OSA OP: A Call to Arms

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By the way, if you do click on the Utube link you will find a vieo called SCIENTOLOGY MILITARY.

The official Church spokeperson says in this video that there are THOUSANDS of people coming into Scientology every day.

She seemed very sincere and I think she beleives it.

But THOUSANDS is a plural.

Taken at it's smallest potential, that would mean there are 2,000 new people coming into Scientology every day. 14,000 new people a week. 784,000 new people coming in every year.

That means taken at it's SMALLEST potential in terms of reports to the press Scientology membership is increasing by a little under one million people a year.

Then, truly then stats must be going out the roof across the boards.

And, I believe this woman believed everything she said.

And, she seemed to be very happy about herself and who she is and how the stats are going with new people coming in.

I just can't help having a suspicious feeling though about this woman not having a clear picture about the platform she is standing on.


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TI, When you drive by the Clearwater Mission, the parking lot has a few cars, staff cars. At night, they have a few people on course, and maybe a PC or two. Flag looks like a morgue. You never hear squat about the other missions supposedly in the Tampa Bay area. The Tampa Org put test centers at Ybor City, Plant City and downtown St. Pete. Orgs bypassing the condition of NO MISSIONS. SMI is a Sea Org Org. The mission network has never done well with Sea Org management. It is too heavy handed, demands high percentages, crushes any difference of opinion or bright ideas. The big Book campaigns are Sea Org, ASI, or GOLD direct, with missions bypassed and public gotten in to back up org pushes, by buying releases at events, and selling books at tables in front of Wal Marts.(been there, done that).
There is NO WAY Scn is growing by that many. If IAS members stats were published, that is, yearly paid memberships, not freebies, lifetimes, on up through all the Patron statuses, you would know the truth. I live on a street where at least half the neighbors have a decidedly bad opinion of Scientology. The internet did not exist when I got into Scn, but even then I was told repeatedly it was bad, a cult, beware, get out while you can. I did not listen. I got what I got out of it, but it cost me half a million and my family is in shreds. Many other people are telling similar stories. This is getting "around". The glee of insanity "we're going up while the world goes down" is pretty nuts, really. One good insider in IAS could set everything straight. Santa Claus, you have my Christmas wish. The membership, paid, of the Church of Scientology.

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Yeah, my picture is closer to yours.

But I really don't think the staff know, unless they are up at Int and getting stat reports.

I think the people in the Orgs and mission get the same propaganda the public get.

I think most of the Sea Org members don't know either.

It's kind of interesting that the Orgs and missions have to report their stats but never get to see the stats of the people on the other end, to know if the people managing them are upstat or not.

What was the status on the Super Power building when you were in?

I don't think there is any way of really knowing what the real picture is.

Why do you think the Church is changing all the books to be owned by a corp. called "L.R.H. Library"?

Are the copyrights soon to expire?

Knowing these things would make it easier to know how DM sees the game, and when he plans to leave.


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My Dad is done with the first round of Chemotherapy, and getting radiation 5 days a week. He is off the feeding tube, and slowly getting back on food through the mouth. This is good news. I will keep you informed, and thanks to those of you who expressed concern. 5 milion people saw him last Monday night, and his story is on You Tube in 3 parts. He is at the end of part one and the beginning of part two. BBC Panorama, Scientology and Me, by John Sweeney, produced by Sarah Mole, filmed by Bill. Thanks, guys.

That's great news about your dad Mike. I'm so glad to hear he's getting some help and making progress.

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My Dad is done with the first round of Chemotherapy, and getting radiation 5 days a week. He is off the feeding tube, and slowly getting back on food through the mouth. This is good news. I will keep you informed, and thanks to those of you who expressed concern. 5 milion people saw him last Monday night, and his story is on You Tube in 3 parts. He is at the end of part one and the beginning of part two. BBC Panorama, Scientology and Me, by John Sweeney, produced by Sarah Mole, filmed by Bill. Thanks, guys.

I saw him too Mike! Great photo of the two of you. The main point is YOU are there for him and he is not all alone. That must mean the world to him. You are such a nice man.


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Nope, Missy did not show up, none of the others did either. My Dad is declared for being married to a "squirrel", and none of my siblings will chance it to visit or call him. Too bad. Our first glint of maybe an OSA Op happened yesterday. Maybe we're just paranoid, but Donna had a chunk of metal tossed at her from oncoming freeway traffic, it could not have been kicked up by a tire as both directions were going very slowly. It missed her head by three feet, and bounced harmlessly off the back deck of her car. A sherrif served papers for a VERY old credit card debt from years ago, one that was included with a CSW in our ethics files from 2005. Both could be coincidence, but the Eye of Sauron never sleeps. Having weird stuff start happening sounds like a sick OSA Op to me. I have a whole bunch of stuff in reserve, and factually I am just getting warmed up.
TI, thanks for your support.

It really is too bad about your sibs. At least you got out of the mental traps of Scientology, have woken up, and are doing what's right. That's something you will forever have for yourself.

I know the feeling about "OSA Ops" happening around you. I would love for them do something to me that I could prove.

I'm constantly on the lookout. I walked into my office on Christmas Day a few years ago, and my computer was on, it was dialed up to the Internet, and it was downloading something! I quickly stopped the download and got the IP address of where it had come from.

I know two people who were, at the time, and probably still are, hackers for the Church.

It would truly be superb if they tried something else on me. Or you. Or anyone else here who communicates broadly and openly about their experiences with the Church of Scientology.

Especially something computer generated, like placing a key-logger on a critic's machine or something else. The wiretapping laws regarding those things are now felonies, and they are being prosecuted across the US. Nothing would be better than a high-profile felony prosecution of an OSA rep wire-tapping a critic's computers!

You have my full support, too, Mike.

If there is anything you need from me, let me know.


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If it wouldn't be too intrusive, I'd be curious to know the details of Donna's refund request.

Did she make the request in writing?

Did anyone respond?

Is there anybody in the Church for you to talk to anymore?

Are you sure you were declared?

It would be strange for an OSA member to contribute to financial woes, on a person like you in the position to ask for a refund to solve other financial problems. I don't think anyone in the Church would be that unintelligent or short sighted.

It seems to me the Church is NOT confronting you.

If they have not sent anyone to discuss your refund request.

If they have not even bothered to notify you of your current status or a declare order.

If they haven't bothered to sort a dying man's final moments.

If they haven't contacted you to sort out your upsets about your family.

If they haven't given your siblings leave to honor thier dying father.

If they haven't responded in any way to your voice on the internet.

I doubt if they are paying any attention at all in any capacity.

Right now you are both, you and your wife asking to be contributed to in some way by your Church.

Through attention, proper action, repair, whatever.

It is nobodies stat in the Org to care about you now, as you are not a student or P.C. or staff member.

I doubt if anyone there would ever engage or contribute to any physical harm to you or your wife. In this day and age. I've had things hit my windshield driving down the hyway too. My neighbor just had her windshield knocked out while she was driving down the hyway by something that hit it.

It would not help the Church at all to cause your troubles to worsen financially either.

When nobody responds and nobody communicates one can only go into mystery and begin to imagine.

This idea that the Sea Org is dangerous in this day and age may be off. They cannot leave the building without permission and two escorts. WHY? They are obviously afraid of what people are going to do to THEM. I don't think many at all can even drive, or fill out a lease to rent an apartment. It wouldn't suprise me at all if some of them have never used a telephone. Besides, it is on nobodies stat to harass you! And if a debt collection is all they have to throw at YOU then you are in the strongest position.

You know, when I first got into Scientology I spent 13 years in the same Org.
Between getting auditing, staff cycles, training etc.

I never ever saw one public flappy cycle.

You know why?

It was a small town and you could not ignore people.

If you left the Org you would meet them on the street or in the grocer anyway.

I never saw one person declared or comm ev or one refund.

If there was an upset, an auditor went straight out to handle an ARC break session. The Chaplan went right away to resolve disputes and upsets between people. It was another time when people cared about the people whther they were on this side or not, because they were people and every voice was important.

I think closer to what is really happening, is that nobody there is confronting you at all. You don't matter anymore. Not enough for a telephone call from anyone about anything having to do with your family or your wife's money.

It is better to feel you DO matter in some capacity, more comforting.

That's why I tell people, you don't matter to them, why do they still matter to you?

Practically everyone on this list can only MATTER by becoming anti and critical.


Wanting to MATTER is what sucked a lot of people in and made them go PTS in the Sea Org.

We DON't MATTER there anymore.

Even when we bitch and critisize on the net.

What MATTERS there are stats by thursday at 2:00, and often, that is no guarantee you will matter either considering the "ethics and justice" routines over there.

They don't matter enough to get fed or clothed properly, paid half the time, audited or trained, understood or protected or cared for.

They don't MATTER to each other enough for anyone to stick up for anyone else or themselves.

Their own children didn't matter.

There is something wrong with people who want to "save the world" and are yet incapable of caring about the person in front of them.

There is some serious issue going on there that is connected to something else out of present time.

At this point I think Hubbard created a dragnet to keep them off everyone elses lines.

You don't matter enough now for someone to call you and try to sort out why you are not there anymore.

I don't think you matter enough for them to send someone to your home with a bill or throw something out a window on you.

People who worked there two decades only matter enough when they leave, if they are going to make payments on their Sea Org debt.

These people are not EMPOWERED they are DEPOWERED.

They really are not in any position to bring harm to anyone unless they are cornered in court or find a local to harass with flyers.

The best case scenerio is to get to a point where:

A. They do not matter to you.
B. You do not matter to them.

Anything else will put you in a pts cycle.

However you have to get to that place, that is the best place to be in this arena.

Now that the Freezone is going they do not matter to me.

Since they don't matter to me, I don't matter to them...you see?

Not everyone on this planet is part of that group.

Against the backdrop of Earth's population it has got fall in perhaps the smallest percentage of any group.

There are more people involved in yoga.
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Bea Kiddo

Thanks T.I., Funny that you posted this today, cause it was something that I was thinking about today. I remember, especially being suprised when someone would show that they cared.

It was so lacking from any Sea Org members I knew, and definitely my mother too.

I am still suprised to find people have hearts and care about others. Being raised that way, so sad. And I gotta admit, it goes both ways, where I have a hard time showing that I care, even when I feel it, I don't show it very well.


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TI and Alanzo, Thanks for the support and imput. You're both right, It's good to be vigilant, but not paranoid. The response to us has been to call us extortionists. Okay. I can see that is their response. It is unwise, no sympathy, and stupid to ignore repeated suggestions to do a bit of PR repair and get 5 Scientologists in good standing to call or visit their father and talk to him. It would do so much good. It is a big point in the Way to Happiness to love and respect your parents or the people who raised you.
Donna asked for a full refund of all money paid from day one to the time she left. It comes to 1.2 million over 10 years. She is a vet, and that group is targeted by a WISE group in Portland that then refered to Orange County and Flag. Big FSM commissions. Then Steve Besio picked her up. Funny he never once called when we were in or leaving or gone from the Sea Org. Holllander is the group. Hollander also stiffed her refund request. We are I'm sure a huge problem to them as we are very vocal OT 7 and 8, Patrons with Honors, Class IV, Ex FSO staff, out here flaping like a flag in a stiff breeze. Talking to anyone with ears.


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Allan Henderson 1930-2007

Allan Dwight Henderson dropped his body at 10:19 AM June 4, 2007 in Auburn , California. He is now back at home, interested in life and watching his garden grow. He was unable to accompany us on a hike to a peak in the Sierras yesterday afternoon, as he was looking for his pants to cover up his corpse. How embarrassing to leave a nude body lying around the morgue in full view! I'll be picking up the pants and delivering them to the crematory later today.:eyeroll:


Bardo Tulpa

I'm sorry to hear about your father.

I remember when my father died. At least I was able to get my family out of Scientology prior to that. We were all together for the funeral, with no one worried about anyone else being an "SP".

Scientology breaks up families.

The proof is right here in this thread.

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Thank you for sharing your heart and your love for your father with the rest of us as your friends.

You have reminded all of us how truly important it is to live with honor and integrity, and the rewards available for caring about the people in front of you.

I am so glad your life unfolded as it did and you remain the Captain of your heart.

I send all forms of white magic to go with your father, and to carry him in good company to his next destination.

You are in good favor with the stars, moon and sun. All that gives light and warmth. Time is on your side. Time is on his side. Here is to the next time you meet again and find you are friends.

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I'm sorry to hear about your father.

I remember when my father died. At least I was able to get my family out of Scientology prior to that. We were all together for the funeral, with no one worried about anyone else being an "SP".

Scientology breaks up families.

The proof is right here in this thread.

Mother in laws are the worst offenders.

Bea Kiddo

Oh my god, may he rest in peace. Thank you for keeping us up to date on current events. I am so sorry to hear he has passed. Knowing other cancer victims (sorry if that word is offensive, I dont mean it that way), I am sure it was finally a relief for him to pass on. I am sure he is in a better place.


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I actually watched my father closely for the last 3 minutes of his life. I watched each breath, the hesitation breaths, the flutter and failure of all the systems. Bodies wear out. They get eaten up by cancers. They become liabilities. I am so glad he is released from that old, worn out body trap. I still hope one day to become cause of having or not having a body at will, and not being the unwanted effect of one. Thanks all of you for your condolences, white healing magic, good wishes. Allan is a happier being tonight. Mike