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I'm finally finishing my advanced training in Metapsychology. :) I'm doing the workshops now, and will soon be able to deliver and discuss the "upper sections".


How long did it take to get that training completed?

It really depends on how much a person has studied prior to arrival. It went quickly because I have a command of the subject. I still needed to demonstrate correct protocol and get session results (both as a viewer and as a facilitator).

I won't be certified on any of it until I've delivered fifty hours of each section to a video pass and gotten at least one person through the entirety of their Curriculum.

Claire Swazey

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Fluff takes another shamanism workshop and makes a comparison

Just took my third shamanism weekend workshop. I really liked it. This weekend we studied psychopomp work- where a person may go when they die, mapping the lower and upper worlds, helping those who are dying.

I went on a number of shamanic journeys. I had some neat things happen. I won't go into it too much as it's pretty subjective and might not resonate with everyone. Yes, it's also pretty personal but most people who've known me for a while know that I generally don't mind sharing experiences and anecdotes. I will just share this: I was asked to find a deceased relative, so I went to find my Dad. I did find him, I felt. I thught he looked a lot like he did in pictures of him as a young man. He barely remembered me. He has a very vague recollection, it seemed. I told him some stuff I was doing that I thought he'd find interesting but he wasn't really all that interested. But I felt it was ok, as he seemed happy.

I hazard a guess (this is not something I was told, it's just my personal guess) that these upper and lower world places where souls go after death may be what Hubbard thought of as the between lives areas. I don't think his impressions- which he presented as gospel- were always correct. People tend to see things through filters; societal, religious, personal- you name it. Hubbard had his but he didn't really admit it.

I am finding all this very rewarding and it resonates with me. What I like is I can go do something and experience something right away. In CofS, it was blah blah, set ups, blah blah are your objectives in? C/Sing. You're not sessionable. You didn't "metab" so here, we'll stuff you full of calories, or your ethics aren't in so you can't have auditing, or you haven't got the money so you can't have auditing, you're PTS, you're no longer clear, you took a pill....and on and on. I know that quite a few people here don't think there's anything good in auditing. And most here know that I don't hold that opinion. But one thing perhaps most of us can agree on is that the cult makes it incredibly hard to get auditing when a person wants to have it, and they do everything they can to induce and facilitate the craving for auditing, the feeling that it is necessary.

So my point here is that I feel that with shamanism, I can go and do it without all this red tape and expense and shit. Plus, I feel like I'm experiencing something very real. I had some wins with auditing, but I never knew what they'd be or when and the "cogs" seemed ephemeral and fleeting. But you know, going to another realm and meeting a loved one- even a guy like my Dad (whom I loved but if I were to say the relationship was problematic, that would be the understatement of the year- LOL! But it's ok now, for real!)- that's not fleeting. I will always have that.