"One Was Stubborn" by L. Ron Hubbard


"One Was Stubborn" by L. Ron Hubbard. Performed live at the Alex Theater Glendale, CA September 4, 2010.

Performed by R.F. Daley, John Mariano and Noelle North. Directed by R.F. Daley.


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The 1940 Hubbard short story, “One Was Stubborn” has a cast of characters including an evil cult leader.

The followers learn to as-is the world, and the main character finds himself ultimate in a position of almost God, being able to create reality in front of himself mentally.

This must read Hubbard 1940 short story to me shows the crossover point of LRH the prolific mediocre pulp fiction writer, to LRH founder of Scientology “religion” when in the early 1980s in one of LRH’s final broad briefing issues, LRH ED 339R Int, LRH waxes to staff about bringing the whole universe back to “native state.”

On the religion issue, my reading of all that Hubbard wrote, my alpha for him is “One Was Stubborn”, and omega is LRH ED 339R Int on “native state”, and for those two writings, picking those out, give the widest look at what I thought he thought he was doing here!

And now he’s supposeldy off doing the OT running program around a star.

And his “legacy of tech” is being continued, Shelly Miscavige is even seeing to that, I think she and David Miscavige think that LRH’s CST wishes were that important.

I think Scientology for more academic reasons that have been gone over here, will qualify as a religion.

The core spiritual therapy part of Scientology and exorcism parts make it similar to religions.

The obnoxious irreligious administrative and other general policy of Scientology make it irreligious, it’s too much corporate business-like, etc, etc, modern marketing, corporate shell game finance system, etc.

But the auditing is past life exploration, the OT 3-7 is exorcism, and enough long range Hubbard goals about Native State, or power on the 8th dynamic type of stuff, and even if one admits in full Hubbard’s sci fi pulp past, “One Was Stubborn” pretty simply lays out what a Native State population would be arriving at spiritually.
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