OSA Fake Journalist Spy John Connolly


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I know, I know . . . this thread is yet another baseless OSAOSAOSA drama but the M&M² Show is certainly expending a lot of energy in DAing Connolly.
Very interesting, but I'm not entirely convinced. Will be watching for further developments.

M&M keep putting out eye-popping dox -- or, at least, the appearance thereof. Hard not to wonder what else they're sitting on.


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The last thing that M and M want to be associated with is the "Church" of Scientology. [Font edited by Paul]

But most of what Marty writes on his blog is about the CofS. He is certainly positioning himself *against* the CofS and not *for* the CofS, but either way he is positioning (associating) himself *with* the CofS.