OSA monitoring of ESMB


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Who would have even think 10 years ago that Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun would escape and seek refuge and help! :confused2:

Knowing there will be help out there and it's possible to rebuild a new life may make a difference.

The vast majority of SO, int base staff , top management and original messengers are now out, well established, and sveral of them are happy to help whoever wants to leave and be safe.

There are\had been several former OSA staff here on the board, and former volunteers...most of them are doing just fine persuing a normal life, out of the cult, succeeding in rebuilding a rewarding life. The camaraderie of the Sea Org still exists out of the cult, and is even stronger since most are out now, and many keep in touch, with genuine friendship sharing.
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I like the thought, but it might be too late for some of them. The dipshits that waste 10, 20 or 30 years in the kult and then get tossed to the gutter like trash... that's $cientology S.O.P. So, if you're reading this and in the $cn. cult don't waste too much time. The longer you wait the harder it is to have a life.

True. 27 years in for me....its tough now....even though 15 years out.

That is a life time of the best years of "making it."

Dave B.

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True. 27 years in for me....its tough now....even though 15 years out.

That is a life time of the best years of "making it."

Luckily I was only a "public" for four months and in the S.O. for 11-1/2 months. I shrugged it off pretty easily. I was young. My time in the S.O. and my leaving was not dramatic. I was still on good terms when I left, they liked me. etc. My problem was I didn't pay much attention to the cult for 25 years after that and actually thought they were OK and just "misunderstood" by the public. In other words I had no idea, (zero) how bad and how criminal they had gone over that time. This mistaken idea almost cost me my life in 2011 when they roped me back in as a public. My recovery from that over the next two, two and a half years was very difficult.

We had several posts about this long ago on ESMB; if I had the money I'd open a group home for the tossed away cult old-timers where they could live out their lives with at least some measure of dignity. Not just Hubbard's cult but for ex-members of any cult with no other options.

So, to cult members reading this, here is my Christmas Message to you: ;-) don't burn your bridges. You are going to need a Plan B. All those wogs, family and friends, you disdain now.... you'll need them to help you get you life back on track when you come to your senses. Because as the illustrious ESMB sage Helluva Hoax has said, "All $cientologists are ex-$cientologists, they just don't know it yet."


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My best sincere wishes to OSA, in hope you spent some christmas tieme with your kids and you enjoy what family love and support means in your and their life...

For the last two decades, my Christmas gift to myself, has been to ensure that none of my kids would ever be subject to being recruited into the Sea Org or staff.


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OSA needs to exercise more caution with future OPS particularly those involving posters on ESMB.

Some may respond!

Click Here for more details.

I don't quite understand what you meant.

But certainly, all OPS of any nature may find ESMB ''sheeps'' a tough herd to control....:biggrin:
as it is more a heteroclite group than a homogeneous herd

That would required seveal herdsmen to run after all them having fun and running in all directions :biggrin:


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Selectively enforced rules are good humor, but then some ex's weren't looking for a lonely hearts glee club to adhere to anyway, "Gummy" - ever so respectfully, Ma2.


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We have no choice but to presume they are here because this is one of the places members come for truth and others have been identified and outed for not taking precautions. Consider Derek Block, as an example. He is certainly not the only one.

This is also one of the places the church can often get a feel for what is going on in the field.

In my opinion, OSA has always had their spies here... I do not understand why anyone here would think otherwise.

And I always remind new people on how to post to be safe if they are not wanting to be outed by OSA or others reading it who then pass the info on to OSA. I make a point to do that because most people just don't know how easy it is to slip up and post something that another could identify or connect to them.

Over at Reaching For the Tipping Point forum, I and the admins always make sure new anonymous members, often victims of the program, do not post information that would lead to being identified.Admins even check their nic names and if it leads to someone identifiable on the internet, we notify them and suggest they change their nic name. Often people are creatures of habit and don't realize how a nic name or simple erring word in a comment can cause havoc for them.

I feel I owe it to new people to have their back on stuff like this because I probably know the enemy better than they might. I hope others will advise others and or the mods, as well, will do or continue to do the same when an identity, or an important piece of information leading to one, could be compromised.


Wow, I almost forgot that people still worry about this stuff. The way the DOJ and FBI are carrying on it makes OSA appear childish.


Therefore, even in the hypothetically absurd scenario of an ex-Scientologist asserting their inalienable rights to utter anything, such rights have not yet been issued/authorized for release, rendering their exercise of such rights as both illegal and immoral.

hahahahahha hahaha ahahaha aha hahahah ahahaha
I still talk to insiders so I don't reveal myself

Don't hate on them we love osa they are all future exes, once they are offloaded or sooner if they are wiser than that, remember rinder and mcgoo were osa among others

I think they know who I am but I don't care they can't do anything to me other than tick me off in which case I share more dirt on them

Dead agenting is a two way street



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I don't know about page 8

but page 5

'...based upon my religious beliefs, I object to any and all post mortem anatomical dissections or other procedures, being conducted on my body. Such autopsy procedures would violate my religious convictions.'

what religion is this?
It is not part of Scientology, as far as I know.

I suspect it was actually written by someone other than LRH, who was NOT liking the idea of an autopsy being conducted to determine LRH's exact actual cause of death.


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Hehehehe - just imagining the OSA minions having to put ESMB back on daily monitoring


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Hehehehe - just imagining the OSA minions having to put ESMB back on daily monitoring
While there might be some of that going on, I think that the focus (pour the coal on their real purpose) is more tilted towards a campaign of wire tapping...errh theta trapping the White House and POTUS and the Congress. Let's ask NSA what is going on in the Scientology office of National Affairs in Washington D.C.
Of course there are the 2 legal cases recently initiated against RTC and David Miscavige so OSA must be having to hire 100's more PIs and purchase tonnes more electronic surveillance equipment to say nothing of the cracking of the complainants and their legal teams communications. ( the question is will the dossiers be stored in Russia or the Trementina, NM vaults)
I was just thinking the other day if I am short enough to put on the hat of COB to open the upcoming opening of the next Ideal Morgues and thus providing cover for DM as he slips out... errh flies out the backdoor of his intergalactic Bluebird being built by the very successful General Electric.
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