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Discussion in 'Office of Special Affairs' started by Gottabrain, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

    It occurred to me that most here really don’t know how OSA operates and have not seen original Ops programs firsthand. So sometimes OSA is given too much credit, too much fear, or typical tactics are not recognized.

    I’ll include what I know from my personal experience, and ask that the rest of you who know OSA can add your own info. My info comes from one year as Dir Income USGO (AOLA staff) in 1980 and reading OSA/USGO programs filed by my predecessor in the debtor files, as well as from programs I saw in ethics files from two years as the Dir I&R AOLA. I was fully hatted, as well as OEC and ESTO trained.

    The OSA programs Marty Rathbun posted on Tory Christman and Chuck Beatty are typical. Both Tory and Chuck confirm their accuracy and authenticity. These programs haven’t changed since the ones I saw in the 80s except for the fact they demonstrate less intellect or planning and more harassment and defaming. OSA really isn’t all that smart. Read these and you’ll see what I mean.

    OSA Ops consist of:

    1) Creating and forwarding defamatory statements about those considered enemies. (Black Propaganda) These usually contain a miniscule amount of (innocent) recognizable truth to them, but it is blown up, exaggerated and altered like a funny mirror. Example: John Ex is going through a divorce primarily over financial arguments (truth). OSA accuses John Ex of cheating, being gay, beating his wife, gambling, hiring hookers and abusing his kids (all lies) as the reasons for the divorce.

    These lies are then forwarded as gossip through exScn websites, emails and PMs as well as to C of S Scns through Religious Freedom sites and word of mouth.

    2) Fear and Intimidation tactics. OSA likes to mess with others’ heads. Inconvenient but obvious “messages” are left for the person to back off, including following a person, obviously taking pictures of you, hints that they have a phone number or address and contacts made to friends and family told to leave a message for you. The majority of these are more annoying than dangerous, but if it gets a person afraid to the point of backing off or getting distracted, then it is mission accomplished.

    3) Attempts to cause internal quarrels within a group. (Divide and Conquer) If there is an argument, an OSA Op will add fuel to fire it up and get as many people involved on different sides as possible. The Op will mis-quote, mis-state and intentionally misinterpret what another said in the worst possible way to incite upset. An OSA Op will take it even further, with PMs about being your friend and on your side and having been the victim of the person in the past, while stating they only want peace.

    It’s not brilliant, it’s just sneaky and dishonest. We’ve all known people who have done this sort of thing out of jealousy or other motives, both in or out of Scn. It’s easy to beat by privately asking any with a proven reputation as an Ex who know the person personally and have dealt with him/her, or by immediately contacting the person with which one has a disagreement and sorting things out for yourself.

    4) Legal tactics to intimidate, defame, harass. Restraint orders based on fabricated evidence, no evidence or limited evidence. False reports to police to harass a person and get them investigated. Cut and pieced statements made on the Internet or bits about the person, all out of context and misleading (Moxon technique).

    5) Infiltration of known exScn, Indy or FZ groups.

    Some of the flaws in OSA Techniques include:

    1) A lack of foresight and overall view of the “big picture”. OSA programs are updated every week for “stats”. OSA programs assume the OSA Op is less intelligent than the one writing the program (that entire hierarchy of who is better in the Cult). OSA Ops are, by their nature, limited exclusively to those involved in the Op, so there is little or no info or coordination from other Ops and they sometimes unknowingly work against each other.

    2) The Cult often hires outside agencies to do their dirty work. While these agencies may be good at gathering info and at spying, they are far less likely to actually hurt anyone and they don’t fully understand things from a Scn or Ex viewpoint. The Cult is short of manpower these days, so the majority of Ops are by outside agencies.

    3) OSA plans are simple. Devious, destructive, nasty, but simple. Seriously. Because the people writing them really are of limited intelligence. These are people that must think only with Scn, that have little contact with the outside world and worry about stats every week. Long range planning is rare but when it occurs, the plans are simple because the Data Series on which these are based states they must be. Plans can and are updated regularly – usually weekly – but they are only updated from the birdseye view of the OSA Op. Rarely is the one running the Op smart enough to coordinate different Ops and add accurate info or targets.

    Here is an example: A long range OSA Op plan may include infiltrating different Scn or Anon groups and disrupting things or gaining info. But setting up their own OSA squirrel group and receiving or delivering auditing? Not going to happen. Too complex, too many variables, too hard, requires too many people, too many risks, too much coordination and the OSA Ops would worry about it messing up their cases. As Terril pointed out on another thread, it’s never happened in the past (if anyone knows of an instance, please correct me). OSA Ops HAVE been in David Mayo’s classroom, though. I knew of one who did this, a woman who was working on her A-E steps from being declared. She infiltrated Mayo’s group for 3 months as her effective blow and amends – I signed her formula. She told me they didn’t have student points and a few other things. She was extremely uncomfortable doing it, though. When the Op was over, she was pretty confused over who the good guys and bad guys were. She left the C of S completely a few years later, btw. No, OSA wouldn’t start their own group to deliver Scn outside the C of S. No way. The risks! The Op could turn without their knowing and grab the most damaging materials from the Cult and give them to the Ex’s. Who could be trusted that far and not to be caught? Never happened before and I can’t see it ever happening.
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  2. Ulf K. Maier

    Ulf K. Maier Patron Meritorious

    Thanks so much!

    Hi Gotta :flowers2:

    Thank you very much for this. I understood the "dirty tricks" mindset and some of what is actually done (Op Freakout, for one); but, not the rather limited mentality behind the actual planning and so forth. Most enlightening...
  3. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

    Hiya Ulf! Glad you like! :hattip:
  4. Smilla

    Smilla Ordinary Human

    That's great great info to have Gottabrain - thanks very much.
  5. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    Right on GB.

    They trash around like a wounded shark and thus in a sense are mildly dangerous if you get in the water with them.

    They can't actually relate to the real world at all. So utterly fail.

    Below from Freezone Survivors, companion to religious freedom watch.
    My old mate Dominic is cast as a German secret agent. thus proving Max Hauri's and Rons Orgs connection to German secret agencies.

    The original here filmed in the FZ where they stole footage from. 1&ei=TkCZS92oH5bt-Qb9v8nYAg&q=beginners+guide+to+L+R on+Hubbard&hl=en#
  6. Dilettante

    Dilettante Patron Meritorious


    I know of someone's emeter and materials being stolen. Of course, no proof. :no: I have also had false info passed to me intended to defame or discredit people who became dissaffected. Ewwwww. :eyeroll: The 12 year old mentality and transparency sadden me. Where is the religion in this church?
  7. GreyWolf

    GreyWolf Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good job!
  8. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

    You're welcome, Smilla. I am hoping others will add to this.

    The most comprehensive operations that the Cult of Scientology OSA/GO ever performed were 1) Operation Snow White (infiltrate the FBI and destroy dox about the Church of Scientology), 2) Operation Freakout against Paulette Cooper and 3) the operation against David Mayo and 4) The operation against Larry Wollersheim. Two of these four were suing the Church of Scientology. One was a blatant illegal conspiracy against the government, and the one against Paulette Cooper was an attempt to undermine, stop, quiet, harass and intimidate the leading critic of that time.

    None of these were successful.

    1) Operation Snow White managed to destroy and steal dox but got caught:

    "Involved parties Mary Sue Hubbard, Cindy Raymond, Gerald Bennett Wolfe, Henning Heldt, Duke Snider (not to be confused with Duke Snider, a baseball player of the same name), Gregory Willardson, Richard Weigand, Mitchell Herman, Sharon Thomas, Jane Kember, and Mo Budlong, all high-ranking Scientologists, were convicted and sent to prison for five years.

    Kendrick Moxon was listed as an "unindicted co-conspirator" for providing false handwriting samples to the FBI.[2] Moxon continued to act as an attorney for the Church of Scientology until at least 2000, representing the Church in the Lisa McPherson case.[66][67] L. Ron Hubbard was named by federal prosecutors as an "unindicted co-conspirator" and went into hiding for the rest of his life.[8][14]

    After leaving prison Mary Sue Hubbard was no longer involved with the Church and died from breast cancer in 2002, unacknowledged by the Church."

    2) Operation Freakout, also known as Operation PC Freakout, was a Church of Scientology covert plan intended to have the US author and journalist Paulette Cooper imprisoned or committed to a mental institution. The plan, undertaken in 1976 following years of Church-initiated lawsuits and covert harassment, was meant to eliminate the perceived threat that Cooper posed to the Church and obtain revenge for her publication in 1971 of a highly critical book, The Scandal of Scientology. The Federal Bureau of Investigation discovered documentary evidence of the plot and the preceding campaign of harassment during an investigation into the Church of Scientology in 1977, eventually leading to the Church compensating Cooper in an out-of-court settlement.

    3) At the time of the raid of David Mayo's home, etc, the C of S made huge false allegations against him to involved a number of US agencies. This was during the C of S strongest period in history and when there was little public awareness of the abuses of the Cult. This is what happened to David Mayo. First, he was horribly harassed:

    Then, the Church of Scientology was charged with abuse of the judicial process and David Mayo was awarded 2.9 million in damages:

    and that's where it stands today. He wrote the NOTS materials and the C of S refused or could not supply evidence stating otherwise.

    4) Larry Wollersheim: Summary of harassment:

    End result: "The Church agreed to settle the case and pay an $8.7 million settlement on May 9, 2002"

    So you see, Smilla: GO/OSA Ops are stupid, based on hiding info and altering info, lying, scaring and harassing critics. They are so stupid, that in the end the falsehoods always come forward and they lose.

    So much for the "workable" tech.
  9. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    OSA Operatives: How-to Guide

    BTW, Sheila, your statement; "The most comprehensive operations that the Cult of Scientology OSA/GO ever performed were..." should probably read "The most comprehensive KNOWN operations... etc". Just sayin' :coolwink:
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  10. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    By L Ron Hubbard's own hand . . .

    One way of gaining a partial understanding of how OSA works, is to consider the training material. The following is a list of OSA Network Orders and HCOPLs, all written by L Ron Hubbard and all given to OSA operatives to study and act as a policy framework for their actions:

    OSA NWO 2, 17 Oct 1987 - Investigatory Personnel - (Originally SEC ED Int. 26 April 1966)

    OSA NWO 7, 10 Dec 1987 - Enemy Action - (Originally LRH OODs 12 Nov 1968)

    OSA NWO 9, 5 Feb 1988 - Definition of Intelligence - (Originally LRH Despatch 25 Feb 1968)

    OSA NWO 10, 6 Feb 1988 - Principles of Government - (Originally LRH note - undated)

    OSA NWO 15, 18 Feb 1988 - Black Propaganda - (Originally LRH notes 12 Jan 1972)

    OSA NWO 17, 17 Feb 1988 - The Genus Of Insane Governments - (Originally LRH note - undated)

    OSA NWO 18, 17 Feb 1988 - Why Government Attacks Religion - (Originally LRH advice of 1979)

    OSA NWO 19, 18 Feb 1988 - Wilful False Reports - (Originally LRH advice of 21 Jan 1975)

    OSA NWO 32, 5 April 1988 - Strategic Info - (Originally LRH advice of 6 March 1974)

    OSA NWO 35, 7 April 1988 - Intelligence Estimations and Predictions - (Originally LRH advice of 22 Aug 1973)

    OSA NWO 40, 30 May 1988 - The Mechanism of Attack and Defence - (Originally LRH Tape 6310C21 SH Special - 315 21 Oct 1963)

    OSA NWO 45, 25 June 1988 - Government Allegations - (Originally LRH Advice of Jan 1980)

    HCO PL 21 Nov 1972 - How To Handle Black Propaganda

    HCO PL 11 May 1971 - Black PR

    HCO PL 25 April 1968 - Intelligence Actions

    HCO PL 30 Oct 1962 - Security Risks (Infiltration)

    HCO PL 12 Oct 1982 - Corrupt Activities

    HCO PL 16 Feb 1969 (Reissued 24 Sept 1987) - Targets and Defence

    HCO PL 16 Feb 1969 (Reissued 24 Sept 1987) - Battle Tactics

    HCO PL 17 Feb 1966 - Public Investigation Section

    HCO PL 1 Sept 1969(R) - Counter Espionage

    HCO PL 14 March 1982 - Financial Irregularities

    . . . Scientology at work in your community. (Copies of all available on line or PM me for an email)
  11. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

    What a terrific write-up, Panda! I hope you (and Emma) don't mind if I include the key points you made here, rather than just the link. What you wrote was so good, it deserves to be restated on the Board again:

    "OSA Operatives: How-to Guide
    Several times over the last few months I’ve mentioned OSA operations as they are applied to Critics of scientology. Each time I mention it I usually get replies that add up to bluster about how inept OSA is, rejections of my comments as paranoia or variations on the “I ain’t afraid of no stinkin’ OSA” type of comment.

    I know for a fact that the current OSA is nowhere near as good at what they do as the GO of yesteryear was. They just don’t have the same calibre of personnel or the freedom of action and independence that the GO had.
    Regardless, I still consider it a mistake of magnitude to underestimate them.

    Many are familiar with the few publicly exposed operations such as "Snow White" and "Operation Freakout" but I wonder how many know about the multitude of successful secret operations run by the GO/OSA?

    I’ll begin:
    Intelligence operatives (GO Bureau 1) operated on the following plan in order to achieve their Valuable Final Product;

    “PLANS: Generally to locate every source of opposition to Scientology and the control point of these sources and to reduce their power to ineffectiveness and/or take them over.”

    “VALUABLE FINAL PRODUCT: Exterior enemies and attacks located and restrained and/or removed.”

    I’ve previously detailed some of the statistics of B1 on another thread. All deal with getting people to shut up, cease attacking, get distracted, change sides, attack someone else, run away, hide etc. I’m sure you get the picture.

    Here are examples of just a couple of capers run very successfully in the past, they’re not verbatim but are as close as I can recall AND they’re factual and were done to full success hundreds of times that I know of.

    Attend any public meeting/forum/discussion that might possibly touch upon scn and successfully steer the talk away from anything negative about scn if it appears to be heading in this direction. (Positive talk about scn was the arena of PR).

    I did this cycle many times and was always 100% effective at side-tracking anything about scn and steering the discussion onto designated enemies of scn.

    The designated enemy depended on the nature of the forum, eg: if the forum was religious in nature the discussion might be steered onto psych-abuse, if it was mental-health in nature you might steer it to government or religion, if it was “community concern” in nature you would always be safe steering it to politicians/government etc.

    According to my observation, this caper has been resurrected (if it ever went away) and is currently being run on internet message boards and chat rooms with great success. ESMB is no exception. The number of threads and “dangerous topics” derailed is quite spectacular from an OSA point of view and they must be justly proud of the success of their modern-day application of this particular program. It probably also accounts for the presence of a couple of notable scn’ists at the recent Melbourne forum about Kenja. (Ken Dyers, a principal of Kenja, had a scn background and so the discussion might have touched upon scn.)

    One method of handling a target Critic.
    Contact the target Critic by phone, pretending to be a fellow-critic. Agree with the person’s criticisms of scn and voice your own (*see note on “suitable criticisms” below).

    Become more strident and whiney until you successfully annoy the person into refuting something you are saying.

    Don’t stop, continue to whine using the reject-buttons (these are from a list written by LRH, buttons that cause people to reject what you’re saying) and refuse to stop criticising, don’t acknowledge or listen to anything the target says. If he/she refutes your data accuse him/her of supporting or being a scientologist.

    Don’t stop; keep going until the person hangs up on you. (You may have to repeat this action if unsuccessful on first application.)

    This one was imminently successful and, amazingly enough, shut down several high profile radio personalities and State politicians. They never again publicly criticised scn (major B1 points when you achieve this). I never had to call someone twice; they just couldn’t tolerate the idea of thinking of themselves as somehow associated with or anything like this brain-dead, obstreperous, whiney critic of scn (the B1 Operative)!

    I believe this caper is also alive and well on various internet boards and chat rooms. (Watch for the completely inane and unreasonable idiot-critic who makes you feel like leaving the chat or board.)

    That will do for now, perhaps some of the other ex-GO/OSA crew will chip in or perhaps this idea will just be ignored and ridiculed as fanciful paranoia. Unfortunately, it’s not. One day I may even discover the courage to tell the whole story but many of the actors are still alive and would be hurt or imprisoned for no tangible gain (they’re almost all Ex-scn’ists now).

    I decided to post this as a means of making good on some part of the damage I did to the Critic Movement in years long gone. Perhaps if I’d been less effective at my job, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion today.

    To those I hurt along the way, I sincerely apologise.
    Love, Panda.

    * The things on the list of “suitable criticisms” were just general, already widely published views about scn. The only thing that was forbidden was any mention of LRH, that was to be avoided if possible but, of course, it never was. The sci-fi writer background or the “why write for pennies, if you want to get really rich just start your own religion” quote were the most common criticisms of LRH at the time. You listened to it and even agreed but never contributed to this particular line of criticism. Of course, we knew nothing about the abuse and exploitation exposed in later years, we thought we were saving mankind."

    TO TERRIL: What a disgusting alteration of the original vid and horrible thing to defame your friend like that! Thanks for the post. Great example. :thumbsup:
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  12. Lohan2008

    Lohan2008 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Selected GO and OSA documents

    A remarkable 13-page document illustrating the sort of work with which GO agents were expected to cope on a daily basis. These drills were used to train agents in activities including "spreading rumors", "creating incidents which reflect on others", "third partying" [troublemaking], etc. Live targets were used by the trainee: individuals who were seen as hostile to Scientology, or those who were simply "downstat" [not useful to society].
  13. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Before being allowed to take up OSA duties, Scientologists must under go what's referred to as "The Jo'Burg" - which, in turn, comes from HCO PL7 April 1961 - "JOHANNESBURG SECURITY CHECK". It is a far more stringent sec-check than most. The requirement to pass "The Jo'Burg" is contained in OSA NWO 2 17 Oct 1987 - Investigatory Personnel, as per below:


    (Published here as part of the OSA Training Material per the "Fair Use" provisions contained in law)
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  14. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Blip, Almost every scientologist gets a Jo'burg Sec Check sooner rather than later. It's standard.
  15. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Thanks PT. Tell me, did you ever smuggle any diamonds? ; )
  16. Mark A. Baker

    Mark A. Baker Sponsor

    AND it can be fun & personally liberating when done as a part of an auditing program and not as an ethics action. :)

    Mark A. Baker
  17. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    Thanks much for the useful information.

    A little more on Paulette Cooper. As the linked Wikipedia article explains, the first attempt to have her "terminatedly handled" by having her arrested or committed to a mental institution occurred in 1972. This was called, I think, Operation Dynamite. Two bomb threat letters were sent to a Scientology "Church" and linked to Cooper.

    By that time her life had been thoroughly investigated, and "friends" had been planted near her to "help" her. Cooper was aware of the overt harassment, but (understandably) not of the ongoing covert activities.

    Hubbard seemed to have a special "thing" with women, and when Hubbard became aware that Cooper was in contact with former ("erased") wife, Sara Northrup, that may have put Paulette Cooper at the top of the enemies list.

    Op Dynamite resulted in Cooper being arrested and brought before a Grand Jury. She consented to a sodium pentathol test (truth serum), and the prosecution of her case was called off. Nonetheless, she had not been exonerated, and her life had been deeply affected.

    Still, Hubbard wasn't satisfied. After all, Scientology had come *so* close to succeeding. So another attempt was made to "finish the job," and in spring of 1976 the plans/paperwork for this "op" were put together. This new re-started Op against Cooper was called OP Freak out.

    It was going to be a pure covert op, in that it would begin and end without seeming to involve Scientology in any way. Hubbard's covert Ops tech was going to be used, complete with multiple channels of attack/influence, stage setting (created incidents), suitable guises, etc. Hubbard, fresh from the covert "taking" of Clearwater, Florida - even though he had recently fled Clearwater by car after his cover was blown, ending up in Washington, DC - appears to have been very confident about the effectiveness of his own covert Intel tech, and certain of his own invincibility.

    After all, he had "gotten away with" so much up to that point. And what is known through the Internet is only the tip of the iceberg.

    For example, Paulette Cooper had assembled a three binder collection of Scientology documents having only to do with herself. These were the documents that had been seized by the FBI in 1977. (And the revealing of these documents was incidental, or even accidental, as the FBI was not concerned with Cooper - or any other private citizens or with local government officials - but only with their own affairs, and with government offices and files having been illegally accessed and stolen.) The assembled "time track" on Cooper, featuring every minute detail of her life, was four pages long - legal size paper - in small print. Then came the paperwork of the Ops against her. So far, on the Net, I've seen maybe 1% of these documents.

    So, as previously noted, what is broadly known is the tip of the iceberg.
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  18. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Here - for your fun and personal liberation, relive some pleasant memories:

    (typos as per scan of original)

    . . . enjoy.
  19. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    And for the younger folks - age six through twelve - there's Ron's Security Check for children. Plenty of smiling little faces and floating TAs can be expected. Thank you Ron! :happydance::happydance::happydance::happydance:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex


    HCO WW Security Form 8

    The following is a processing check for use on children.
    Be sure the child can understand the question. Rephrase it so he or she
    can understand it. The first question is the most potent.

    Children's Security Check

    Ages 6 -- 12
    What has somebody told you not to tell?
    Have you ever decided you did not like some member of your family?
    Have you ever taken something belonging to somebody else and never given it
    Have you ever pretended to be sick (ill)?
    Have you ever made yourself sick (ill), or hurt yourself to make somebody
    Have you ever wanted something very much, but never told anybody about it?
    Have you ever gotten yourself dirty on purpose?
    Have you ever refused to eat just to worry someone?
    Have you ever remembered something about yourself and not told anybody,
    because you thought they wouldn't believe you, or be angry at you?
    Have you ever refused to obey an order from someone you should obey?
    Have you ever told another child something that wasn't true, just to
    frighten or upset him?
    Have you ever bullied a smaller child?
    Have you ever deliberately got another child, or a grown-up, into trouble?
    Have you ever pestered older children, or grown people, who were trying to
    Have you ever been mean, or cruel, to an animal, bird or fish?
    Have you ever forgotten to give food or water to a pet entrusted to your care?
    Have you ever broken something belonging to someone else?
    Have you ever deliberately spoiled clothing of yours because you didn't like
    Do you have a secret?
    Have you ever noticed something wrong with your body that you were afraid to
    tell anybody about?
    Have you ever done anything you were very much ashamed of?
    Is there anything about you your parents could not understand, even if you
    told them?
    Have you ever failed to finish your schoolwork on time?
    Have you ever flunked an examination at school?
    Have you ever deliberately given a teacher trouble?
    Have you ever tried to make others dislike some teacher?
    Have you ever tried to make another child unpopular?
    Have you ever broken, damaged, or taken, any school property?
    Have you ever lied to a teacher?
    Have you ever been late to school, or late to a class?
    Have you ever stayed away from school, when you could have gone?
    Have you ever cheated by copying someone else's work, taking notes into an
    examination, or looking up answers in a book when you weren't supposed to?
    Have you ever spoiled things for somebody?
    Who have you made guilty?
    Have you ever done something you shouldn't when you were supposed to be in bed
    or asleep?
    Have you ever told others bad stories about someone?
    Have you ever tried to make others believe that your parents, or teachers,
    were cruel to you?
    Have you ever offered as an excuse for something you have done wrong that you
    are only a child, or that you haven't grown up yet?
    Have you ever felt that your parents and home were too good for you?
    Have you ever felt that your parents and home weren't good enough for you?
    Is there anything you should tell your parents, and never have?
    Have you ever done something to your body that you shouldn't have?
    Have you ever done anything to someone else's body that you shouldn't have?
    Have you ever told anyone that you did something, when you hadn't really done
    Have you ever told anyone that you hadn't done something which you really had
    Have you ever ganged up on another child and made fun of him because he was
    different from the rest of you?
    Have you ever made fun of another because of the way he looked?
    Have you ever decided never to talk to someone again?
    Have you ever made your parents or teachers work harder than they should?
    Have you ever decided that you were too bright, or too smart for the other
    Have you ever annoyed an adult by something you did or said?
    Have you ever hurt a child?
    Have you ever made a child cry?
    Have you ever made a child sulk?
    Have you ever kept another child from having something that really belonged to
    Have you ever found anything and failed to return it to its owner?
    Have you ever told stories about someone behind their back?
    Have you ever lied to escape blame?
    Have you ever not told the whole truth about something so as to protect
    Have you ever felt ashamed of your parents?
    Have you ever felt ashamed of your friends?
    Have you ever disappointed your parents?
    Have you ever run away when you should have stayed?
    Have you ever felt sure your parents wouldn't understand something that had
    happened in school, so you didn't tell them?
    Have you ever not told teachers something about your family because they
    wouldn't understand it?
    Have you ever failed to keep another child's secret?
    Have you ever felt it was just no use talking to someone?
    Have you ever hurt someone you didn't mean to?
    Have you ever been sloppy about your clothes or possessions?
    Have you ever cried when you shouldn't have?
    Have you ever been a coward?
    Have you ever made too much fuss over a little hurt?
    Have you ever tried to make your parents believe you were doing better in
    school than you were?
    Have you ever told on anyone?
    Have you ever teased younger children?
    Have you ever made a mess and not helped to clean it up?
    Have you ever broken or damaged something and never told anybody it was you
    who did it?
    Have you ever let someone else get punished for something you did?
    Have you ever cried till you got your own way?
    Have you ever decided "Someday, when I'm grown up, I'll get even"? If so, with
    Have you ever picked on someone smaller than yourself?
    Have you ever upset anyone by throwing a temper tantrum?
    Have you ever hurt anyone by telling them you didn't love them any more?
    Have you ever made out that you were more badly damaged than you were in order
    to make someone stop picking on you?
    Have you ever pretended to like someone that you didn't like in order to
    satisfy your parents?
    Have you ever done anything wrong according to your own religion?
    Have you ever not understood why someone was angry with you?
    Have you ever pretended not to understand what you had done wrong?
    Have you ever pretended not to understand what someone wanted you to do?
    Have you ever been in places where your parents didn't want you to go?
    Have you ever spied on anyone?
    Have you ever made friends with people your parents didn't approve of?
    Have you ever thought someone was crazy?
    Have you ever broken up a friendship?
    Have you ever let your team, or school, or club down?
    Have you ever tried to keep someone from making friends with another child?
    Have you ever pretended not to hear your parents or teacher?
    Have you ever made a fuss about doing something that your parents or teacher
    wanted you to do?
    Have you ever done something to someone that you'd hate to have done to you?

    Copyright $c 1961
  20. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Blip, Why derail an important thread?
    The Jo'burg and the subject of Sec Checks have already been discussed to death elsewhere on ESMB.