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Crossposting relevant excerpts from WWP (with a few typos fixed):

Anonymous on wwp said:
Gentlemen, lazers were charged, politico harpoons fired and a paper raid has been officially launched to take one small step towards unraveling the ball of yarn that is the Church of Scientology's Tax Exempt Status & Special Tax Breaks in the USA.

At the end of last week, Project Chanology Anons with the aid of xenubarb as the honorary namefag, have filed an FOIA Request on the I.R.S. to release the finalized Closing Agreements of the 1993 settlement in the Church of Scientology vs. I.R.S. affair. The public domain versions of the dox in said paper raid are indexed under the FOIA section here:


Although we have the unofficial draft copy of the final agreement leaked to the Wall Street Journal long ago, prior FOIA requests and subpeonas for the FINALIZED agreement and all other related IRS investigation files on scilons has always been b&.

However, we have requested the finalized closing agreement ONLY, plus leveraged a recent series of footbullets by Senator Grassley when he dropped the ball on his 3yr investigation into media-based ministries, with an added twist of exploiting the upcoming Sunshine Week national platform for promoting FOIA, sunshine laws and our right to know.


The gameplan goes liek this:

1. File IRS FOIA request calling for the release of closing settlement agreement by the end of Sunshine Week. CC key players [DONE!]

2. Apply pressure as we wait for IRS rejection **
3. Get Rejection, Richochet it right bak into Senator's Grassley's lap with open letter presser
4. ...
5. Profit.

**Your HALP needed on step 2 to promote sunshine & lollipops faggotry, "TAX THE CULT" and "GIVE UP THE DOX" adlib themes in your upcoming protests & harpooning efforts. Moar on this in next post.

Note: we fully expect the FOIA Request filed on the IRS to be Rejected. That's part of the plan, although its a mighty fine request - the point is for it to FAIL so that we have a spark to ignite a fire. The time is right, the coals are hot AND with this FOIA request we have a poker in the firepit to stir up some flames under the cult's special tax priviledges that violates the establishment clause. See http://www.taxthecult.com for all the important facts you need to know on this matter.

Once our FOIA Request is denied, we will gain a hardfast 21st century clarification of the exact reason why the I.R.S. will not give up the dox on the closing settlement agreement only - all while keeping the sekrit investion files sekrit. This will atleast give us a firm starting point for pursuing further actions on the IRS tax front AND help to greatly ease the current which comes first, the chicken or the egg situation we have surrounding where the ball of yarn that needs unraveled begin.

And who knows, if the stars align with rainbows in a land where the unicorns lay down with lions -- we might just actually get DOX on this initial attempt at sticking our big toe into the murky waters of politicized FOIA favoritism. In which case we have a firm starting line drawn in the stand instead of just a meager starting point.

But for the sake of keepin it real = Chances our this initial filing is just for lulz of shining the light of day on the fact that everybody prefers to ignore the issues surrounding the cult of Scientology. Besides, if u see lions - suggest you get in the car, nevermind the unicorn.

So we say to our chanology brothers - SUNSHINE WEEK FTW!!1! **Let the IRL Raids & Pooning begin!!

Also - Lookout IRS & Senator Grassley... HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!! Plox Let the Sunshine In or else moar FOIA related faggotry will ensue on a larger scale.

Sunshine and lollipops for ALL! Which of you glorious bastards are bringing the caek?



Anonymous on wwp said:
Related Suggestions & Inspirational Thoughts for Sunshine Week Raids:

Promote TaxTheCult.com as much you can

Hubbard's birthday coincidentally falls on the first day of Sunshine Week - Sunday March 13th. We have challenged the IRS to release the dox by the end of Sunshine Week. So plox considering adopting the adlib theme of sunshine & lollipops = tax the cult into your existing LRH birthday festivities on the weekend before Sunshine Week.

Consideri having a rally outside of your local IRS offices, OR outside of your American Embassy from other lands abroad, at the end of the Sunshine Week - Saturday March 19th. Use sunshine and lollipops to target the general public with raising awareness of Scientology's special tax breaks.

You can even haz pretty flyer/poster/sign template, compliments of xenubarb - just add text that suits your needs:


CHALLENGE: +10 internets to the first faggot to show up in a vid wearing a Jimmy Dean's breakfast shining sun or similar costume and licking a gigantic lollipop. (RIF & Glibby: we're looking at you babe)


Yes themes are gay. And so is the IRS so its all good. And this is a call for an adlib wing-it theme for general lulzy faggotry of epic proportions while spreading the word of "tax the cult". Do with it what you will - Sunshine & Lollipops For ALL! FTW!!1!


Lots of other sunshine week stuff ripe for reuse & shooping is readily here, check out all the options under "Toolkits"


Anonymous on wwp said:
Got No Cult To Protest? Well here's the perfect opportunity to demonstrate for the cause in other ways.

Go Protest the IRS (or US Embassy) and let them know we think their gay - like sunshine & lollipops - and that its time to give up the dox!

In the US, Find your local IRS office here:



Anonymous on wwp said:
It greatly helped having a NATIONAL CAMPAIGN specifically for FOIA RIGHTS so perfectly timed and ripe for pwning.

Sunshine Week, Starting on Hubbard's 100th birthday, FTW!!1!

sunshineweek.org said:
What is Sunshine Week?

Sunshine Week is a national initiative to promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information. Participants include news media, civic groups, libraries, nonprofits, schools and others interested in the public's right to know.

Sunshine Week as a national effort is spearheaded by the American Society of News Editors. The key funder has been the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, with significant support from ASNE Foundation. In 2011, The Gridiron Club and Foundation contributed $10,000.

Though created by journalists, Sunshine Week is about the public's right to know what its government is doing, and why.

Sunshine Week seeks to enlighten and empower people to play an active role in their government at all levels, and to give them access to information that makes their lives better and their communities stronger.

Sunshine Week is a nonpartisan, non-profit initiative.

How did Sunshine Week begin?

Like many families, Sunshine Week's grandfather lives in Florida.

The Florida Society of Newspaper Editors launched Sunshine Sunday in 2002 in response to efforts by some Florida legislators to create scores of new exemptions to the state's public records law. FSNE estimates that some 300 exemptions to open government laws were defeated in the legislative sessions that followed its three Sunshine Sundays, because of the increased public and legislative awareness that resulted from the Sunshine Sunday reports and commentary.

Several states followed Florida's lead, and in June 2003, ASNE hosted a Freedom of Information Summit in Washington where the seeds for Sunshine Week were planted. (For more about the origins of Sunshine Week, read online the article "Sunshine Sunday: Making the Case for Open Access" in the January-February 2005 issue of The American Editor.)

With an inaugural grant from Knight Foundation, ASNE launched Sunshine Week in March 2005. It continues to be celebrated each year in mid-March, coinciding with National FOI Day and James Madison's birthday on March 16.

continued: http://sunshineweek.org/About.aspx

The potential protestiing opportunities related to this initiative are still in the early planning stage, hopefully more news to come on when/where sunshine & lollipops will reign supreme during Sunshine Week 2011 in the days ahead, once individual cells & local groups figure out what they want to do.


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Thks Foti!

Here's abit more details from the wwp thread on why getting a rejection from the IRS on the FOIA request is still a WIN!
Anonymous on wwp said:
But therein lies the beauty of Operation Sunshine Week - even if we get no DOX, its still WIN because:

I. The reason WHY we get no dox becomes a firm target. Firm targets stay still and allow for future heat seeking scud missile harpoons to be launched endlessly.

II. The IRS has to openly admits it is gay and its full of FAIL, and essentially rolls out the red carpet for lulz lasting a longtime at their expense.

III. Firm Target + Open Admission of Fail = a lulzapalooza platform to hound both congress AND President Obama until they too admit their gay and full of FAIL when it comes to Scientology. Then we can use that platform to entice John Q. Public that thinks scientology is batshit insane to join in the ridicule of said FAIL on neutral ground of Sunshine Week (so they dont actually have to be one of us to protest cuz its wide open for anybody to do their own thing and still be on the same general bandwagon)

IV. Sunshine Week happens once a year, every year - and perpetually gives us a national campaign we can pwn. Although we'll just wing it this year with adlib sub-themes, just imagine what we can do for 2012 Sunshine Week with an entire year to prepare.

V. And beyond 2012 - Chanology can haz their very own annual spring fling week-long celebration event of epic faggotry. Sorta like Mardi Gras except the carnival happens outside the IRS.

VI. We can eventually make Sunshine Week synonymous with national loathing of the IRS & International loathing of the US if we need too... and turn the national campaign into a shrine for showcasing the US government's hypocrisy of not admitting that Scientology is essentially the national religion due to their special tax breaks.

VII. Grassley gets mocked for now - for starters, since he already got his pants down waiting to be spanked with his nose firmly pressed to the crotch of the religous right. But lots more congress critters can be targeted for mocking later. Every politician who opens their mouth about open government, more transparency or FOIA rights can forevermore be made to run the gauntlet of "O RLY??? What About Scientology?" ridicule which provides ample reason & letter writing fodder for repeat pooning throughout the year.

IOW - all we need is the IRS' 21st century reason for rejection, and its GAME ON at a whole new exciting level of play. Chanology can then graduate by osmosis from being crayon toting tards into being fully enabled punk ass kids on the street corner heckling the IRS, congress, and the President on behalf of the american public who already fully hates scilons thanks to us. We can then become the true embodiment of the Sunshine Week motto - Be A Hero, Get the Dox, Its YOUR Right To Know.
Anonymous on wwp said:
Also, sunshine is the one thing that can defeat snow. Anonymous wins twice!
Anonymous on wwp said:
Besides, when the IRS does refuse, we fork Grassley.


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crossposting latest smack
AnonLover on wwp said:
bump for fliers & leaflets!

Operation Sunshine Week Poster
(Add your own text to customize to your needs)

Graphic - Image Album

Simple Tax the Cult Leaflet from yesteryear
(Single sided b&w 2x2)

scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/49354533/Revoke-Scientology-Tax-Exemption-Flyer
fileshare: http://www.mediafire.com/?6czt11aa0k2yk9k

Anony Sunshine Week Flyer
(2 full-size color pages, can be used separately or combined for a dbl-sided tri-fold)

Front graphic - Anony Sunshine Week - Fileshare - Image Album
Back graphic - Top 10 Reasons to Tax Cult - Fileshare - Image Album
Back PDF - Top 10 Reasons document w/ links - Scribd - Fileshare
2pg PDF - Both pages in graphic form - Scribd - Fileshare

Generic FOIA Infographics [native sunshineweek.org stuff]
(2 full-size color pages, can be used separately or combined for dbl-sided deal)

Front - Using the FOIA - Image sauce- Album mirror
Back - Government Secrecy - Image sauce - Album mirror

Full set of artwork goodies here: https://picasaweb.google.com/AnonLover2008/OPERATIONSUNSHINEWEEKFTW1?feat=directlink

See also - Sunshine Week announcement now posted on www.TaxTheCult.com

And related discussion thread started here on ESMB for gathering input on how the special deal with IRS may have been used against former members to exert undue influence: IRS Deal Used As An Intimidation tactic?
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crossposting latest smack

See also - Sunshine Week announcement now posted on www.TaxTheCult.com

And related discussion thread started here on ESMB for gathering input on how the special deal with IRS may have been used against former members to exert undue influence: IRS Deal Used As An Intimidation tactic?

Great work! I just saw your latest post about this over at Tippingpoint, along with the quote:
Greetings All! Glad you liked these links...

Top 10 Reasons Why We Should Tax Scientology


Kudos to you all for your hard work.


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Cross-posting latest update:

Anonymous on wwp said:

Sunshine week has begun. To see the hot topics brewing this year checkout the headlines on the official blog below & surf google news for "sunshine week"


The due date for the paper raid challenge on the IRS to release dox by the end of this week is coming due, and TODAY should be the mandated 20day response due date (which means xenubarb may or may not get a written response sent via snail mail before the week is even over).

If the IRS denies our request - propose US cells start to consider doing additional local IRS raids like DCfags did, and hit 'em hard on Tax Day - April 15th while harpoons take aim at Senator Grassley and the administrative appeal (no lawfag required) step gets filed.

In the US, Find your local IRS office here:



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<3 AL and all anons involved in this - this will make the Demented Midget soil Hisself I reckon.:roflmao:

It's a fantastic idea and it puts the cult and its supporters where they belongs - in the spotlight of public indignation. :happydance:


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Cross-posting latest news from wwp project thread:

by AnonLover on wwp said:
a status update on the operation sunshine week ftw!!1! paper raid is now in order.

Anons filed the initial request on Feb 17, 2011

And altho the IRS didnt rise to challenge to respond w/ dox for the sake of sunshine week. We did get an initial reply dated March 21 (3days after sunshine week ended with added lag for snail mail delivery). There wasnt much other than boilerplate to see here, aside from the fact it made past the GA clearinghouse offices it was sent too and got transferred to what may be the federal branch in MD. So we kept mum to see how the final reply would play out.


The final replay came in this week, dated March 30. And we got the expected answer, REQUEST DENIED - but with a twist...


What twist? The NO U reason stated is not quite what we expected & had been somewhat prepared for - "Materials originated with the IRS".

Instead they enacted ye olde "Personal return information is not disclosed" excuse (that has also been given before) but conveniently dropped the "personal" bit and expanded the scope to claim closing agreements are equivalent to exempt return info.

So phase 2 paper raid followup begins now. We have 35 days to file a fairly simple administrative appeal in the form of another letter. Except we need to redo some homework and find an angle we that can troll further to debunk/dispute their assertion the closing agreement dox = third party return info.

Paging all available researchfags, taxfags & lawfags to the round table ITT, we need yer swords. The relevant bits to unravel & reravel into some kind of leg to stand on for forcing the issue to next level are these bits:
...exempt in their entirety from disclosure under FOIA exemption (b)(3) in conjunction with Internal Revenue Code sections 6103(a) and (b)(2)(D).

...Closing agreements are return information under Internal Revenue Code section 6103(b)(2)(D)
Relevant tax code in question for further scrutiny is here:

Regarding the FOIA exemption (b)(3) is here (and quoted at end of final reply):

Other historical FOIA cases against the IRS re Scientology is indexed here:

Suggestions wanted on possible ^^admin appeal strategy... even if its just to be a dick and blow some halfway decent sounding hot air so as to let someone higher up the food chain know the dox are wanted and that we think the IRS is gay for not giving them up.

We also ask that further harpooning efforts (phone calls, letter writings, etc) be kept on standby for time being. The time to commence the serious rukus raising and congress critter trolling is AFTER the admin appeal is denied, and we still need time to work out next steps strategy and get it filed before the deadline.

(Note: Invitation for helping find a good spiel to appeal this under extends to all the researchfags on this forum as well :D )