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Lol, point taken Paul, it's probably because I have a giant monitor and the spaces look like huge barren gaps!

I think you're right though, I should leave space for people to read between the lines and I'll try to remember that from now on.

How am I doing?


Lol, point taken Paul, it's probably because I have a giant monitor and the spaces look like huge barren gaps!

I think you're right though, I should leave space for people to read between the lines and I'll try to remember that from now on.

How am I doing?

Beautiful Panda, much easier to read! :thumbsup: You are doing great!


Lol, point taken Paul, it's probably because I have a giant monitor and the spaces look like huge barren gaps!

I think you're right though, I should leave space for people to read between the lines and I'll try to remember that from now on.

How am I doing?

No doubt Paul will let you know how pleased he is, now that you've stepped up and included spaces.

I'm just gonna butt in tho, and say "you're just doin' grande, poppa bear - and me and other folks are so glad you're there!" :coolwink:


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I resigned my position in the GO when my senior informed me that we wouldn't be having any more trouble from a previously vociferous critic. He was now in a wheelchair after a drunken fall from a third story balcony and could no longer speak!
I don't believe that anyone from the GO pushed him but I do know for a fact that we encouraged his alcoholism and brought him gifts of Scotch Whiskey. To CofS this was a win in the war against critics. To me it just illustrated why the GO was always THE item in every PTS interview I had at that time.
I may tell more about this later.
Love, Panda.

This wasn't a friend of Captain Scott Mayor was it? Or was it Scott?
He drank scotch...a lot of it., too damn much, and he testified in the 1982 CW Commission hearings and for Flynn..
He was my good friend when i was in, and he lived here with me for a year, 3 years before he passed away from a heart attack...I loved that guy..

And I have a couple other incidents close to me I'd like to run by you for profiling..

I have a couple of first hand hair raising stories I can tell but wont web...AND I have all the stuff Bob Minton told me about while he was in settlement talks with Rinder... (*u*K you osa) IN an effort to gain his trust Rinder/OSA made a series of admissions to various incidents...cause I have found through my 15 years in this crazy house of mirrors that what the victims imagine occurred, in order to explain what they saw happen, is OFTEN not what was done, though the end results may be the same.

and I have one very specific question..

Are some of the perpetrators of some of these weird incidents instructed to laugh at the victim after (for example, broadsiding their car??? Ida Camburn recounted this in her story ). I have run into it again recently.. the laughing perpetrator...or are they laughing because they know they will now get the envelope with ten thousand dollars in it?
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Right Arnie,
I've had several VERY awkward moments myself as far as acting normal goes. It can become quite a test of your confront when your target critic pulls you aside and warns you confidentially, "Be aware, we may have a scn'ist try to infiltrate the meeting some time tonight, watch for anything suspicious!" (In this instance it was nothing to do with me being found out, a GO PR had neglected to check with Intelligence before acting, you can probably imagine the MSH-inspired consequences of endangering an ongoing B1 caper, I never saw her again).

from Gary Weber's story and Apology webbed here http://www.Lermanet.com/garyweber/

"Nancy Reitze ordered another mission regarding our Clearwater Mayor, Gabe Cazares. Nancy received intelligence of a meeting of Mayor Cazares at the Veterans of Foreign Wars and that he might say something negative about Scientology. Mayor Cazares unbeknownst to me, had already suffered from a fake hit and run incident and was a targeted for harassment. Deva Holeman and I were told by Nancy to disrupt the VFW meeting.

We went to his VFW meeting and handed out "Freedom News Journals" to the people going in to hear Mayor Cazares. Once the meeting got started Deva and I attended the meeting as spies. Not very good ones, at that, because even though we sat at the very back of the room, Mayor Cazares had already spotted us and was very upset that we were in there. It's comical, looking back and thinking that we could just "blend in" and go unnoticed. That's how arrogant we were. "

Which leads me to a bit of additional data; Intelligence Operatives are a VERY different beast from the PR variety. If you know they're scn'ists they're usually PR or Legal, not Intelligence. One of the most important aspects of Intelligence/Investigation is that it is COVERT.
You must never allow anyone (including scn'ists) to ever realise or see that it's connected in any way to CofS.

I was asked to web this particular document by Ida Camburn, who taught me...titled OPERATIONS OFFICER LINK

"(3) Providing a believable source of an operation, thereby filling the
vacuum, so that Scn. isn't dubbed in as source.
(7) When hitting a group or individual, hitting their finance and comm

(8) Getting an enemy to attack another enemy."

Number 8 above, is the true source of many but not all of the "You are osa" allegations"

Intelligence ops are very often off-lines scn public, working for the Intel i/c. They pose as non-scios or ex-scios and it's CRUCIAL that they have no immediate connection with CofS in case they're caught out. There is always plausible deniability between the operative and the Intelligence i/c; the Op is expendable, the Intelligence i/c is not and, in any case, it's all about distancing CofS from any fallout.
I once had to leave my scn Auditor training mid-checksheet, with all approvals granted in a heartbeat without a CSW, simply because I was now on a GO cycle and couldn't be connected to scn in any way. OSA uses real or apparent Private Investigators for a lot of the out-in-the-open Invest work as far as I can see, the question the critics should be asking themselves is how many of them are actually scn'ists. You'd be surprised at how many PIs and journalists were wolves in sheep-clothing back in my day, and yes, we were all fully accredited. Most, if not all, of CofS' major PR wins against the Psychs are secretly acknowledged as Intelligence wins but just like those damn CIA agents we never got to wear our medals!
There may well be some truth in the idea, "that was then, this is today" but here's the thing from my perspective.
I trained and operated in this area for a number of years. I successfully silenced or derailed hundreds of previously vocal critics. I disrupted meetings, stalled motions and collapsed groups without anyone ever realising I'd done it. I found and flagged hundreds of potential targets, critics who were or might become a danger to scn. I studied much LRH/MSH data on how to go about these activities, data which you'll never see anywhere else in scn. I know the exact techniques for getting critics to fight each other rather than scn and that's what I see happening.
I've mentioned it before, it's like how an artist sees the brush-strokes where others see a painting of scenery.
Why do I bother to tell this in the face of possible scorn and ridicule?
When you see someone about to walk under a speeding bus, the very least you can do is yell, "Watch out!"

Re speeding bus...I have managed to survive long enough to see this day, but I am a fairly resourceful individual, and can do many things to make a living. - At least I used to be able to, before my back gave out...

5 years ago my own electronics business, which I started in 1978 soon after I left scientology, had been pretty much decimated due to strangeness from scientology, and competition from a WISE music store that opened 4 blocks away, so I thought hell, I'm going to have to sell my house, so i detailed it, getting it read for sale.

Then, "Arnie Lerma is a BIGOT" flyers were delivered to all my neighbors, for the 3rd or 4th time,(LINK to pictures), and some new neighbors who had recently bought a house identical to mine before I remodeled it, directly across the end of the cul-de-sac came up to talk to me, as they KNEW whomever left the unsigned flyers was the one who had something to hide.

As they sat in my livingroom, I showed them news clippings and explained the situation and his wife was admiring the circular, curved walls I had put in at great labor, because a) I like curves (what man doesn't) and being a sound man, I knew that b) they sound great.. after I was done explaining my strange excuse for a life, they asked me "who did the work?"

I said *I* did. Her husband was a civil engineer, and asked me if I would consider doing the same thing to their house. - In short, I worked for them for 3 years... here is a picture from the construction phase..

Before (a stock 1953 rambler)

After from SAME angle, same house, looking in same direction (during construction)


And I admit that I don't speak of some of my problems with osa for fear of scaring new folks away...but, the bulk of their 'operations' were MOST effective before the group consciousness called the Internet appeared.. after that everything began to change. The tactics worked best when there was no one would would possibly believe your story, and folks all just knew that you were crazy... because what you saw done WAS in fact CRAZY...

A neighbor of mine, familiar with my strange journey, who is an ex-spook quipped that
"In espionage there are no chance happenings"

"The incredulity of our data, is our best defense" L Rum Hubtoad

"There is nothing as wild in the books of Man as will probably happen here on Earth. And it will happen and be allowed to happen simply because all this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late." LRH
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I think you're right though, I should leave space for people to read between the lines and I'll try to remember that from now on.

:hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical: :hysterical:

You're a funny guy, Panda!

Thanks for this thread! It's easy to get complacent. OSA is definitely stepping up their activity. Additional to the trolling here, three Anons were stalked after the demonstration on the 18th. It's been awhile since that happened.

I, for one, would love to hear some more stories of GO Ops. They are really the most out PR things I can think of about Scientology. OSA gets busier....air some more of their dirty laundry! :coolwink:
My 2 cents worth.

I think this is a really good thread.

There are osa trolls on the board. Feeding them doesn't do us any good but it is IMO a good idea to respond to them with a comment that does not lead into discussion or debate. Just something that says, directly or indirectly,
"Troll". That is the end of their identity in the thread as
a person to be treated as a genuine contributor.

Many board members can spot trolls in the dark, at 5000 paces with a blindbold. But some cannot. And lurkers might not. I think it just short circuits OSA silly games to
call them out.

Sometimes posters can look like trolls. Posters usually question inconsistencies and don't jump to conclusions too quickly so there is no real problem of accusing "everyone" of being trolls.

Some posters are worried that the scene looks a bit paranoid. In my opinion it doesn't. OSA gets talked about, trolls get talked about, but not out of balance with other topics. I don't think people are unduly worried about OSA or trolls. They are just part of the many discussion threads.
And as far as the board goes the (OSA) trolls are so pathetic. They cannot really do anything, they are fairly obvious and really their most basic requirement is to be concealed in their identity as a troll.

To ignore them altogether means that they assume that some or all board readers do not realize that they are a troll, and then they bore us to death with their inane nonsense.

Lastly, as ineffectual as they are, Panda has pointed out that complacency may be unwise.

Also- to Panda, thanks for the part of one of your posts that talks about a specific person who ended up in a wheelchair. That specific kind of report has a very powerful effect, even on those of us who have read about such things before. And I have always assumed that the OSA staff who are actually reading here are a bit lost for words after reading about such facts about their organization's activities.

Dear Panda,

I believe some of OSA's tactics were used on my husband and I many years ago to keep from finding out some truths and to keep our story from the press.

My husband was found to be the why, to criminal negligence, that had nothing to do with him, by being found PTS. One of the Board members doing the investigation was an OSA member. It was enough to introvert him nicely. Unfortunately, if I squinted my eyes and tilted my head and shook it a bit I could make sense of this finding too!

What a terrific idea to post these tactics. To have knowledge is so powerful. One can contol things so easily with knowledge.

I appreciate your input immensely and will use it to regard responses to my story (whenever I finish it) appropriately.

You rock!

I'm sorry that that you had to see how inhumane their acts and attitudes can be. But, thankyou for being there, and now here, to help us see and forewarn us all.

Lots of love,

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Lol, point taken Paul, it's probably because I have a giant monitor and the spaces look like huge barren gaps!

I think you're right though, I should leave space for people to read between the lines and I'll try to remember that from now on.

How am I doing?

Wonderful. Thank you. :)



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OSA Operatives: How-to Guide

Several times over the last few months I’ve mentioned OSA operations as they are applied to Critics of scientology. Each time I mention it I usually get replies that add up to bluster about how inept OSA is, rejections of my comments as paranoia or variations on the “I ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ OSA” type of comment.
I know for a fact that the current OSA is nowhere near as good at what they do as the GO of yesteryear was. They just don’t have the same calibre of personnel or the freedom of action and independence that the GO had.
Regardless, I still consider it a mistake of magnitude to underestimate them.
Many are familiar with the few publicly exposed operations such as "Snow White" and "Operation Freakout" but I wonder how many know about the multitude of successful secret operations run by the GO/OSA?
Believe me, the average scn’ist or Ex wouldn’t know a fraction of it.
On the board here at ESMB there are a number of ex-OSA/ex-GO staff and I thought it might be enlightening to some for these people to inform us of their personal experience, particularly as it relates to “handling” Critics.
I’m sure that the title of this thread will undoubtedly entice the wits (at least half of them) to chip in with repartee but, for the sake of making ESMB a safer place to refer newly-out or wavering scn’ists, I beg your restraint in this matter.

I’ll begin:
Intelligence operatives (GO Bureau 1) operated on the following plan in order to achieve their Valuable Final Product;

“PLANS: Generally to locate every source of opposition to Scientology and the control point of these sources and to reduce their power to ineffectiveness and/or take them over.”

“VALUABLE FINAL PRODUCT: Exterior enemies and attacks located and restrained and/or removed.”

I’ve previously detailed some of the statistics of B1 on another thread. All deal with getting people to shut up, cease attacking, get distracted, change sides, attack someone else, run away, hide etc. I’m sure you get the picture.

Here are examples of just a couple of capers run very successfully in the past, they’re not verbatim but are as close as I can recall AND they’re factual and were done to full success hundreds of times that I know of.
Attend any public meeting/forum/discussion that might possibly touch upon scn and successfully steer the talk away from anything negative about scn if it appears to be heading in this direction. (Positive talk about scn was the arena of PR).
I did this cycle many times and was always 100% effective at side-tracking anything about scn and steering the discussion onto designated enemies of scn.
The designated enemy depended on the nature of the forum, eg: if the forum was religious in nature the discussion might be steered onto psych-abuse, if it was mental-health in nature you might steer it to government or religion, if it was “community concern” in nature you would always be safe steering it to politicians/government etc.
According to my observation, this caper has been resurrected (if it ever went away) and is currently being run on internet message boards and chat rooms with great success. ESMB is no exception. The number of threads and “dangerous topics” derailed is quite spectacular from an OSA point of view and they must be justly proud of the success of their modern-day application of this particular program. It probably also accounts for the presence of a couple of notable scn’ists at the recent Melbourne forum about Kenja. (Ken Dyers, a principal of Kenja, had a scn background and so the discussion might have touched upon scn.)

One method of handling a target Critic.
Contact the target Critic by phone, pretending to be a fellow-critic. Agree with the person’s criticisms of scn and voice your own (*see note on “suitable criticisms” below).
Become more strident and whiney until you successfully annoy the person into refuting something you are saying.
Don’t stop, continue to whine using the reject-buttons (these are from a list written by LRH, buttons that cause people to reject what you’re saying) and refuse to stop criticising, don’t acknowledge or listen to anything the target says. If he/she refutes your data accuse him/her of supporting or being a scientologist.
Don’t stop; keep going until the person hangs up on you. (You may have to repeat this action if unsuccessful on first application.)
This one was imminently successful and, amazingly enough, shut down several high profile radio personalities and State politicians. They never again publicly criticised scn (major B1 points when you achieve this). I never had to call someone twice; they just couldn’t tolerate the idea of thinking of themselves as somehow associated with or anything like this brain-dead, obstreperous, whiney critic of scn (the B1 Operative)!
I believe this caper is also alive and well on various internet boards and chat rooms. (Watch for the completely inane and unreasonable idiot-critic who makes you feel like leaving the chat or board.)

That will do for now, perhaps some of the other ex-GO/OSA crew will chip in or perhaps this idea will just be ignored and ridiculed as fanciful paranoia. Unfortunately, it’s not. One day I may even discover the courage to tell the whole story but many of the actors are still alive and would be hurt or imprisoned for no tangible gain (they’re almost all Ex-scn’ists now).
I decided to post this as a means of making good on some part of the damage I did to the Critic Movement in years long gone. Perhaps if I’d been less effective at my job, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion today.
To those I hurt along the way, I sincerely apologise.
Love, Panda.

* The things on the list of “suitable criticisms” were just general, already widely published views about scn. The only thing that was forbidden was any mention of LRH, that was to be avoided if possible but, of course, it never was. The sci-fi writer background or the “why write for pennies, if you want to get really rich just start your own religion” quote were the most common criticisms of LRH at the time. You listened to it and even agreed but never contributed to this particular line of criticism. Of course, we knew nothing about the abuse and exploitation exposed in later years, we thought we were saving mankind.

Weird, OSA spent $5000.00 to fly a team to Lima to "handle" me last year. I had dinner in a very fancy restaurant with CO OSA LATAM and a mediocre Peruvian lawyer. I signed a stupid piece of paper to make CO OSA happy and kept up my jihad against DM.

For $500 they could've had me shot in Peru.

Go figure.


less effective at my job, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion today.
To those I hurt along the way, I sincerely apologise.
Love, Panda.

Regarding the above, and I hope all will hear this, read this, and take it to heart... Chuck Beatty is excellent about this topic... He doesn't hate people who were bad to him because they were in the same terrible situation... Read his story, he's wonderful to reach out too... and so is Jeff, and Arnie, and Tori... they are amazing people, truly amazing. And maybe the purpose spiritually of them being there and all the sacrifice, made willingly or not, conciously or not, they are out now, educating the masses, putting an end to this terribule Cult / Church whatever you want to call it....

And if it weren't for them, their guidance and support, we would all sorely be in need, for it is their pioneering efforts in the exodus from Scientology that we are where we are today..

And you don't have to feel bad anymore...

Voiceless8C on YouTube... watch their videos. please.

It's over, you're free, you're forogiven, and enjoy what you have now and are building towards,

But thank you for apologizing...

Because it does help, especially 2nd gens.

Panda Termint

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Also- to Panda, thanks for the part of one of your posts that talks about a specific person who ended up in a wheelchair. That specific kind of report has a very powerful effect, even on those of us who have read about such things before. And I have always assumed that the OSA staff who are actually reading here are a bit lost for words after reading about such facts about their organization's activities.
Thank you.

Needless to say, I'd be a lot more specific except for the fact that on most of the Operations undertaken only a handful of people know the details of the actions carried out.

Knowing exactly what happened in certain scenarios points straight to me and several of the players are still actively working the CofS side of the game.

Cheers, Panda.

Terril park

I agree with what you say on your post Terril - however, I believe that Panda was making a different point.

OSA trolls posting on boards who - derail chat, derail threads, come across as lunatics or carping/scathing individuals, stir up emotions of others, etc, etc, etc - de-value that board. People get tired of it and walk. Those who are looking get put off!

I believe that this is a current day damage - that OSA is successfully managing on this board and others. We need to be aware of it - so we don't fall prey to it!

Got that and commented elsewhere.

I think OSA's greatest weapon is peoples fear. People, like a recent poster
who has merely left COS are scared to be identified. Class VIII, and XIIs
who left decades ago are scared to be openly in the FZ.

Those who in various ways rock the boat are possible, even likely targets.
Such as yourself and Feral.

And Panda, surely you can be identified by your posts? Unless your being VERY deceptive.

One thing is for sure, if you have friends and family in COS and don't want to be identified because of possible disconnection problems don't use real names and so forth. One guy did on one of our FZ forums and was called in to the DSA.

Feral has commented how he gave out info that could identify him to
someone he trusted after brief aquaintence here. But I gather he is prominent in informing the local field of matters. And their is an OSA mission
sent to Oz for precisely this reason. Good on ya mate. :)

It seems that different areas have different abilities to contend with from OSA.

For some light relief, here is one of the things Jane Kember posted in a GO document re "enemy lines". Here is an example which DM then made policy.

22. If the orgs had wonderful expensive premises, with deep pile carpets, chandaliers [sic], etc. then they would be successful.



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comment to Panda Termint

You are describing a couple different "PR Capers" as Hubbard called them.
Yes, such things and worse do exist. That can be verified in the Guardian Orders, which have since been renamed OSA Network Orders.
Here is a pointer: They will only attempt something that they think will have some significant chance of success.
If their PR provocations have no effect on you, they will look for another solution.
When they get desperate (and they presently are), they outsource unlawful actions to public doing amends projects or criminally inclined private investigators.
If they have certainty that you will go to the media or law enforcement to report their activities, they will not bother you.
They are terrified of being investigated.


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A Note:

Many current OSA ops involve 'assuming' identities of real people; not in 'name' but in position and then exacerbating them in the hopes of exaggerating actually existing differences of opinion or disagreement.

Not all. It's a mistake to think that OSA runs any 'one' game at a time. Instead, the OSA modality is to be 'Pan Determined' in the sense of 'being all the players in the game' and 'playing against yourself'.

So, it has become popular for OSA to adopt the 'Co$ is Bad' position (since there is no way to dispute it) while stressing the 'Meatballs are stupid and bigoted' refrain.

Why? Because it's a long-standing dispute between 'Zonies' or Independents and non-ex-scientologist critics (and the exes who have 'thrown out the baby with the bath')

So, (I know Fluffy will love this :) ) while I doubt seriously that Fluffy is OSA, *many* OSA Ops adopt her positions as protective coloration in order to 'divide and conquer'.

OSA is ineffective because they have no product to sell. Not because they're stupid or incompetent.

That they're also stupid and incompetent just makes it sillier :)