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Orgs In Mexico, need info.

Discussion in 'Other Locations' started by Twin A, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Twin A

    Twin A Patron with Honors

    I need information about the orgs in Mexico. Anyone have a list? Any recent news about them/how they are doing etc. Thanks.

    Including any Mgmt organizations too.

    Apparently things are cheaper in Mexico, so they are getting lots of American Pcs? Am I right?
  2. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Hey Twin A, How ya doin? Heard ya done awesome at the Protest!!!

    I haven't heard anything about the Mexican Orgs, but I imagine it's cheaper there for Americans to get their services....
  3. Iknowtoomuch

    Iknowtoomuch Gold Meritorious Patron

    I personally know one Scientologist that was going down there. That's all I know other than it was considerably cheaper.

    Well done on your speach about Ord. 84! Hopefully the sherrifs office upholds the law.
  4. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire is a start. Bea might have something more specific. Or Pascal.

  5. Pascal

    Pascal Silver Meritorious Patron

    Mexico City has like 5 class V Orgs. The country has a few other ones.

    Services are dirt cheap in LATAM and yes these idiots have been receiving foreign public instead of getting local upstats onboard (an impossible feat with staff coming from downstat homes, the rico and pobre game). A few years ago the CLO made this illegal and foreign public had to pay their Org's rate for LATAM services. I'm sure this has been cancelled as Orgs cannot live without foreign money. Bridge to Clear costs $5000 in Venezuela Org, a comm course 2$. Mexico Orgs should cost 3X more I think. VZA Org has over 30 auditors and 2 HGCs, the biggest Org on the planet with Milano Org. Academy is puny and they have 0 field auditors. In other words they get rich foreign out-exchange bastards. The got a few ideal orgs paid for and under renovations in LATAM also.
  6. Twin A

    Twin A Patron with Honors

    Hmmm... I thought my settings informed me when someone wrote a message to me, or on one of my threads, after a posting.... but I missed this one.

    I am doing well thank you for asking. Been busy with college and doing some picketing stuff too, plus writing/interviewing for journalists and such.
  7. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    We miss you. But, if you're *busy*.....
    well, best wishes from all :)

  8. Twin A

    Twin A Patron with Honors

    Thanks for the info Pascal. You wouldn't happen to have been in any of the orgs in Mexico City in the last couple years would you? The orgs in Mexico aren't considered churches/religions are they? They are businesss right?

    thanks again for info
  9. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    Pascal is in Peru last I heard, and, a bit of an iffy character :) Trust but Verify :)

  10. Twin A

    Twin A Patron with Honors

    Thanks, I think everyone is iffy, depends on what you are talking about. I would never believe anything I have to say on the subject of designer purses, I just hate them. Prada frada. Gucci mucci.

    Isn't it odd how few ex Scientology stories we have about LATAM organizations? Maybe the fact that they aren't considered religious groups, makes less angry and upset and disgruntled ex members?
  11. Zinjifar

    Zinjifar Silver Meritorious Sponsor

    *Everyone* is iffy. It's how we are. But, if I were you, I'd try to get in touch with Duddins, who's been missing here for ages.

    If you do manage to find her, tell her she's missed too

  12. Twin A

    Twin A Patron with Honors

    Well I PMed her, I'll see if she answers.
  13. Iknowtoomuch

    Iknowtoomuch Gold Meritorious Patron

    Or just that the prices are considerably more reasonable. Or just reasonable at all.
  14. Pascal

    Pascal Silver Meritorious Patron

    I was in an org in Venezuela. Orgs in LATAM are setup as "cultural associations", non-profit entities. They might have "charitable" status too to save on taxes. They don't use "church" or "religion" as this is monopolized by catholic/christian outfits in LATAM.
  15. Pascal

    Pascal Silver Meritorious Patron

    Prices are dead cheap. Up to 30X cheaper than US. Orgs are full of staff due to life being cheaper too and Latin culture where lots of losers live with their parents forever and can be staff and make little money. Some Orgs rent a hovel and have all staff live inside to save on rent and food. Like a hippie comune.

    Also latino Orgs are much more liberal and ARC is higher. Being a cruel asshole isn't common here. The Scientology culture is LATAM is different from the rest of the world. People are latino first, then "churchies". In the rest of the world they become "churchies" and "DMs".

    Also latinos have easy cases, few false data (few data at all in most cases) and run easily, go ext, past life, etc....

    Few make it to OT though, as pricing outside LATAM is out of reach for most.
  16. Twin A

    Twin A Patron with Honors

    Thanks for this info Pascal. I am almost positive that my sister would be happier in Mexico than where she was out in Gilman Hot Springs behind a big fence, with a bunch of other staff kind of beaten down into cold unemotional states.

    OK, well that is a third reason why there are so few outrageous "I just got out of Scientology" stories from LATAM public, they don't really get exposed to the OT levels and the pressures put on them at that level of the bridge financially and emotionally/mentally. It's better to imagine those levels and what they are supposed to be than to actually have the flag and AO experiences.

    1. cost less money
    2. not a religion
    3. keeps their public more and doesn't lose them to AO and Flagville


    As much as I don't like, or outright disagree with many of Hubbard's ideas and I could not reccommend the entire life engulfing Scientology experience to any one, I would have to say that if people insist on being curiuos and wanting to jump in and do some Hubbardism, well then it would help to make it cheaper and make it more fun and less strict like it appears to be in LATAM orgs.

    Now, of course, I could be totally wrong that the Scientologists overall in LATAM are happier, it coud just be that they don't have an outlet, no Spanish speaking Ex Scientology Message board to talk on, no Spanish Emma. I have no idea really.

    I appreciate all info I've gotten so far from replies to my thread and the various private messages I've got. More more, if anyone knows anything more...
  17. Pascal

    Pascal Silver Meritorious Patron

    You're welcome.

    Yep, CoS culture in LATAM is very relaxed. The US is a crazy place, Hemet or not anyways.

    I actually was quite upset at how "unstandard" the Org I was at was. Nevertheless, they do send you to the EO if you send 2D flows to all these sexy J-Lo clones that are on staff. :coolwink:
  18. ExCMO

    ExCMO Patron

    I had not logged in for a long time since I was quite busy doing something which is impossible to do while you're in the SO: Being Successful. However, I was kind of lurking around today and found this thread. I am from Mexico. I spent 22 years in scn and 11 in the SO, most of the time here, and I do have some serious disagreements on what is being told here (but I also agree with other stuff being said).

    For starters, Mexicans are not the type of "losers who live with their parents forever". I've seen plenty of American, British, Asian, French, Italian and what-not losers. A loser is a loser regardless of nationality. So, please, do not generalize here.

    Life is not necessarily cheaper, on the contrary. Being in a country whose commodities are mainy imported products can, and does, get prices quite high. Just to give you a recent example, the exchange rate for the U.S. dollar was 10.9 pesos to a dollar only last December. Now it is 15.10 to a dollar. Imagine what that does to your wallet when you're buying an Apple computer, a Chevy Malibu (imported) or just some friggin imported cereal for breakfast.

    Now, to the real meat: Orgs in Mexico DO stink. I have been out (thank whatever gods there are out there) for almost 14 years. Back in my time, management stank. It could get real rough with some of the people in there dramatizing being "good SO members" by "impinging" with their "Tone 40", which consisted of screaming their lungs out and trying hard as hell not to get caught in their own crap.

    Maybe things changed in the last few years (which I doubt, since I still have relatives in the SO and they do NOT look happy), but being a cruel asshole IS/WAS commonplace in the SO. It is a bit different in CLV orgs, but I can tell you: many staffers are actually AFRAID of SO members visiting their org. That ain't pretty.

    I tend to see latin people as, maybe, friendlier than in other cultures. That does not make us stupid or ignorant. "Churchies" are what they are no matter their ethnicity. I have seen real CO$ fanatics down here, no matter how Mexican, Venezuelan, Colombian, Puerto Rican, or whatever they are.

    Maybe discontent is less evident because we (at least Mexicans) tend to blow out our smoke, piss around, and yell our guts out when we feel wronged. But once that's through, we try to get on to the next thing in life. We try to carry on and leave the crap behind.

    As far as to why there aren't more outrageous stories about "I just left", part of the reason I explained in the paragraph above. Another reason is that many do not have a command of English to communicate in forums like these. Another one (and I bet you didn't guess it before), is, simply put, PARANOIA. We do not know who is going to come in posing as your "friend", and then turn you in as dissaffected. And this stems from the nasty type of management we had for many years. There was a culture of "how can I do you in first" in CMO Lat, CLO Lat, FOLO Lat, and networks. Sick, yes, but true.

    As far as I go, I don't give a damn anymore as to who says or does not say something about me. I stopped caring a long time ago. But others are still feeling guilty they left, or maybe they think they are doomed to eternal disgrace for leaving the church.

    The fact that scn is not officially a religion has nothing to do here. Anyone who has taken more than a couple of basic courses finds out that scn IS a cult (religion, if you wish). The "religious" nature of scn is everywhere to be seen in a Mexican org. It's just that, legally, they are "Cultural Associations" due to the heavy influence of the Catholic Church, and, of course, taxes. Other than that, any scientologist in Mexico considers him/herself a member of the "church". Attends Sunday services, when available, and asks for the scn marriage ceremony or funeral ceremony when applicable.

    Regarding not losing public to AOs and Flag, sorry to disagree. They lose public to both (mainly because a lot of persons think that, somehow, "things will be better than here" - surprise, surprise). But the worst thing is that they lose public... period. Yes, there are new scientologists (a few), but there is a core of old-timers still hanging around. Some people take a course to never return (due to aggressive regging, bad service, or because they realized that the goals promised were not necessarily there). Orgs are smaller now than they were back in the late 70's and early 80's. And they continue to shrink.

    Twin A, I think that what you said at the end of your post is very true: most people here do not have an outlet to vent off. Many are still afraid of what could happen to their eternity if they speak out. Another group may not even know that there are forums, such as this one, that provide a safe space to communicate with other people in similar situations. Others--and I like to include myself among them--just want to carry on with the happy lives we are striving to build, enjoying everything we lacked when being in; growing individually, professionally, and emotionally. Having fun living life.

    Sorry if I ranted on for too long. I just felt I had to say something about this, since I have firsthand experience in the topic.

    Having said the above, I wish you all a nice weekend. Enjoy!
  19. Twin A

    Twin A Patron with Honors

    Thanks ExCMO! I appreciate you taking the time to write this all out, getting everyone's views will help me to get a clearer picture. I hope you have a good weekend too!
  20. ExCMO

    ExCMO Patron

    You're very welcome! I hope I contributed towards painting the general landscape of what is going on here.

    Thanks for the good wishes!