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Operation RPF; Restoring People's Freedom.

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand Pickets and Protests' started by Feral, Jan 9, 2011.

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    To be sure to be sure :thumbsup:
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    The Loophole in Guarded Rights

    Thus a wide loophole was left in civil and criminal structure. For whatever a sane
    man’s rights may be said to be, it is only necessary to declare him insane and his rights

    He has no right to property?.

    He has no right to trial.

    He has no right to be confronted by his accusers.

    All processes of law are suspended the moment an individual is declared to be insane.
    Indeed, on this whisper, even his friends may desert him.

    He must have an appointed guardian for all his affairs to whom he cannot object. (CONT INT JUSTICE CHIEF)

    He can be spirited away into a public jail without other than a complaint that he is not sane.

    There he is examined by men whose pretense it was to be able to distinguish sanity from insanity and who, themselves, are suspect of being insane in most part.
    An individual so accused can be incarcerated without any other legal process and can be given “treatments” which will leave him a hopeless imbecile for the remainder of his life.(12 YEARS AT LEAST)

    All this waits for the individual the moment he is pronounced “insane.” (SP, RPFer, AGAINST COB)

    He is disenfranchised, his property is forfeited, he passes into hands which have the power of life and death over him.

    Thus we see that even the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights are worthless in the hands and under the manipulation of the unscrupulous.
    In order to have a true bill of rights
    a citizen would have to be given rights to his sanity and to his life.
    These are two rights which cannot now be guaranteed. Until they are guaranteed, the Constitution, to many, is a mockery.

    In one insane asylum, at the behest of a government, a man that government considers dangerous is held as “insane.”

    After Pearl Harbor in 1941 any naval captain who dared cry “Treason!”(OR THE TRUTH) when he saw how high administrative orders brought about a debacle was shipped, quickly
    and without any recourse to friends or courts, to insane asylums-RPF.

    Thus it is possible, even now, in this “enlightened age” for a group of men to
    function much as did the assassins, even without Black Dianetics. By using the public fear of the insane, a fear born from the unknowns of insanity, anyone can be discredited and imprisoned.
    By using Black Dianetics, insanity itself can be brought about with considerable ease.
    In these turbulent times, with an A-bomb hanging over every city, civil law is more and more withdrawn from the citizen, censorship is more and more strict.
    Disaster (POOR MANAGEMENT OF ORGS) breeds secret control and enslavement. In event of a national disaster such as
    that envisioned in an atomic war, it is not necessarily true that civilization may be
    destroyed, regardless of what the president says but it is true that disaster may assume a magnitude sufficient for any small group to seize control of the remaining populace, a control very close to complete slavery.
    In order to resolve insanity, it was necessary to release the natural laws
    discovered in Dianetics. When they were released it became possible to create insanity at will. And even more insidiously, complete control of a human being can be effected without insanity being demonstrated by him.

    The release of these laws and the whole of Black Dianetics is necessary if a long
    range program of prevention is to be effected. So long as Black Dianetics remains the
    property of the very few, a very great many more will suffer eventually than those few who will die because of the publication of this material.

    Thus, the first basic principle of Black Dianetics: So long as a natural
    phenomenon remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be
    utilized to control the many.
    The first law of Dianetics which you should know is as follows: The human organism receives and records all perceptions while under duress
    (RPF, SP DECLARE) and in a reduced state of consciousness.

    Should you wish to know complete derivations of this law and its proofs, you are invited to study the science itself. Here is contained only sufficient material to delineate Black Dianetics in full.
    Issues 3-G, 4-G & 5-G
    [ 1952, ca. late Sept., early Oct. & late Oct. ]
    Danger: Black Dianetics!
    L. Ron Hubbard
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    great post

    Thanks for posting this ! :)
  4. scooter

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    Threads like this are why ESMB exists.
  5. Jachs

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    exiling or suspending that management.

    “A true group must have a management which deals in Affinity, Reality and Communication,

    and any group is totally within its rights,

    when a full and reasonable examination discloses management in fault of: perverting or cutting ARC, of slaughtering,

    exiling or suspending that management
    . ARC is sacred.”
    Essay on Management

    David Mestology and the SS RTC for exile and suspension.
    Slaughtering the souls of good men and women under the pretence of "expansion" of mestology.
  6. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Jeff Hawkins has the story on his blog now. The more this is known about, the better. Read the comments too.


  7. freethinker

    freethinker Sponsor

    You Aussies are doers. Good work. Keep the pessure on and your eyes and ears open.

    Can't get over warm balmy days in December.
  8. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Karen made this reply on Jeff Hawkin's blog, I hope she doesn't mind me pasting it in here. :)

  9. Arthur Dent

    Arthur Dent Silver Meritorious Patron

    Don Larson gave me an extremely rough time and threatened to declare me with a declare order that he had already prepared and gotten approved. I told him if he could sleep at night knowing that was the right thing to do then he should do just just that and I got up and walked out, putting an end to his mind-bending harassment.
    Unfortunately, he didn't declare me and I remained in another 20 some years. Thanks for having a conscience all of a sudden with me, Don. :confused2:

    But I forgive him, too, actually and am glad he's out.
  10. sallydannce

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    Bumpity bump.

    This thread belongs near the "Melbourne idle org opening" thread.

    Let me fix that...
  11. idkperson

    idkperson New Member

    hi everyone, i know i haven't read everything in this thread but what is the RPF? i don't get it and i've seen it several times on this board. Thanks!
  12. Jump

    Jump Operating teatime

    Its actually the Rehabilitation Project Force. Its like of like a prison camp where you do Maoist self criticism until 3 in the morning, then get up at 4am to polish all the bathroom tiles with a toothbrush. before getting a bowl of rice and beans for breakfast, and thats just a small part of your long and weary day. Worst thing is, if you try and leave you might be shipped off to another country and have your passport confiscated...

    hahah only joking, it couldn't be that bad :confused2:
  13. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

    Oh yes, it is indeed that bad, if not worse.. Consider that the 'inmates' actually believe that it's good for their 'spiritual recovery'...

  14. SchwimmelPuckel

    SchwimmelPuckel Genuine Meatball

  15. TG1

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    bump ...looking forward to the next exciting installment.
  16. Kookaburra

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    RPF is a prison camp for Sea Org members who screw up, or get on the wrong side of the wrong person, or know too much, or want to leave. They are supposed to get 5 hours a day of security checking and about 10 hours of physical labour. This is 24/7/365. It can go on for up to 10 years. They have no contact with the outside world or with family or their spouse during this time. Their mail is read. Their passport is confiscated. They are under guard.
  17. AnonLover

    AnonLover Patron Meritorious

    It's mandated human rights abuse and absolutely despicable.
  18. Free Being Me

    Free Being Me Crusader

    This should be good for starters, there are personal accounts of abuses from ex-so members here at ESMB also. This is just ONE of the nasty secrets of $cientology that the new public $cio doesn't know about. $cientology isn't the nice, goody goody, candy canes and rainbow organization it advertises itself to be.
  19. AnonKat

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  20. idkperson

    idkperson New Member

    wow that is intense. it is soo sad, the govt should stop this or someone, something should. Idk what to say but that is soo beyong insane.