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Opponents fight to protest outside Church of Scientology



A Chicago judge will decide this month whether a city code prevents protesters who oppose Scientology's teachings from expressing their discontent any time the church's doors are open or only during its conventional Sunday worship service.

Alex Hageli, a north suburban lobbyist and one of many opponents who insist the Church of Scientology isn't upfront about its teachings, was cited in October with violating a city code banning pickets from houses of worship.

The code, drafted years ago, precludes anyone who "pickets or demonstrates on a public way within 150 feet of any church, temple, synagogue or other place of worship while services are being conducted and one-half hour before services are to be conducted and one-half hour after services have been concluded." Peaceful labor protests are exempt.

Last year, when protesters showed up outside Church of Scientology of Illinois headquarters at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., church leaders posted a sign in the window announcing services from 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

"Can Scientology claim to have services all day long to keep protesters 150 feet away from their door front?" said Hageli, a lawyer by training who attends Harvest Bible Chapel in Arlington Heights. "I'm 100 percent confident that they can't do that."

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Bardo Tulpa
I would have to say that the Chicago org's OSA has probably been one of the most effective in the world for decades. They were able to use this law to shut down anonymous almost completely - at least to keep their message from reaching Scientologists who were at the org on protest days.

Ask Synthia, though.

Anons' message still got through.

They will lose this case, but they at least put up a good fight.

Too bad, Randy.

Better luck next time.


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Doomsday Cult

only in stories about Doomsday Cults do you read the words "fortress" and "religion" in the same sentence..... :nervous:


the local Church of Scientology is expected to move into a restored seven-story brick building in downtown Chicago's historic Printer's Row soon.

Cusano anticipates the fortress-like facility will shield Scientologists from protesters but said she hopes they back off instead.