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OSA WUS CSW from 1989


Correct. I remember seeing it on an OSA org board in the late 80s. It may still be there. Why take it off? They would still want to whitewash Hubbard in government files, wouldn't they?


Snow White, the non secret ("legal," "overt") program, was never discontinued. The secret (covert and, often, illegal) Snow White operation was also never discontinued. For example:

See 0.00 to 0.35


1 thread for SP Declares


By any chance, do you happen to have any SP Declares from the 1960s and 1970s?

For example...

Randomly located on the Internet, here's Eileen Vernjack's SP Declare from 1972:


"...they cannot be granted the rights and beingness ordinarily accorded rational beings..."

There are many more from the time before the early 1980s. Some one needs to begin assembling these before they are lost forever. :)


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OK. For example: 1 thread for SP Declares, another one for OSA-related documents, another one for Flag Orders, etc.

That's fine, unless maybe you want to group OSA-related documents by operation; for instance (and I don't know what you have), all OSA dox related to Paulette Cooper in one thread, etc.

I read your FAQ note. I suppose you won't permit posting complete HCOBs or HCOPLs that contain a copyright notice. From what I understand, snippets from copyrighted material is allowed, is that correct?

Yes, basically what Moderator 3375 said:

Yes, no posting of complete articles or HCOPLs etc, and only "Fair Use" posting of anything copyright, adding a link to the original for anything that is quoted.
Mod 3375

If there is a place online elsewhere that the complete HCOBs or HCOPLs are posted, a link to the complete thing would be good. There's a freezone site in another country that has complete works, but I can't remember where it is right now, maybe someone else knows, or else I can look for it.

ESMB's server is in the US, so we have to go by US Copyright law, which is vague at best as to what is actually fair use. The way it's written, basically, if it's questionable whether it's fair use, and the owner decides to make an issue of it, you'll find out when a judge rules. We want to avoid having to get that far. :unsure:


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Snow White, the non secret ("legal," "overt") program, was never discontinued. The secret (covert and, often, illegal) Snow White operation was also never discontinued. For example:

See 0.00 to 0.35

This doesn’t really surprise me for several reasons. It was an original LRH order. These can have a life of their own and even though they may constitute that “Hidden Data Line” that theoretically doesn’t exist, they may be regarded as infallible just like Policy Letters and Technical Bulletins.

Snow White was always represented to Scientologists and staff as a noble fight against oppression and government conspiracy that went awry due to rogue elements in the GO and an overzealous government response over the "theft" of copy paper. It would make sense that it would be continued as a “reformed” effort to carry out LRH’s original pure intent.

Ursula nails it:

Ursula Caberta.jpg

Ursula Caberta - “Scientology is a new type of political extremism. If their political aims were implemented, we’d be living in Europe or elsewhere, in a sort of psycho-dictatorship."


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Well that is damn interesting news. I had always assumed (stupidly) that once the GO got nailed that they would have cancelled that BS, but of course they didn't. Still have to comply with the Old Man's crazy orders no matter how many dead bodies get stacked up on the front porch, lol. I'd just never seen these internal OSA orders and communications. These are fascinating. Please continue posting.