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OSA INT Staff List

Discussion in 'Office of Special Affairs' started by Terril park, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Over the last 6 months or so the number of staff at OSA Int has dropped to a third or a quarter it seems.
    Now 21, down from 75-100.

    I gather that the first post on the thread below will be a running account of known people in OSA. The main source of this info is Chuck Beeaty who has generally been a reliable source of information.
  2. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Wow. Around 1994 there were 132 of them, per my online list.

  3. Smitty

    Smitty Silver Meritorious Patron


    The only person I knew from that list is Kathy O'Gorman, who got into scn in San Francisco. She was the AG Flag for many years in the Guardian's Office and was always nice to me. I am surprised that she is still in OSA or in the cofs for that matter.
  4. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader

    Bob Adams and kathy O are really nice people, no ifs ands or buts
  5. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    You like to have a short shelf-life, don't you?

  6. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Is your nick the address of OSA Int?
  7. Goldenrod

    Goldenrod Patron with Honors

    Wondering if Bob Adams is the ex football player (New England Patriots, Pittsburg Steelers, maybe San Fran 49ers -- I knew him when he was with the Pats). We were friends in the 70s when he was married to Mimi Adams who took me through the Grades. If it is the same man, I'm somewhat surprised to find him in the OSA.
  8. Smitty

    Smitty Silver Meritorious Patron

    reply to 6331hllywdblvd

    Is the above statement the latest staff implant? Do you fancy yourselves as a "handful of OTs"? Are the "legion of drones" you referred to how you really see yourselves?
  9. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    I suspect irony.

    Perhaps troublesome source K?
  10. Thalkirst

    Thalkirst Patron with Honors

    It is so said to see Celine Muir on the list. She was such a nice, innocent girl, very kind to everyone.

    I just hope she escapes before she completely turns into a cold, heartless bastard.
  11. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Yes. It is the address of the HGB front entrance. The building is on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Ivar Ave. The side entrance has the address of 1710 Ivar Ave. RTC uses Ivar as its main mailing address, for instance.

  12. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader

    yes, former tight end

    Mimi went up to Delphi in Sheridan, OR . twenty years ago

    He's married to a former Sun exec now.
  13. wazn

    wazn Patron with Honors

    I knew KO too. Recently she's been squelching the communication of persons who have family, extended or otherwise, still involved in the church.

    :stickpoke: Scn has a long, insiduous reach. :[
  14. Wisened One

    Wisened One Crusader

    Thought I'd cross-post this from, is that ok?
    If not, lemme know and I'll delete the list, immediately.

    Wow, how the list has shrunk!:thumbsup:

    And wonder who thinks Mary DeMoss is hot?! She's definately not ugly, but never woulda thought of her as hot, lol.

    Office of Special Affairs - International (Los Angeles)

    Linda Hamel (Invest Aide HFA)
    Kirsten Caetano - OSA (hottest woman in OSA)
    Kathy O'Gorman - Data Chief
    Tom Whittle - Freedom Editor/Writer
    Acky Heinrich - PR
    Joan Long - External Estab
    Karin Pouw - PR Aide
    Ed Parkin - VP (now a PR and out of Legal)
    Bob Adams OSA, VP PR something
    Charlie Earl - Invest
    Jim Morrow - Legal Aide
    Judy Ross - External DSA Programs
    Jeanne Gavigan - Litigation (she's a real attorney)
    Nora (french name?) - MAA for OSA
    Celine Muir - french girl - Dir I&R
    Lynn Farney - Internet PR and does all DA's for anything
    Jean Callaghan - holds reception
    Steffano Beccaccini - External Comm functions, still does driving up- lines for delivery, etc.
    Wendy Beccaccini - PR
    Beth Bond - Treasury functions
    Neil O'Reiley - Private Investigations

    Office of Special Affairs -Eastern United States


    Route Outs

    Mary DeMoss (second hottest woman in OSA)
    Nancy O'Meara
    Leisa Goodman
    Michael Rinder
    John Carmichael (needs confirmation)

    By contrast, here is the list from 1994 provided by another user in this thread.

    Shaun Allen OSA INT T/Dir I&R
    Joelle Aoudai OSA INT HCO Expeditor J.A.
    Gail Armstrong OSA INT T/PR Aide
    Sara Asay OSA INT T/Data Analysis Officer
    Brian Asay OSA INT T/Freedom Researcher
    Attila Balazs OSA INT T/Computerized Files I/C
    Leanne Barram OSA INT T/Legal Preps Projects Off
    Glenn Barton OSA INT T/Interfaith Coordinator
    Janet Beatty OSA INT Data Requests I/C
    Wendy Beccaccini OSA INT Wendy Beccaccini
    Stefano Beccaccini OSA INT
    Debbie Blair OSA INT T/Drug Reform Coord
    Thomas Boelsterli OSA INT T/FOIA Requests I/C
    Beth Bond OSA INT T/RAM Chief
    Terry Brawley OSA INT HCO Expeditor
    Maryse Breuer OSA INT Maryse Breuer
    Geoff Brown OSA INT
    Leslie Browning OSA INT
    Klaus Buchele OSA INT Klaus Buchele
    Sarah Burrough OSA INT T/Chief MAA
    Marcia Callaghan OSA INT T/TM Lic & Usage Off
    Jean Carnahan OSA INT T/Data Collection Officer
    Allan Cartwright OSA INT
    Angel Casillas OSA INT
    Sheila Chaleff OSA INT Sheila Chaleff
    Carla Cohen OSA INT T/PR Pubs/Props Dist Off
    Pascal Cottier OSA INT T/Cont/Sect Inv Hand Off
    Kathy Del Amor OSA INT
    Audrey Devlin OSA INT Audrey Devlin
    Joan Diskin OSA INT Joan Diskin
    Lillian Doyle OSA INT
    Charlie Earl OSA INT T/Invest O/O
    Lynn Farny OSA INT Lynn Farny
    Ellen Farny OSA INT T/Litigation Files I/C
    Eunice Ford OSA INT T/Tax Compliance Admin I/C
    Nancy Gahwiler OSA INT Enhancement Sec
    Marina Garvin OSA INT PCO
    Dan Garvin OSA INT T/Data Computerization I/C
    Jeanne Gavigan OSA INT T/Transactional Attorney
    Samantha Gibson OSA INT
    Mr. Roman Giessauer OSA INT T/CO's Pgms Op
    Luis Gonzalez OSA INT Luis Gonzalez
    Leisa Goodman OSA INT
    Howie Gutfeld OSA INT T/Defensive Lit I/C
    Sandy Guthrie OSA INT
    Grace Marie Haddy OSA INT T/FOIA I/C
    Mr. Linda Hamel OSA INT Mr. Linda Hamel
    Evanie Hamilton OSA INT T/Fax I/C
    Jerry Hanlon OSA INT Jerry Hanlon
    Christine Harris OSA INT
    Caroline Heinrich OSA INT T/Internal PR Officer
    Aky Heinrich OSA INT T/Social Reform Aide
    Anne Hogarth OSA INT
    Sheldon Hogarth OSA INT
    Maddie Hooper OSA INT T/Attorney Services
    Bee Huber OSA INT
    Mr. Gavino Idda OSA INT T/Legal Pgms Exec Off
    Gloria Idda OSA INT Gloria Idda
    Doug Jacobson OSA INT
    Kirsten Jarry OSA INT
    Mr. Heber Jentzsch OSA INT T/President CSI
    Frida Johannsson OSA INT T/Disbursements Chief
    An Johonnesson OSA INT
    Joyce Kelly OSA INT T/Legal Preps Chief
    Lee Kemp OSA INT
    Frits Kevenaar OSA INT see skeds
    Jacqueline Kevenaar OSA INT T/OSA NW Training Off
    Bodo Krauss OSA INT
    Anne Labourdique OSA INT T/Cont/Sect Staff Security I/C
    Giovanna Landini OSA INT
    Teo Laus OSA INT T/TMI Handling I/C
    Vincent Lefevre OSA INT HCO Expeditor
    Mr. Sue Lerner OSA INT Purser
    Nancy Levin OSA INT
    Neil Levin OSA INT
    Ken Long OSA INT Ken Long
    Joan Long OSA INT T/Legal Safeguard Exec Off
    Chris Marchant OSA INT
    Eugene Marsh OSA INT T/Tax Preps
    Shelby Martinez OSA INT T/US PR Pgms Exec I/C
    Aron Mason OSA INT Aron Mason
    Lara McFadyen OSA INT
    Lea McFarland OSA INT
    Olaiya McGauhey OSA INT Olaiya McGauhey
    Nick McNaughton OSA INT Nick McNaughton
    Brian Mills OSA INT
    Andrew Milne OSA INT T/PR DA Writing I/C
    Donna Morrow OSA INT T/CSI Invest Officer
    Mr. Jim Morrow OSA INT TT/ax Compliance Off
    Carol Nelson OSA INT Carol Nelson
    Jackie Nelson OSA INT T/Librarian
    Carol Oakes OSA INT
    Mr. Kathy O'Gorman OSA INT T/Data Chief
    Nancy O'Meara OSA INT
    Kei Omura OSA INT
    Neal O'Riley OSA INT T/CSI Spec Handling Off
    Ed Parkin OSA INT Ed Parkin
    Rita Parkin OSA INT
    Philippe Pedersen OSA INT T/Data Distribution Officer
    Mariano Pedersoli OSA INT T/Msn Ops
    Peola Pedersoli OSA INT
    Linda Peters OSA INT
    Karin Pouw OSA INT T/PR Aide
    Bonnie Rice OSA INT
    Jo-Ann Richardson OSA INT T/Receptionist
    Mr. Mike Rinder OSA INT T/CO
    Scott Roland OSA INT T/Computer Input I/C
    Judy Ross OSA INT T/Legal Preps Planning Officer
    Mr. Carol Rush OSA INT
    Linda Sarkovich OSA INT
    Gigi Scudellari OSA INT
    Anton Selfe OSA INT T/Freedom Writer A.S.
    Lynne Shape OSA INT
    Ben Shaw OSA INT Ben Shaw
    Mr. Judi Shervell OSA INT T/PR Pgms Exec Off
    Greg Shulman OSA INT
    Krystal Simmons OSA INT T/Data Receipt & Logging I/C
    Linda Simmons Hight OSA INT T/PR Periodicals Officer
    Rhea Smith OSA INT T/Gov Reforms Pgms
    Sandy Sternson OSA INT
    Glen Stilo OSA INT T/Immigration Officer
    QC Strom OSA INT
    Colin Thorne OSA INT
    Becky Turner OSA INT
    Georgina Tweedie OSA INT
    Abel Uemura OSA INT T/Litigation Atty's Secretary
    Mr. Janet Weiland OSA INT Mr. Janet Weiland
    Mr. Kurt Weiland OSA INT T/D/CO
    Liana Weiland OSA INT
    Hyla Wetherill OSA INT T/Data Collection Off
    Mr. Tom Whittle OSA INT T/Freedom Editor
    Richard Wieland OSA INT T/Special Props Off
  15. sandygirl

    sandygirl Silver Meritorious Patron

    I swear to God I would pay big $$$$ to hear Mary deRoss's, Mike Rinder's and Jenna Miscavage-Hill's FULL Stories!!!!!!
  16. Good twin

    Good twin Floater

    Get the popcorn ready! Mary at last will star in her own feature film.:yes:
  17. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Nancy O'Meara was once Nancy French, or simply "French" when in the Finance Bureau GOWW in the 70s. While at OSA Int she was involved with CAN for many years.

    Leisa Goodman was Leisa Collins from Auckland, New Zealand. I can even remember her street address there from when I was a Letter Reg at SH around 1977. She was PR Aide for a while, and spokeshole for the Squish.

    These are long-long-term SO people, and would have interesting tales to tell, just like Rinder. Anyone know their circumstances? They are listed as "route-outs", but I heard Rinder blew, so maybe some of the others blew too.

  18. dr3k

    dr3k Patron with Honors

    I would suspect anyone in "Dissemination" is long gone from O.S.A by now but I could be wrong. I see very little inward dissemination these days; or they are just choosing to not use said disseminated information (unlikely).
  19. Goldenrod

    Goldenrod Patron with Honors

    In a Jan 14, 08 issue of The New Yorker, there is an article “Chateau Scientology” in which Bob Adams is quoted:

    Bob Adams, a former N.F.L. tight end who is the vice-president of the Church of Scientology International, said that the R.P.F.—which is sometimes characterized by critics as a punishment for Church staff members who get out of line—is a volunteer program for self-improvement. “They get frequent breaks, eight hours of sleep, and three healthy meals,” he said. “The principal part is auditing, but the physical activity is very extrovertive for the individual and is found to be very therapeutic in itself.” Besides, he said, the R.P.F. furnished only a portion of the labor for Celebrity Centre and worked alongside professional contractors.

    Many of my close friends opted not to look for themselves when the massive declares and off-loads were underway in the early 80s. They cowered to the "party line."

    So disappointed that Bob Adams seems to be among them. Not the same man I knew back then.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2008
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  20. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader

    I don't think anyone who ever played football, at the pro level, "cowers."

    Bob is in the same information cloaked area as Kirstie Alley. In the 80s period, he did a doubt formula, on his own. His take on things was to stay.
    He has been protected from the seamier sides of the Co$, because of his quasi celebrity status. For the last decade he has been on radio stations across America talking about the harm of steroids.

    If you are ex GO, then you know how easy it is to lie for the good of the cause. I know I don't want to be held accountable for any fact checking errors I may have made. Ask Hillary about Bosnia or Al Gore about the internet.

    In short, I think he does a lot of good, by anyone's definition of a man. He may be operating in the dark regarding the real evils. My observation has been that those who left were tech trained, and those who stayed were public, for the most part. Bob is really still a public kind of staff member. He doesn't need them. He is a selfless volunteer.