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Org Hannover Germany

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Nicole, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Nicole

    Nicole Silver Meritorious Patron

    Just saw the Anonymous Vid of the Org in Hannover, Germany (1:44) .... Scientology Hannover needs an Ideal Org and not an Org in an apartment.:grouch:

    Every ESMB member has to spend money for this Org! NOW! :yes: They need something better, something like the empty ideal org in Berlin eg. :biggrin:

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  2. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    German anons doin it right!! I love the spirit and energy and perseverance of these people! Hugs to you all!!
  3. Techless

    Techless Patron Meritorious

    Cracks me up - and I'm still fighting to not become my parents and wondering: what are these young folks doing?

    Yet: Scn seems to have gotten some stronghold on the concept of strange, so I guess stranger ain't much to be reckoned with here. Best to the efforts and I do hope it kills the whole thing.

    My only sad feeling these days is that it is only one small, little freak-ass human oddity in a much larger human "total F-up" sort of way. My problem to sort through -

    I was there, drank a lot of wine but never the Kool-aid - and I wish it mattered and could do something - I just can't conceive of how to make these F-ers dig into their early graves...(the leadership putz-brains, how few they are now)

    Is this ever going to be something relevant? these daze -

    I really do hope so
  4. Nicole

    Nicole Silver Meritorious Patron

    Party in front of a Scientology Org, because it is an evil cult and Scientology disturbed their free internet, maybe. :coolwink: Some Anons are really great in "trolling" Scientology and they are doing a good job in destroying the Cult with this "doing for the lulz" thing. :biggrin:

    But I am not here to defence Anonymous... :whistling: I am here to destroy a Cult. :wink2:
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  5. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I am hoping I am understanding the meaning of your comment. Here is my response.

    There is ALWAYS something that can be done to help.

    Many here think it takes huge effort to help but that is not true. The hard work is on the backs of a few in comparison to the many who are out or quietly lurking to -preserve their ties to family and loved ones. But they are reading. Stories from others like yourself who have been there and spoken up as they can. Every story helps. Every news article helps. Every comment in response to a news story helps.

    Behind the scenes there are many helping these more dedicated people zero in on their specific target. Int base, the RPF, CCHR, Narconon, the church setting up Purif programs for 'wogs', the church sending out stupid emails and flyers.... Every time someone sends me a tip about a Narconon or unbranded facility, I am that much more able to help expose what they are doing. Things are being done in the back scene that are not talked about but they are being done. Lawsuits are being filed, prepared for filing. Agency complaints, letters to schools about the real group behind the front group invading their district...

    With Narconon, between the lawsuits, the media attention and the internet, it's killing these places to have such bad PR. We get tips about this, too. Org staff are burning out.. this Miscavige lawsuit is ripping apart the whole facade of the Super Power opening, leaving the church in a state of uncertainty. Narconons are being investigated for insurance and credit card fraud in multiple states. I believe that the FBI is now involved in looking into it being a RICO activity.

    People are suing Narconons out of existence with real complaints. To the point where now RTC and ABLE are being sued as the responsible management bodies of these facilities that commit internet and telephone fraud and neglect patients on a daily basis.

    We are hurting the image and pockets of Scientology and it's front groups but there is so much more to do. 5 years ago all this effort and result was just a dream. Now it's a reality. It only happens because of the help of ex members. Much or little, every bit helps.

    Find one area you are familiar with. Volunteer Ministers? Dianetics Seminars? Class V Staff lifestyle? CCHR? Books being sold that no one wants - even libraries? Use your experience to contribute to this motion of crashing this cult and you will find yourself empowered. Ask by PM ( even me)


    Those protests drive the staff and management nuts. Especially when the 'Ideal Org' is empty or in disrepair or both! The neighborhoods love them. Someone is talking about the big elephant in the neighborhood. They make people think... it takes courage to go out and protest! It's not for everyone. But sending The Truth About Scientology site owner, Kristi Wachter, any materials you have, especially old mags with completion lists, no matter how old, is another way to help. These lists have helped us understand the bigger picture on how bad the church stats are. More is needed.

    The list of things one can do is endless. All one has to do is consider ' what am I interested in or good at or able to contribute?' Then 'who can I contact for some guidance in what s needed there'.

    We are not organized by any means but we share a desire to help as we can, in trying to sabotage CoS efforts. Most believe that to be organized is to forfeit our independence gained upon leaving a cult that is driven by organization. But that does not mean that nothing is getting done. Look at Karen #1 and her videos. She found her niche. She has the resources and time and made the connections and began this wonderful project to do videos to exposed the church. It started with an idea. Same for the protesters in Germany, most of whom have never been in Scientology. But they see an injustice, want to do something about it, make a decision to help and do what they can in a way that fits their desire and schedules. Many exes start blogs.. so many I can't keep track of them! Each and every one of them is helpful. People read these, a few or many. Who cares? As long as the word is getting out.
    The internet is the Liberty Tree.

    Even if you just made online comments to news articles written about Scientology and it's front groups, educating the public or acknowledging the media efforts, it would be a BIG help.

    I hope you will consider this in light of the big picture.

  6. Techless

    Techless Patron Meritorious

    Yes, you are correct! I apologize if I wasn't very clear.
    I was sorta feeling old and 'out of the loop' last eve - so the thing had struck me as just sorta weird.

    But yep, I'm definitely behind anything that can help to put an end to and fully agree that anything may help this to happen.

    Sometimes I don't give myself much credit for being able to do much - and especially in light of those who've been through so much more mind-F.

    I just get impatient too and have a hard time reading through all the (recent) legal things that make no sense to me - (and having been through an extremely impossible/tough court time myself).

    I hope this helps to make some sense of?!?

  7. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Dear TL,

    I am so sorry for not getting back to you on your reply! Soimewhere along the way I lost sight of the thread ( I never subscribe to those I hoep on because I get too much mail as it is and can't keep up with all the replies, but yours was important to me. I just let time slip by and finally found it today after much diligence in looking.

    Now that I read your reply, which I I can see really came fr your heart, and from your original comment, below, I see I did not fully understand in full your original comment. My apologies for that.

    I know exactly how you feel. I am not young by any sense of the word, and it is hard for me to keep up with all that is going on and like you I get impatient and yearn for this insanity called Scientology to be over with. I can see that Nicole explained the video and what they were doing, lol. Those critics and anons in Germany are so creative. They get the attention of the public to our cause and they do it with style every time. The video is just a fun summary of the day of the protest. So much more goes on with these protests, all that is good and effective. Their presence in Hanover ( Hannover?) and at all the German protests, is so important and I just love them for their efforts. It may seem like silliness but they reach out to the public and educate them. They make the orgs cringe prevent more people from going in. What more can we ask for of people who care enought to make a day of making their voices heard?

    Like I said, we do what we can from where we are. It's impossible to keep up with all that is going on to help expose and shut down this cult so don't feel bad for feeling out of the loop! I can't even keep up and I am on all the social networks and forums every day skimming through just to appears to be keeping up, lol

    I understand the thing about fighting to not become one's parents, especially as we get older. Their habits, their routines as they got older, well, they probably had valid reasons for them as they got older. I can understand now why my father gradually lost interest in things he's been passionately interested in as a younger man. Toward his later years, he didn't give a hoot about them! He got tired ... I see that tiredness in myself sometimes. But, it's all good though. we deserve the down time... We have to pick and choose our battles in life and as we get older we find it better to just settle on fewer things and try to make the most of them. I know for myself it's hard to take on as much as before. But we can keep the hope alive and cheer on those that have the energy of youth to do what we are too tired or taxed to do ourselves.

    Don't let this cult get you down. We are winning. If I desired to just keep up with only one thing on this subject of wanting to see the cult taken down, I would just read Tony Ortega's blog,
    The current events are reported there, the ongoing court case victories are reported there. Current news about Narconon, CCHR, and David Miscavige are reported there...And you can always sign up for a subscription there or by emailing tony and asking to be pout on his mailing list.
    Tony Ortega

    Have a wonderful and peaceful holiday, TL