Elisabeth Anstrin Freewinds 1 1989-12-01
(AKA Lisa Anstrin)

Swedish woman, she was SP declared, I don't quite remember if it was in 1990 or 1991, for financial irregularities as a Flag FSM, along with other people such as Kjell Westphal and Henrik Palmqvist.

Even though she was declared, we used to hang out for a while, we were neighbors in a town quite far from Stockholm. I wasn't out, but I wasn't onlines (debts, freeloader bill). Being a nice girl, I remember writing a probably longwinded and confused petition to IJC to be allowed to stay in contact with her, and surprisingly got a reply, it was somewhat ambiguous but could be interpreted as that is was okey if I wasn't onlines.

She never expressed doubts in scientology, she thought the SP declare would be resolved soon (around 1994-95).

I'm not really going to write more personal stuff. I went to university, was introduced to the internet, and also moved away to another city. We never had an argument about me publicly criticizing the CoS, but we quickly drifted apart.

Now she is back in. Her facebook friends list is predominantly made up of old (in their 50's-60's) scientologists, the few that are left in Sweden I guess. I can't quite figure out where she lives, she is still listed in that smaller town, but also featured on the web page of the scientology school in Stockholm as their school nurse.

I doubt that she will ever leave.


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I was just wondering today if there are more OTVIII and 7's out than left in now. :unsure::unsure:

My modest observation is the OT8 is the ejection seat from scn.

Along the way on 7 so many are given such crazy indications they throw up their hands & walk away claiming they are stuck at the tollgate to the bridge.