Our Collective Intention


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I was reflecting on unfortunate incidents which occurred in my area in December.

On December 14th, 2009, the All Saints’ Anglican Church (Whitby, Ontario) was severely damaged by a suspicious fire. An empty can of gasoline was seen outside the building on the morning of the attack.

Again, on the 25th at 5am, the St. Phillips Church (Oshawa, ON) was torched by someone who, police say, had broken in to start the fire.

These are real examples of religious hate. It is saddening to see that it occurs.

I then reflected on my conversations with OSA Canada, and the claims that sites such as ESMB are anti-religious sites.

If one truly intends to destroy a church, apparently all one needs is a gas can and a psycho. These things are not hard to come by in today's society.

I am well aware that the members of ESMB are independant, and do not constitute a group. In consideration of staff members' claims that this is a group, I reflected on the statements by Scientologists who believe this site is anti-religious.

If this were true, then why is it that nowhere in the world has this occured to a Scientology church? If this 'group' did harbour such intentions, then it would have already happened many times.

One is led to the conclusion that this group does not intend to destroy the church.

One then asks, 'what is the intention of this group?' (if you call it a group).

I believe the collective intention is to bring about a sense of honesty and decency that any person would expect of a religious organization, by raising awareness of the current lacking of these qualities in the overall function of the organization.

And many here might not have had enough experience to realize a need for specific change, but eventually will.

While we will never agree (since we are not a group anyway) on exactly how to achieve this, I believe that we all share this intention, to the degree that we are aware of the untruths and injustices within the organization.

I know that we all agree that violence is never a solution.

History teaches us that lesson every day.

-Wiseman of the Watchtower


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I not mean to offend, this is my opinion.

I think this as a stated purpose is like suggesting you should get Madoff to stop commiting crimes by admitting that he is stealing in the first place. scientology cannot exist without the lies.

I agree that some here, are not hostile in their intent, but when the truth is known, and I mean ALL of the truth, it is my opinion that a person cannot remain a scientologist.


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Why should there be a collective intention? Each individual here has his own intentions, firm or not. Theoretically speaking, you could lump all these intentions together and call it a collective intention, but it would still be a misnomer for a huge group of individual intentions.

It's about as meaningful as talking about a collective enzyme count.