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Mary McConnell has obviously been collecting Internet resources for years. I'm copying and pasting from her post here.

Check out these important videos and websites and save or bookmark this post for future reference. I find that the following are essential for the new reader:

Cult Awareness and Information Centre Lawrence Wollersheim's Cult information site Andreas Heldal-Lund's Operation Clambake Arnie Lerma's 4500+ pages of Exposing the Con Mark Bunker's Video & Audio archives for ex-scns

Former OT 7-telling her story since she left Scientology Tory
Christman.She Used to be Tory Bezazian

Open Letter To Mike Rinder From Rovert Vaughn Young

Personal Stories of former members
Friend of Mankind: 4 part documentary compiled from news broadcasts

Scientology - Through the Door - Interviews with ex-members of the Church of Scientology, exploring their reasons for joining, staying, and leaving. *Do your's online, too.*

The death of L Ron Hubbard: Documents and facts

Are the mysterious deaths of Lisa McPherson & L. Ron Hubbard

Documents Of A Lifetime - the uncensored L. Ron Hubbard papers


Inside Scientology /Dianetics How I Joined Dianetics/Scientology and
Became Superhuman by Robert Kaufman (1995 revision)

Top 20 pages visited on

Affidavits and personal stories of life in Scientology

Operation Clambake (aka ) presents: FAQ's

The Scientology Critical Information Directory
Documenting critical information in the news and on the web

These, along with the list below, are just a FEW OF THE MANYsites with valuable information COS & OSA do not want you to access. Their fear is that you will find information that will prompt you to question matters that you have every right to question. That is what freedom is all about.

These sites are not placed in any particular order outside of

Maria Pia Gardini. OT VIII, Class 9 Auditor Exposes Scientology Roger Gonnet, Fmr Pres. of Lyon Org/ Lyon Assocs in France Jeff Jacobsen's site dedicated to Lisa, a CoS victim The critics 'Who What where' Refund and Reparation supporter and critic
testimonies Hartley Patterson ARSCC Tory on OSA Keith Henson

Dave Touretzky's ' The COS's Wacky secrets' 4 the Critical study of Scientology

We ex-members have our own org right here on the net.... To counter RFW disinformation. Jeremy & Elle Perkins Tragedy updated June 2007 Lisa McPherson story (video) Kristi Wachter's site Critical Facts, COS Stats and info Scientology related Deaths Mark Plummer's Archives Ted Mayette & Friends Keith Henson News NarCONon is Scientology! Fredric L. Rice THE WOG BLOG from XENU TV Tom Weeks Valerie Emanuel's Scientology Kills

Archives of The Lisa McPherson Trust

David Mayo, ex Scientology proponent, talks of the 20 page despatch from L. Ron Hubbard to him, 1983-84 talk. YouTube video

Operation Clambake presents: Hubbard Audio Collection -These are audio files in MP3 , WAV or RealAudio formats. The recording is actually L Ron Hubbard talking about these subjects: BTs | The Christ Game | Dumping | Friends | Frozen | Helicopter | No Christ | The Obscene Dog | Roman Catholicism | Van Allen | Venus | The Casbah | Espinol | Helatrobus Goals | Crowley | Jupiter | God | Inventing God | Yahweh | Calculus | Gamma Rays | God Dynamic | Know | Knowledge | Mars | Prison Planet | Ron the Mathematician | Smoking | Venusian | Blindness | Babies | Crocodile | Negro | Tech80 | Tech88

New additions:

Letters to a Scientologist by Sasha Zbitnoff, 2nd Gen ex-Scn Letters.htm

I Escaped Scientology by John Duignan 9/11/07

OT VIII Michael Pattinson's Experiences

Burning Bridges by Catherine (Pool) Jacob, former widow of John Boucher

Karen Pressley (formerly Karen Schless Pressley)
Escaping Scientology: An Insider's True Story (articles on scn are linked here)
Help Stop The Suppression of Ex-Member Free Speech:
Support the book by Karen Pressley (formerly Karen Schless Pressley)

An Illustrated History of Scientology in Color

Celebrity Critics of Scientology - Celebrities against

CoS fears Hollywood's Mark Ebner

BBC Radio report on Volunteer Ministers, 2 July 2006

Scientology in the media

Facts about the Scientology's Volunteer Minister Program

Scientology critical sites: Other Language Sites:
(Google has a translator

Schwarzbuch Scientology (Broschiert) von Ursula Caberta (Autor)

Jean-Luc Barbier's

Stadt Hamburg: Die Arbeitsgruppe Scientology-governmental group
Ursula Camberta runs in Hamburg.


Declarations from the scientology official to the IRS by Roger Gonnet, Fmr Pres. Lyon Org/
LyonAssoc. France
Official texts, legal judgements, expertises, governmental reports on scientology and its employees (From France, in french)

French translations of Lisa McPherson Trust Italian Clam Bake

Jean-Luc Barbier Anti-scientologie

Jean-Luc Barbier Anti-scientologie#H INDEX DEUTSCHE PRESSE-ARTIKEL

German Wochen-Review aus der alt.religion.scientology, seit 1995

Scam of Scientology (Netherlands) by Peter Schilte,aka 'Navy'

Here is a site that containspress coverage in many languages:

Message Boards & Groups For Ex Sea Org Members VICTIMS of NARCONON Message Board

Blogs of importance ( send me links. This section under
construction ;) Hartley Patterson Facts About Scientology by Shy David Lawrence Wollersheim FactNet Blog Not afraid to post news critical of CoS Formerly Fooled Are you a Scientologist? thaddeusgadfly (a.r.s. Week in Review ) Scientologytm blog
Top 10 Problems With Scientology

Facts about Scientology as a religion: Web sites of importance: "If you ain't got money.. ...."

Why Christians Object to Scientology:

Is Scientology compatible with Christianity? Let's ask L. Ron Hubbard

Church of Scientology Research resources, News, and News Archive

Bradley Woodward's Christianity and Scientology - A Comparison: Scientology and Christianity Examined The Committee on Religious Shunning Tom Cruise vs. Karen Schless Pressley-Scientology War of the Worlds

Scientology Comparative Religion This web site was created to promote the scholarly study of the beliefs and practices of Dianetics and Scientology

Comparative list of important Landmarks between Scientology and Freemasonry

More Noteworthy sites:

Transcript: Q & A on Scientology w/ Richard Leiby, Washington Post 2005

American Satan, L Ron Hubbard "Narration by the beast himself . The founder of the Cult of Scientology L Ron Hubbard"

STOP-WISE.BIZ >> Help for Scientology WISE victims

Ulf Brettstam 'psychiatric evaluation of El Ron H'
A psychiatric view with comments on the Admissions by Lafayette Ronald Hubbard From: Orkeltatte aka Ulf Brettstam

Subliminal Shock Therapy? Examination of the Scientology E-Meter

Dianetics Reviews from 1950 - or Dianetics may kill ( Corrected )

The E-Meter Papers.

A Critic looks at the Church of Scientology

Declaration of Don Larson ( Fmr Int Finance Exec,now-wog) 1988

Scientology in the UK Media

Martin Poulter Scientology Criticism (UK)

Dan Garvin's Story

Scientology & Dianetics - Tax-exempt Child Abuse and Neglect ?

Making Law, Making Enemies' about Helena Kobrin & Scientology
The American Lawyer March 1996

Knut Vigeland, Norwegian lawyer, responds to Helena Kobrin

The Infography about Opposing Views of Scientology

Edith Ervin's Story on Scientology

Why Kathy Won't Come Home

What Christians Need to Know about Scientology - by Margery
Wakefield (1991)

Scientology's Human Rights Abuses and Victims Stories

The Great Universe Corps Rip Off!! posted on OCMB by mr_bad

Truth is what sets us free. Never give up your right to seek and have truth. Having it makes a world of difference. Believe me. Better yet, find out for yourself by visiting these helpful sites.

Mary McConnell
rev. Dec 09, 2007"

Awesome, eh?


Bardo Tulpa
I think it's everything in the English language on the Internet about Scientology.

It's fantastic!


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Speaking as an internet user since 1989, I have found that the most useful sites have some kind of "librarian" role. These people may or may not be experts in the subject, but they know where to go to find information. If there is a subject matter expert around to point out the best quality info, so much the better.

In discussion areas or newsgroups, unmoderated ones can fall apart under flame wars or off-topic bs. Anonymity (which may be required in order to get some to participate) can encourage rudeness. The best moderated USENET groups such as the "risks" and "telco" ngs were generally kept to a low noise level and were good references. The "alt" hierarchy is a wild-wild-west show where anything goes. Starting at alt.religion.scientology is akin to moving into a new town and meeting a crazy person as your first contact. Some of what they say is possibly true, but you feel a strong urge to talk with someone else to confirm. Sites like Clambake, Factnet, Lermanet and this one provide connections to presumably reliable resources.

I was lucky to work with a Knowledge Management expert in my day job. This web site is what she would call a "birds of a feather" group or a Community of Interest. It is a good example of that model and I compliment Emma as well as the other participants and experts. I may not read everything here but I enjoy the time spent.

Best wishes for the holiday season!

Voltaire's Child

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People post valuable information on critical sites, message boards and ngs.

One has to be able to separate the wheat (info, interesting dialogue, etc) from the chaff (flame wars, spam, etc.).

Hey...that's just like with Scn!!

:p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p



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Mary McConnell has obviously been collecting Internet resources for years. I'm copying and pasting from her post here.

Scientology's Human Rights Abuses and Victims Stories [/FONT]

The Great Universe Corps Rip Off!! posted on OCMB by mr_bad

Truth is what sets us free. Never give up your right to seek and have truth. Having it makes a world of difference. Believe me. Better yet, find out for yourself by visiting these helpful sites.

Mary McConnell
rev. Dec 09, 2007"

Awesome, eh?

Umm, yeah, but whose truth? Frankly, I'll get mine from inspection. While there's a lot of interesting data on a lot of these sites, I don't think a lot of them have "the truth". I see truth as the the exact relationship between two or more points of data as seen from a particular viewpoint. So 'the truth' to me, concerning scientology or the Church, or anything at all, is "my truth" (and subject to change). Even the data are often debatable.