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OT 8 parents declared Suppressive Persons for refusing to disconnect from son

La La Lou Lou

Ha! Good new travels fast lol

I'm Nick Lister - the catalyst for this particular case of bullshit disconnection.

No the income source did not dry up. They declared wealthy friends of mine as well as my parents who aren't bad off. I'm also not on welfare.

How did this get up here so quick? This only happened last week. I'm impressed. You guys are on top of your game :)

I fully support all harassment and spreading of truth any of you engage in with the Church and spreading what really goes on. Growing up in a cult has it's down sides, believe it or not. But most of you seem like you've still got your powers of reasoning intact, so go on and use them to the fullest, you little rebels, you.

Welcome Sire!

Looking forward to hearing more from you, especially any up to date news.