Panorama: Secrets of Scientology (Showing BBC1 28th Sept 2010 9pm UK)


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1,000 IRS Agents all auditing Scientology, just like the OT VII's who were all auditing with Scientology and able to bring down the Berlin Wall?

I believe that this would result in some truly incredible case gain for the entire planet! :yes::D

It just so happens that when I joined the SO back in 1988 in Clearwater that instead of doing the usual MEST work on my EPF I was given a Squirrel version and assigned to the ATF (Audits Task Force) where I helped prepare a room full of files for the auditing session prior to the arrival of the IRS. :coolwink:


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Subscribed. Since them Berlin Wall amazing OT VII's failed to prevent 9/11 and few other things, 1,000 IRS Agents auditing "CoS" sounds only fair.

I think you are mistaken on your facts.

After the terrorists attacked on 9/11, our OT's by passed the wogs who let that flap happen, assigned danger and handled the situation and any danger in it.


Wog Screwup​

In case you didn't notice it, there has not been one domestic terrorist attack in the US for the past 9 years! That's our OT's at work! Well done guys, take a huge win!

Now let's compare the tragic Twin Towers to a real OT operation...the SuperPower Building.


Terrorist-Free OT Building

Notice that the building is still in perfect mint (unused) condition because Ron's advanced OT security tech is so powerful no terrorists (including Scientologists) are even able to get inside the building.


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Interesting development is that over on Marty's blog Richard Behar has made an appearance, commenting on the upcoming BBC Panorama program to air September 28 and chatting with Marty and Mike, at

Behar is the Time magazine reporter who wrote the famous 1991 cover story, "Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power" at He was subjected by OSA and the church to extreme harassment for many years thereafter.

It's interesting how the passage of time can produce strange bedfellows. I bet any exes or indies who were in the cult 19 years ago, who likely refused to read the article then, would read it on the newsstand today and believe every word.

(I was one of those folks.)

What a difference perspective makes.


I find it interesting that he reports on Marty's blog that the reason he didn't ever do a follow-up was ten years of litigation that so consumed his time and energy...wonder who originated/orchestrated that "ten years of litigation"?

just wonderin'

Exciting. Let's spread more buzz

This is immense.

I bet it was difficult for them to edit it down to a 1 hour programme, what with there being so, so much fail.

Can I suggest we try to spread some more buzz on Twitter?

They Are Gaming The Twitter

Right now, the RTC drones have registered multiple twitter accounts. They are using a web app called SocialOomph to flood (spam) twitter with RSS feeds from their propaganda. You have to pay for that service but they can afford it.

The result is that when someone looks at the firehose for Scientology they see (mostly) their propaganda

Twitter is supposed to be democratic but they can game it by using $$$$ £££ and their slaves.

Please join Twitter. It takes 2 mins to sign up!

Suggested tweet:

Just 7 until the spotlight shines, once again, on #Scientology. No group is above the law

[Brits can use the hashtag #StupidScientology in support of Councillor John Dixon]

Also: retweet this from BBC Panorma



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It's quite disturbing how thin Mike Rinder appears back in 2007 compared to how he looks today. Looks like these days he's actually getting fed properly:

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It's quite disturbing how thin Mike Rinder appears back in 2007 compared to how he looks today.

Yes, it IS disturbing! Especially in that 3'rd picture you posted.
He definitely looks dramatically better these days.


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I can't watch this promo here in Germany :-(

Courtesy of quentinkrisp, here's a new BBC promo:

Unfortunately I can't watch this promo here in Germany - when I click on start the following information appears:
"This video contains content from Believe and Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your country."


Does anybody know how I could watch it anyway?



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John may never have looked forward to picking someone up at the airport as much as he anticipated Mike Rinder. I cannot fricking wait.:drool: