OPEN CALL TO EX COMMUNITY: Louis Theroux working on Scientology documentary


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The Independent: Louis Theroux working on 'non-judgemental' Scientology documentary

The Independent: Louis Theroux working on 'non-judgemental' Scientology documentary

Louis Theroux has confirmed that he is working on a new documentary focusing on the Church of Scientology, putting a request out on Twitter for interviewees.

The broadcaster said the documentary would be a 'non-judgemental inquiry' into the religion, which given Louis' previous work could well mean 'give them enough rope to hang themselves with'.

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This touches on why I think the sensitivity to social cues mentioned upthread might be meaningful. I've spent a lot of (head-bangingly frustrating) time trying to help some very intellectual people with their social skills. Despite their impressive intellects, they could be totally insensitive when it came to reading cues. One thing that was evident was how difficult it would be to convert any of them to a religion, philosophy or any other new way of thinking. It was all logic for many of them, with little empathy or emotion. What's more, there was very little desire on their part to be part of some larger group or goal.

When looking at those* who have joined Scientology at some point, I see a very different type of personality emerge. The same intelligence may be there, but the social and emotional nature of the personality is quite opposite. That may change as indoctrination takes hold, but it seems to pop up again after leaving and decompressing. Being open and trusting may well be part of that sensitivity.

Scientology purports to be scientific, but it plays heavily on the emotions.

*I don't mean to paint all Scientologists with the same brush - obviously this would not apply to everyone. It's just a more prominent characteristic I've noticed.

Excellent post, Tamlin