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Org Alert - from "special correspondant ex staff member"

Discussion in 'Other Locations' started by Idle Morgue, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    [h=1]A Long Term Class V Staff Perspective[/h] April 24, 2013 By Mike Rinder Leave a Comment
    This personal story from another of the growing list of Special Correspondents is so applicable to so many that I though it important to post it. It aligns with the recent post I did entitled Divide and Rule. Mike Rinder
    As an ex-Class V org staff member, here's something I've found interesting.
    Throughout my staff tenure of 12 1/2 years, I never visited any other Class V org than my own. Who could afford it? I was on staff. And never had time off anyway.
    The point is, the only idea I had of what it was like at other orgs is what I saw played at events. When you see videos of filled up Academies and people lined up for Stress Tests at multiple places around the country and world, it's easy to introvert on how much you and your org suck. It's easy to think that every other org is 'doing it right' but somehow your org is not cutting it.
    General staff, at least in my org, had no access to actual OIC's of other orgs, only Bday game standings, which allegedly show only rate of growth.
    I know that I chewed on this with many of my fellow staff at the time and we were constantly looking for the 'right why' that made our org so much more pathetic than all the ones featured in event videos.
    We'd scour policies and bulletins and buckle down that much harder, but never saw any results to rival those flaunted before us.
    After I finally left staff and went to a few Class V orgs in other locations (ones that had been showcased at events no less), I was shocked! Their courserooms were empty, the number of people on auditor training was pathetic, BIS and Div 6 starts were abysmal. Finally I could see that my org had been doing pretty well comparatively, and in some cases much better than the alleged "Ideal Orgs."
    This led me to start looking online where I began to learn how DM and senior execs lie about all sorts of things, from how many Scn'ists there are, to LRH books being in every library, to how many orgs/missions/groups exist, etc, etc.
    Is it any wonder then, that orgs like Hamburg decide to falsify that they are St Hill Size? (I've heard rumors of other such falsifications, although I'm not privy to any firsthand.)
    How can any Class V Org live up to what they are shown on video?
    When you're being told at every staff meeting and muster how you're expected to achieve results like those you see at events, not knowing that what you're seeing is false, it's disheartening and creates apathy and self-inval. At least that's what I witnessed at my org.
    Special Correspondent At Large
  2. R2-45

    R2-45 Silver Meritorious Patron


    Maybe if staff had some "reality" on the situation, they would evolve the gray-matter interconnections required to make a wise decision. Maybe a new breed of protest sign,

    It's not just this org
    ALL orgs stats are down!

    Visit another org
    They're doing even worse!

    Of course, staff are not permitted to even look at 'entheta,' and events are fluff pieces of scrimshaw legerdemain.