Panorama: Secrets of Scientology (Showing BBC1 28th Sept 2010 9pm UK)

Lynn Fountain Campbell

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Uhmm.. Sweeney apologises for impersonating an exploding tomato.. But in fact he doesn't need to. What he did was show us the way!

Just imagine.. Scientology's 'body routers' out in front of their 'orgs' suggesting personality tests to people.. If people always did the exploding tomato exactly like John Sweeney showed us..

Screaming at the top of their lungs about 15 centimeters from the scientologists nose:

"No! - I will NOT have a personality test!!! - YOUUU will leave me alone!!"






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The Mirror has an article up about the show - you don't need to register to recommend the show or up-vote the comments ; )


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Yeah /\ THIS

Yes ... I just saw that on the other thread ... how incredibly stupid.

And, how incredibly predictable.

They really do have no idea how to conduct themselves in the real world!


Yeah, this. Isn't it ironic, scn was to make super beings in this world, higher functioning beings - in this world - to save this world.

Instead it ended up duplicating in scilons what lrh did in his own paranoid sick life. LRH hid himself from the world, in fear, and built fortesses to keep the world away and out of his life.

Look at scilons/scn/co$/dm today - Surrounded by fortified fortresses, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to keep the real world away from these so-called superior beings, who shiver in fear at the real world and opposing views, who hide, disconnect, deny - from anything that questions their lives, so they can go on pretending they are superior and saving the world from itself.

If it wasn't so incredibly sad and tragic, it would be laughable . . .

Scilons need to be saved from themselves . . . No, wait, not from themselves, make that - from scn/co$, they need to be saved from lrh/dm/scn/co$.

Sigh . . . Anyone see light at the end of the tunnel (yet)? I've been reading too many tragic histories lately, and it has me a bit down. :bigcry:

PANORAMA - I NEED to see it NOW ! Renew my Spirit ! The sad and tragic histories are the reason WHY !

Sharone Stainforth

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Thanks to a coleague at work this morning I was able to listen to odd snippets on Radio One about tonights episode of Panorama.

It gave me an opportunity to inform a few who didn't know, about the galactic overlord XENU.Now they understand why I have been pushing Panorama for the last couple of weeks.

When I went into work this morning I announced that I had seen a front page of Freedom magazine with an expose about John Sweeney by the 'church'of scientology. I got a few bemused looks and incredulous stares, and then Radio one did the rest. It was great! Thank you Radio One.

And, a big Thank you to Sponge on OCMB for putting that Freedom pic up.

Can't wait to see the full programme.


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BBC1 - Panorama: Secrets of Scientology

ABOUT TO START everyone.

BBC1 - Panorama: Secrets of Scientology

ABOUT TO START everyone.

BBC1 - Panorama: Secrets of Scientology

ABOUT TO START everyone.

BBC1 - Panorama: Secrets of Scientology

ABOUT TO START everyone.


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Panorama are broadcasting the infamous telephone recoding of Rinder getting abuse from his wife and son in the car park :)