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Basically you are only declared when you become
a liability to the org. Obviously they want to bring you around
to being an asset and some time is dedicated to that .
However the actual unspoken test is "how much
of a potential PR problem could this guy be ?"

To think otherwise would be misguided.

I was routed out whenever my F/L bill got over the 10,000 dollar mark and the Org needed income. I swear!


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My thought exactly. A "sp" is not capable of "case gain". Case gain is measured in "TA". (downward movement of the tone arm). So, according to my calculations, the poor PC sat there with no relief whatsoever. How did he write a success story? What do you wanna' bet this guy had to PAY for this travesty himself?

(I wonder if he got the calls to buy the Basics Series anyways-I hear they're soo desperate they're calling "sp"s!)