from happening. A sociopath in the White House for example may just press that button to launch an all out attack on Russia just for the pleasure of being the one to cause the world to burn. Since these are the same people who rise to power since they desire it the most we come to a problem.
So there would have to many parallel worlds just so that one in which that doesn’t happen exist so that reality itself can exist. The fact of multidimensional time in the observable universe is denied in physics but it makes a lot of sense when you consider the artifacts of the standard model, like the angular momentum of distant galaxies createing the the need to postulate dark matter even though that doesn’t seem to occur in nearby galaxies. At some point of cosmic expansion there would have to be multidimensional time to explain this phenomina but again I digress. I just say again latter works.
Since this hasn’t happened I submit to you that we live in just such a world.
That’s why I think that L. Ron Hubbard’s Dynamics of Survival aren’t that far off. Survive or die being the maxim of life, just as evolve or die is the maxim for there to be life. Pro survival, cooperative behavior is essential in keeping a stable universe going.
Those twelve dynamics are fairly simple to understand at a glance, and I’ll risk the future lawsuits to include them here.

Physical Universe
Spiritual Universe
Supreme Being

In my opinion I would like to add four categories for survival, Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Free Thought, just try to survive without those. 1 and 2 are in the catagory of Love, for self and family. Beauty provides the survival for group and species, Wisdom is the survival of life and physical universe and the spirtual universe and supreme being require free thought.
Free will itself is centered on our existences ability to survive. You lose free will and you become a tool for those in power above to use to destroy.
Which leads me into the code of the Scientologist.
This is just my opinion but I never liked the code of the Scientology. For a lot of reasons that I can’t go into on the forum but mainly it just always seemed a little too complex.
I won’t repost the code here, but as an Information Technology professional I always preferred simplicity to complexity. If it were up to me the code would far simpler while.
These are just my rules, I came up with them awhile ago as what I would like the code to be, for the most part I have followed them through my life.

The Rules of Matt

Do not impinge another’s or your own free will.
Do not impinge another’s survival without just cause.
Leave the world a better place than what you found it, not just for you but for everyone.
Help those you can help, save the ones you can save.
Give back honestly.
Speak the truth when possible.
Do not give the pathologically vicious, selfish or sadistic what they want or do what they want.
Do not judge until you’ve heard the other side or bore witness yourself.
Everyone deserves an advocate.
Be free with love but sparing with your hate.
Understand that no religion is true but all religions have some truth or alternately all religions are equally false..
Judge on actions not words.
Who you were in the past before these rules is irrelevant and forgiven, it is only important who you are going forward.
Pool half your power and half of your acquired existence to be called upon in need.

One and Two, used to be in the middle and like two one had the phrase without just cause attached to it. This was pointed out to me on many occasions to create loop holes that would allow anti-survival to thrive. So respect for free will has to be paramount. The others are just simply pro-survival and ethical behavior. I added 14 latter as well, there were originally 13 but that caused problems.
It seems that I had to live this exact life before and the original formulation caused problems. I hoping this fixes them. I’m sort of a tinkerer. Please forgive that.


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