OT Summit - Maiden Voyage Events July 09


From: Scientology Events Unit <[email protected]>
Subject: OT Summit - Global Awakening
Date: Wednesday, July 1, 2009




OPENING NIGHT: MOVING INTO 2010 AND BEYOND. On Opening Night Chairman of the Board RTC briefs all Scientologists on the unparalleled expansion of Scientology as we move into 2010 and beyond. You’ll see the cont-by-cont review of OT Ambassador accomplishments, news on our Basics and OT boom at the top of the Bridge as well as some very hot news on Ideal Org – and a lot more, including a unique and exciting new release.

IDEAL ORG SUMMIT: AN “INVITATION FOR FREEDOM” CONVENTION. The next day there will be an “Invitation for Freedom” convention for all Scientologists. It will cover in detail the use of the new release and how it will impact your city. In addition all OT’s are invited to also attend an OT Committee Ideal Org Conference which covers how to speed local Ideal Org projects.

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Opening Night
Pacifica Base & Flag Land Base – Friday, 3 July
Most Other Churches of Scientology – Saturday, 11 July
Contact your org for more details about the OT Summit Events.