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Alanzo slapped me on the wrist for the same, what's a better word then so? Flinging shit? Cyber Bullying? Nattering?

You pick. :)

In Sweden, smearing can also be twisting the truth or damage to someones public reputation, it doesn't have to be "false" as such.

Also, I would argue, in Alanzos particular case that using a Scientology video, well they are the most unreliable source on the internet, even more so then Wiki. So I consider that to be a smear.

Anyways, I hope you get the gist of it.
A twisted truth is a lie, when is it not a lie?


No, Emma is responsible for providing an agenda free platform for the last weeks of ESMB where the shackles are removed and people can float their ideas to the market.

I've got news for you. Not everyone thinks the same as everyone else, and unless new ideas are introduced, nobody is made to think again. Group think rules unless there is agitation.

I've got a HEAP of questions I'd love to ask this group, but I won't because while I like to pretend that I don't care what people think about me, underneath I probably do care. So those questions go unasked. But should that be the case? Should my fear of social rejection stop me asking questions about people and groups and organisations within this ecosystem that are tyrannical, broken and bordering on fraudulent? Because that's the truth! And that's a USA vs Russia scenario that I floated earlier. Do you ask or not ask? Do you risk more chaos by asking questions or revealing outnesses or do you shut your mouth and hope that it all works out?

Alanzo seems to absolutely not care about friendships and reputation so asks all the bad questions, and cops the repercussions. That's his choice. It's not like anyone doesn't refute him (or send around financial documents). That is the cost.

Also where have I "shot anyone down" who tells me I've gone too far? Evidence please.
Go ahead and ask. I'll tell you.

I told you I was trouble

Suspended animation
Update on Kevin Forney, whose mother is the long time Director of Special Affairs at the St Louis org.

Here's his twitter: @kevforn

You can see that he is not in hiding, as was reported on Mike Rinders blog, and quite probably not out of scientology at all. His sister works for his mother in the OSA office at st Louis org and he is both following and being followed by her, his mother and his father on Twitter. His Twitter profile says he still lives in St Louis.

MikeRinders blog delivers more disinformation on active OSA personnel.

Imagine that.

Who cares?

It doesn't matter anymore ... we are no longer in the cult and creepy, psycho people are easily observable on any message board by anyone who can read and has half a brain cell (this one was clearly unwell).

There are weird people everywhere you go, if the poster you are referring to (outed yesterday by @Red Valiant) is an OSA goon all I can say is, standards have really slipped and they're employing cretins!

He seems to have stopped posting anyway, so that's a relief.



Please explain. From my viewpoint this might be the most agenda free place in Ex/Anti Scientology right now.
I disagree, Alanzo has been going on and on about Mike and Karen, just those two. Doesn't answer legitimate questions when asked but calls people tribal ninnies and what not.

I really don't think Alanzo really cares about Kyle Brennan but is using his story as a tool to get some information on Mike that he thinks someone here has or he is trying to organize a lynch mob on Mike. Using Kyles misfortune like that isn't really different from posting Karen's past

Well, what specifically did Mike do to Alanzo for him to campaign so hard? What specifically did Karen do to Alanzo that he feels compelled to smear her whether the info is true or not?

What is with the anti Scientology rhetoric? What purpose does it serve? I didn't notice anyone ask for more information on why they might be an anti Scientologist but he certainly told them they were

What is the purpose talking about an email with personal info on Alanzo to people who know nothing about it and then leaving the subject a mystery?

Who sent you the email, and why?

The above look like agendas to me.


You are full of misinformation and disinformation, Lulu.

You want to know who was THERE for Mike Rinder's career?

Mike Rinder.

Not you.

Here's what Mike Rinder says about his own career:

"For most of the time between 1982 and 2007 I was a senior official in the Church of Scientology International (CSI), the so-called mother church of Scientology. I was on the Board of Directors of CSI from its inception in 1982 until I left in 2007.'
"During the majority of the time between 1982 and 2007 I was the most senior official within CSI responsible for “external affairs”, meaning government and media relations, investigations and intelligence operations, as well as all litigation and contract matters. This function is performed by the Office of Special Affairs (“OSA”) and I was the head of OSA for most of this time."
- Mike Rinder Texas Declaration


Why would Mike Rinder have this up on his own blog? Why should we take your word for this, which even you admit comes never from working with Mike Rinder anywhere in OSA, but your own spotty memory? You were never THERE, Lulu.

But Mike WAS.
It isn't that he was the head of OSA for 22 years and ran it is it?

It's because he was part of a successful series and in the limelight and you can't stand it because that should be you and not Mike and Karen. Isn't that what this is really all about? You're not getting any and they are, and to you, that's the real crime isn't it?
If Mike went into obscurity and never did what he did, we wouldn't hear a peep from you, right?


Well, Emma, you tried. All I can say is that is one helluva FAILED experiment. The experiment being, "What would happen if I un-banned every asshole who has ever messed up ESMB or interfered with its good intentions and just allowed complete free speech, assholes and all (except I kinda like one certain asshole, he's a special friend because you know, he was there at the beginning and everything after the first few years doesn't matter, because he said all the right things when I was going through a tough time... yadda yadda)"...

Yeh well, getting back to the experiment, without your weird intimacy without physical intimacy with the armadillo:

So forgedaboudat. (I am pushing words together because for some reason your friend Alanzo has some sort of mental block on that and I get a kick out of it, that's mischief, not the least bit comparable to his nasty allegations and 50 year old pics against the much-loved Karen De La Carriere) let's get back to your disgusting social experiment.

Because that's what it was. Let's set the rest aside. Social experiment done on people who trusted you. Who considered you someone who stood for something, who was against the abuses of Scientology. Let's call a Spade a Spade here. People looked up to you because you made a safe space for people to land and learn things who were leaving Scientology. Then you used us as your fucking guinea pigs for your "anything goes" social experiment...going off on this "Free Speech! ESMB is all about Free Speech for Everyone!" bullshit, but yet you kept the rules there as if they meant something. Talk about passive-aggressive, that just takes the cake.

WTF. :wtf:

Maybe you meant well, but you know, it doesn't look that way from a dozen viewpoints. (You know.. the blind people perceiving the elephant from different views that Alanzo couldn't understand?).

But I like you, or I wouldn't even bother to write this and let you know how the fuck you look right now. And I hereby give my PERSONAL PERMISSION for you to delete this within three hours of my posting this (or later) and that is okay with me, because this is to YOU, Emma. You're not exactly good about answering PMs or I'd have tried that instead. Another :wtf:


This is a double-blind experiment where the participants are not aware that they are being studied. Emma is going to drop all the rules on ESMB even though she posted them, and let all troublemakers back in the final weeks and see what kind of fireworks go on. In addition, Emma will have a personal friend who is the key troublemaker on ESMB and be on the sidelines cheering and supporting the troublemaker. In her own words, Emma is going to "go out with a bang."

Emma lets all supporters who weren't there in the first few years know that they have virtually no value to her. The only ones that matter are the ones that started ESMB there with her that were there within the first three years. Hell, don't even bother with anyone's stories after that. Nobody else matters. Nobody who supported ESMB for the last eight years matters. Let them have shit thrown at them and just let it ride, and let the shitthrowers keep rolling. Who the hell needed those supporters anyway. It's not about abuses or what we went through at COS. No, now the subject has changed and it is about "free speech." What the hell, who cares, anyway, right Emma?

So what happens with completely "free speech," M? What happens when you publish one set of rules and then switch to "no rules"?

Fights. Upsets. Turmoil. Destruction of the support that ESMBers has provided for so many years and false information spread rampantly throughout ESMB. Defamation and libel against key critics.



Because that's what happens in an anarchy. Not love, not truth, not compassion, not understanding. Fighting and upsets. Is that your legacy?

That's the result of your experiment. Or holding Admin for three weeks while being completely irresponsible for it after your announcement, or whatever the hell you've been doing. Chaos. Turmoil. Upset. Hurt feelings. Destruction. Providing a platform to backstab those who supported you for years. Geez, Emma. Three weeks. Not that long. Nobody wanted the place after you let Alanzo in, can you blame them?

Let's get real. You started ESMB. You were Admin and now you are again. But it was those who posted on ESMB with their stories and personal revelations that made it special. It was the talents, intelligence and giving nature of Glenda, HelluvaHoax, FreetoShine, Dulloldfart, RogerB, Karen#1, Type_4_PTS, Udarnik, Veda, Lulu Belle, Warrior, Outethicsofficer, Carmel, Enthetan, The_Fixer, and hundreds of others that made ESMB wonderful. You just provided the platform. You never wrote anything wonderful like they did. People responded because they gave their hearts to their writings and actions. They poured out their souls and spirits and personal memories in the precious things they wrote here.

There was a time you gave your heart to ESMB, too.


Never. Never in any interview or post. Never. Instead - when we should have been hugging and celebrating and having a great time and enjoying each others' company, you gave us Alanzo and let him rip each of us and all the good ESMB has done for years. Shades of L Ron, you sue hurt a lot of feelings here.

Say thank you. Show some appreciation and consideration for those who supported you and spent so many hours documenting, exposing and helping. Let us enjoy ourselves. Admit your mistake. It was a failed experiment and I have no idea wtf you were thinking, but it didn't work, and I am one person of many who is both hurt and pissed off at you.

(and DON'T send your cleaning man or some other runner to answer this for you, lol, I joke about the Cleaner)
BUTT HURT, you didn't mention my name :D

You may have answered a question Emma had.:eek:


You can still speak freely and not be someone's friend. How do you manage to conflate those things Lulu? I came to the conclusion you were not my friend by the tone & messaging of our conversations. They were not friendly.

You're right. I should have. I guess I can't win at all can I? Keep it open - WRONG. Close it - WRONG.

Keep going Lulu. I'm sure there is a heap more you wanna say.
I think she has a point though, because you didn't want to do it anymore it changed the board.

You said you expected people to show up and stay for a while and move on. The reason, IMO, that didn't happen was because you posted on it. That made it personal. It made people, some, not all, think, hey, let's go over and hang out with Emma. That's why some people stayed. Because they stayed , others stayed. It became personal for those concerned.

If the board hadn't gone the way it did, against what you expected, you wouldn't have the archive you are about to archive. It would have been more impersonal. People would not have spilled their guts and told their stories and the newbies would not have had the opportunity to really understand Scientology, and they probably would have moved on because there would have been no stories.

So, despite the fact it didn't go as planned it wouldn't have been one tenth what it is if it had gone the way you planned.

So, you unintentionally did good. The people who posted made ESMB what it became, and it was because they stayed, and it was because they felt they were in the right place to let it go, their story, ESMB became legendary and the best source for how it really is.

So your "not as planned board" became the gem it never would have, if it had gone as you planned.

So, people are speaking freely now, so let it rip, because this wouldn't have happened if the board hadn't meant much, and clearing the air is probably the best thing right now.


stubborn rebel sheep!
. It was the talents, intelligence and giving nature of Glenda, HelluvaHoax, FreetoShine, Dulloldfart, RogerB, Karen#1, Type_4_PTS, Udarnik, Veda, Lulu Belle, Warrior, Outethicsofficer, Carmel, Enthetan, The_Fixer, and hundreds of others that made ESMB wonderful.

And me ???
You didn't say my name

Was I just a clown for 8 years???
I put all my soul in all my poetry and each and every word of wisdom I posted.

And I stood tall next to you at the BofI


stubborn rebel sheep!
I was kidding Sheila.

My duty was only to bring some lightness and have people laugh, enjoy, drop some load of sadness and let endorphins provides some relief while enjoying the beautiful people here. I had tons of good laughters and Also made 2 close friends. I am left with one friendship that took long and care to grow and it is deeply rooted and precious.

That is great.

Everyone made his\ her own contribution.


stubborn rebel sheep!
What I object to is people trying to pretend they are something other than what they are! Why not just own it? They are lovely photos. I wish I looked like that in my 40s. I don't get it. What's the issue here? Are we supposed to propinions you are not allowed to have and history you are supposed to rewrite and I'm sick of it.

Sorry I am among those who didn't realized it was an art blog!:groan:

How can we miss it upon reading the title linker to the pics??

Stupid me...wait..I am taking some nude artsy pic to ask Alanzo post it! We all want our photos on Alanzo's blog and OSA artsy websites.
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I told you I was trouble

Suspended animation

Sorry I am among those who didn't realized it was an art blog!:groan:

How can we miss it upon reading the title associated??

Stupid me...wait..I am taking some nude artsy pic to ask Alanzo post it! We all want our photos on Alanzo's blog and OSA artsy websites.
Oh ... bloody hell.



stubborn rebel sheep!
Lol :D

Come on Trouble be free..
Tell these boobs are nice! They don't hung low at all!

Mind you , yes I wear knickers, custom made for esmb grannies

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