OSA OP: A Call to Arms


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I actually watched my father closely for the last 3 minutes of his life. I watched each breath, the hesitation breaths, the flutter and failure of all the systems. Bodies wear out. They get eaten up by cancers. They become liabilities. I am so glad he is released from that old, worn out body trap. I still hope one day to become cause of having or not having a body at will, and not being the unwanted effect of one. Thanks all of you for your condolences, white healing magic, good wishes. Allan is a happier being tonight. Mike


You know the truth and so does your dad and, although your relationship will now be different, may it utlimately become an even better one.

I recall how hard it was to "lose" my dad a few years ago, although he was not really gone and I had certainty on that. We still have a relationship - and that will never change. And, so will you with your dad.

It is harder for those left behind, because we have the loss of the relationship as we knew it and are still here, with a lack of a terminal.

You've been a wonderful son, and your dad is very lucky to have your support.

I wish you peace, my friend, and best wishes to you and your dad, as well.



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My condolences.

I'm sure it meant a whole lot that you were there for him and I'd bet that your father understands about the rest of the family, having been involved with the organization himself to a degree.

You can add my best wishes to those being sent Allan's way.


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He passed away knowing you loved him, that's good.
I didn't know him but I hope my thoughts will bring him a good acknolegment for what he has accomplished in this lifetime and best whishes for his future.


So much concern for the world our children
will live in, yet so pitiless
toward our ancestors! If only we cared,
we could remake the past, give our grandparents
a wonderful world to have lived in.

We could decide that Hitler,
in his fondness for Jewish children,
invited them to his palace for ice cream
and cookies and puppet shows; that the
Russian nobles said to Lenin, "I know what!
Let's play everyone-owns-everything!
All this wealth is such a bore!"

We can decide anything we want--
and make it so. Let's decide something
nice. We owe it to our parents.
One day perhaps our children will give us
an even better world to have lived in.​

--Dean Blehert