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Org Watch NSW - The last 50 years...

Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by Zhent, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    OK, Zhent, I'll bite!

    I remember Marcus Tooley it was at his little operation in Circular Quay that I first contacted Scn in 1957 . . . what would you like to know? :D

    There was also another husband and wife team doing their thing in Nth, Sydney at the time . . . forget their name . . . might be family name of Scott?

  2. Zhent

    Zhent Leakus Maximus

    Hmm, well firstly is my location on the map for the center in Circular Quay correct? I have a feeling the roads have since been rearranged, but not sure.

    What else might I be missing from my map? Anything of interest?

    Wouldn't also mind hearing a general story or two from back then about the operation at circular quay, but that might be for another time and thread.
  3. silentwatcher

    silentwatcher New Member

    Cof S stats ANZO from scientology-cult website

    THE AUDITOR is a monthly journal produced by the senior Scientology technical organization in ANZO – the Saint Hill Organisation. The most recent Issue #344 came out a couple of weeks ago.The inside back page is dedicated to and lists all the Releases and Graduates. I must say that to the unknowing eye the page looks quite impressive, lots and lots of releases and graduates which gives the impression that AOSH ANZO is booming but a closer look shows a completely different story.

    The Saint Hill (SH) part of AOSH ANZO is supposed to make Class VI auditors in abundance. The tech dictionary definition: “HSS, Hubbard Senior Scientologist. A Class VI auditor. An HSS is a graduate of the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. This course consists of the full practical application of Scn grades, repair, setups, assists and special cases up to Class VI.”

    THE AUDITOR journal has not been issued for a couple of months so these completions represent what has been made in the past two months or more:

    SHSBC level comps: 0

    SHSBC Graduates: 0

    SHSBC certainty course level A: 1

    In other words, virtually no Saint Hill Special Briefing Course graduates of any kind.

    The Advanced Org (AO) part of AOSH ANZO has as its LRH purpose “A widespread making of OTs in the public sector.”

    Per issue #344 of THE AUDITOR journal in the last two months or more AOSH ANZO made:

    New OT I: 1 (one in 9 weeks or so)

    New OT II: 2 (one per month)

    New OT III: 3 (one every three weeks)

    New OT IV: 4 (one every two to three weeks)

    New OT V: 9 (which is one or less per week)

    No data is given whether these completions are new or a redo of these levels.

    The front page of THE AUDITOR main headline reads: 5 Clears attested in one week. Apparently AOSH ANZO recently had the highest number of Clears attest in a single week. But there has been so much hanky-panky and interference with PCs on the subject of Clear, with so many Clear statuses being cancelled in recent years it is hard to say whether these were 5 honest new clears made or merely represent 5 PCs who finally managed to run the gauntlet of out tech and re-attest to the state. I can’t help thinking it’s the latter but I’m happy for the PCs anyway.

    But in the releases and graduates page of THE AUDITOR journal it announces that 8 Clears were made in total at AOSH ANZO, in this time period, so despite the “5 in one week”, overall it is still represents less than one a week regardless of whether its new clears or those that managed to regain their status.

    In any event, Class V Orgs are supposed to be the Orgs that make Clears. I know Perth Org has only made one Clear in years. Brisbane made its last Clear in 2000/2001. I currently have no information on other ANZO Class V Orgs, if someone has this information please send it to me.

    Now for the number of auditors made and lower grade pc completions. These stats should by rights be from Class V Orgs but I have little information with regard to that. I do know that the last auditor made in Brisbane was a pre-gat Class VI who happened to do the 0-4 auditor certainty course and internship. This was in the year 2004. No auditor has been made in Brisbane since. About four weeks ago a Brisbane staff member that had been sent to Flag four to five years ago (in 2006) finally arrived back as a FLAG trained Class IV auditor and the rumour is that a Class VI C/S is due back within the next month or so. But there is nobody else training locally or at FLAG. So Brisbane will have 1 auditor and 1 C/S on staff at best. It was doing much better ten years ago but more on that in my next report from down under.

    Ok, back to lower level completions and graduates made at AOSH ANZO in the last two months, if not longer:

    Class 0 auditors made: 1 Grade 0 releases: 3

    Class I auditors made: 0 Grade 1 releases: 0

    Class II auditors made: 1 Grade II releases: 0

    Class III auditors made: 0 Grade III releases: 1

    Class IV auditors made: 2 Grade IV releases: 2

    There was also 1 Class IV C/S internship completion. This person is a Class V Org staff member from Adelaide Org who was in the TTC with me back in 1999.

    The highest stat of completions in THE AUDITOR was actually the FPRD stat. This stat reports that 10 people completed FPRD actions. There was also 1 Purif completion (SO member) and 3 Objectives completions (one of those is definitely a public because I know him.)

    The rest of the page consists of Basics completions which are supposed to be a Div 6 action anyway but quite disturbingly in the Basics completions they also include extension course completions. The Basics completions far out number the actual products that AOSH ANZO should be producing.

    Now for the page titled Vital Statistics. Make sure you hold onto your seats for this one:

    Vital Statistics

    Marriages…births…christenings…engagements…anniversaries…reunions…Send it in and make it a fact!

    This stat reports 1 birth (and a very cute photo I must say) and an advertisement for the SHSBC with a note in bold saying Go to the phone now and call (02) 9692 7300 to make your reservations-the course rooms are filling up fast. Hmmm … not according to your SHSBC completions, I’m afraid.

    The Golden Age of Knowledge materials are featured as a 2 page spread advertising each and every GAK book and lecture and their individual costs including the new ACC package of 30 lectures. Full price for ACC is $12,270aus and if you pay cash you get a 50% discount bringing it back to $6,135aus. If you decide to buy the “Legacy Collection” (basics, congresses and ACC lectures you pay $21,210aus- cash buyers again get 50% discount on that figure.

    We’re collecting more info, so stay tuned for the next report from down under.
  4. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    Great post - thanks very much. Looks like they're really in trouble, with hardly any income. I'm actually quite surprised that they're posting such poor stats, but I guess they have no choice as it's a regular feature of the mag, and lies would be obvious.
  5. Carmel

    Carmel Crusader

    Great to have this info - Thanks silentwatcher, and welcome to ESMB! :thumbsup:
  6. cantsay

    cantsay Patron Meritorious

    Perth didnt make any clears from 1998-2002 (and hadnt made any for a long time before that). There was one pc who was "close" in that time.
    Perth Day had one auditor on the Class IV internship and had been on it for at least 6 months (dont know how she went with that) and they had one person over at FLAG training to be a Class VI CS. They had no CS or other auditors.
    Foundation had one Class V CS, a Class IV auditor on internship (til I blew), and thats it.
    Although there were a couple of people in the TTC for each org, with the GAT courses it would takes YEARS to get anyone up to Class IV and through the internship. It didnt help that they kept blowing/being sent to Flag then blowing/being bugged on TRs or metering.

    I remember one lady who was to go to Flag for auditor training, got to her first stopover and found out that the org hadnt had enough money to get the next leg of her flight and didnt tell her, and expected her to sit at the airport until the org, at some point unknown, would get enough money together. She went from dedicated, gung-ho TTC member to pissed-off, angry, non-Scio in a matter of 12 hours. She had to pay for her own flight home I believe.
  7. Shredder

    Shredder Patron with Honors

    In 2003 Inner West Mission was expanding with new young Mission staff and renos were occurring.
    This was in the Mission Holder's family owned commercial building - next to his own business upstairs.

    This Mission Holder is one of the more old school scios who has been stripped bare by reg cycles by the orgs, repeatedly, for all the most urgent SO cycles that he's helped fund, and made to feel worse because he's not moving on the Bridge fast enough.

    I am not surprised to hear how there may not be a Mission let alone a building there - anymore.

    The SO prolly regged him to somehow sell the bldg too, to pay for the next most urgent release, for each of his family, friends, selectees etc 'to guarantee their eternity'. The SO has been riding him for years and years for $$ and more $$ - for anything and everything - as far back as I can remember.

    The Leichhardt Mission moved from Norton St to 79 Renwick St, Leichhardt and as far as I know from the grapevine, was still operating with volunteers coming in to do talks, briefings, and events on a regular basis.

    This is not the Mission Holder's residence nor was it 'rented premises' last I knew, although I figure it may be seen as a good tax dodge.

    Since July 09 there was one APS Tutor left in Brisbane with 1-2 students per week during the good weeks.
  8. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Thanks for posting all this information.