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Patient Sues Scientology-Based Clinic


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"SANTA ANA, Calif. (CN) - A man tried to kill himself at a Scientology-affiliated detox clinic after its "purification rundown" took him off his prescribed medicines in a "quick taper," the man claims in court.

William Sweeney sued Pur Detox, and Dr. Allan Sosin in Orange County Superior Court, alleging negligence, medical malpractice and negligent supervision."



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Case No. 30-2012-00597715-CU-MM-CJC
Filing Date: 09/13/2012

William Sweeney - Plaintiff
Allan Sosin - Defendant
Pur Detox, Inc. - Defendant


http://www.occourts.org/online-services/case-access/ (copy of the complaint & other docs can be purchased online)

Sweeney's attorney: http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/90232

Entity Name: PUR DETOX, INC.
Entity Number: C3016334
Date Filed: 06/14/2007
Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
Entity Address: 751 S WEIR CANYON RD #453
Entity City, State, Zip: ANAHEIM CA 92808
Agent for Service of Process: EUGENE MOORE
Agent Address: 2500 E. COLORADO BLVD #330
Agent City, State, Zip: PASADENA CA 91107

California Medical Board..

License No. G21912
Address: 4 Hughes, Suite 175, Irvine, CA 92618
Address of Record County: Orange
License Status: Renewed & Current
Public Record Action(s): None
Original Issue Date: March 29, 1995
Expiration Date: January 31, 2013
Year Graduated: 1969






Eventually people will look around a bit more when researching rehab centers for their loved ones, or whatever. Not soon enough, and unfortunately too late for far too many.
The more cases brought to light of fraudulant claims by certain institutes, fraudulant methods, just plain ol' fraud!, the more knowledge of how certain aspects of detoxification applied via LRon etc. that get exposure, the more lives will be spared.
The useless and dangerous shit expounded to by the money-grubbing grifters who base their crap on false idealistic 'we are the experts' (no scientific basis) theory needs to be brought into public domain via 'TAGS' on articles people find: I think this is important for folks to remember when they post new threads etc. ~ we want everyone to find this stuff!

Rock On Anons, Ex's, Critics, and those fighting for justice, truth, and knowledge! :dance:


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These people (the Pur Detox charlatans) are just plain stupid and extremely arrogant - a very bad combination. A "rapid taper" off of Seroquel often results in severe clinical depression. At the very least they should have monitored him very closely.


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I have sent the following to the lawyer for the plaintiff:

Dear Mr. Phillips,

I noted your name listed as attorney of record for the William Sweeney vs. Pur Detox. I have an interest in Scientology, Narconon
and related programs. I've been studying Scientology and its front groups since 1997, when I became interested in exposing the
truth about these numerous organizations.

As you are probably aware, Pur Detox has ties to Narconon and Scientology. In fact, Pur Detox is a franchise designed to funnel
people through its program into a Narconon facility.

I don't want to overwhelm you with information. Curiously, some pages have vanished from the Pur Detox website, describing the
benefits of owning your own Pur Detox facility.

Of particular interest to the Sweeney case, here Pur Detox claims to be expert in "psych drug" recovery, as opposed to Narconon's
expertise with "street drugs."

"Pür Detox will never accept a person who should be on the Narconon Program. We are experts at handling psych/medical drugs.

Narconon handles street drugs. Its pretty clear cut. If someone arrives at Pür Detox and should be at Narconon, then we will send

them onto Narconon. If Narconon has a person who should be at a medical detox, whether for a quick med detox or that the person

isn't qualified for Narconon then Narconon will send them to us..."

The page this is from, http://www.purdetoxfieldrep.com/index.html, has been removed.

Dr. Allan Sosin is listed in our database of Scientology Service Completions. He is a Scientologist. The relevance of this shall be

made clear.

He is currently Not a member of the AMA
4 Hughes # 175
Irvine CA 92618
License # G 21912
Not Board Certified
Office Phone: 949 600 5100

Having established this, it is necessary to look at Narconon and its affiliates. These programs are directly associated to

Scientology, Inc. THIS IS OFTEN DENIED IN COURT. They will infer that Narconon programs are "based on the teachings of L. Ron

Hubbard," Scientology's founder. A man who, incidentally, dropped out of college and had nothing in his history that might qualify

him as a drug rehab founder.

This page, from Narconon-exposed.org, shows Narconon's position on Scientology's corporate chart.

In Narconon's infancy, they were more open about their links to Scientology. Here is a scan of the 'Narconon News,' a newsletter put

out for internal consumption within Scientology. It describes the Narconon program as "the bridge to the Bridge."

I know that courts often treat out of state evidence as irrelevant. In Narconon's case, it is important to understand that every

facility operates in identical fashion as laid out by L. Ron Hubbard.
It is very important that the program's steps are followed to the letter, as it is a high crime within Scientology to "alter the

tech." So, the programs are identical, their practices are identical, they all benefit from advertising, their staff are trained and

selected by the same methods.Narconon representatives or a team from the umbrella entity, Association for Better Living and

Education (ABLE) may be sent out to ensure that the program is followed to the letter.
"d. NARCONON INT and ABLE may, if NARCONON or ABLE ever deems it necessary or
advisable, send a corrective mission to CENTER to correct any deviation from the standards,
specifications or guidelines of NARCONON INT, and CENTER shall compensate NARCONON INT or
ABLE, as the case may be for all of its reasonable costs and expenses of the corrective action, including
reasonable travel and living costs of personnel and reasonable charges for the time of such personnel at
NARCONON INT's or ABLE's standard rates for such corrective action."

Some important points to know:
Narconon counselors are often fresh out of the program themselves.
Part of the Narconon program is certified by CARF, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Interestingly, one of the directors of Narconon, W. Kent McGregor, was also working for CARF at the time Narconon acquired it's

accreditation from CARF.

Because the CARF accreditation is accepted by the state of California, Narconon and affiliate programs are listed on SAMHSA's

website as approved. This is not an endorsement, they only list state approved programs.

Narconon staff have no training in addiction therapy, as the program consists of L. Ron Hubbard material. Legitimate drug counselors

are licensed, and must be clean for two years before applying.
Narconon counselors are unqualified to care for substance abusers.

There are many cases of Narconon staff confiscating prescribed drugs from clients. One such case occurred in California, at Narconon

Watsonville, aka Vista Bay. In this case, Narconon staff confiscated prescription drugs from a client they knew to be schizophrenic.

This act led to the death of the father of the young man, who strangled him to death as he drove home from the Narconon facility.
http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst/Stop-Narconon/Lawsuits/Evans/Evans Vs. Narconon.pdf

Along with this death, there has been one case of unsupervised clients driving into town to buy heroin, resulting in a death from


There has been plenty in the news about a series of deaths at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. In the most recent, a woman who was

clearly impaired was left alone in a room. She was found dead the next morning. Stacy Dawn Murphy died July 19, 2012.

Here is an account of another death at the same facility:

And finally, I would like to make the observation that Scientologists on the stand seem incapable of making a yes or no answer. They

will prevaricate, run off on a tangent at any opportunity.

They will start reeling off statistics; how many "millions" have been helped, how many new churches have opened, the square footage

of said buildings, etc. Before you know it, they've wasted 30 minutes of the court's time. Given an opening, they will start

lecturing the court on statistics of drug abuse, how society is in a downward spiral, and the evils of psychiatry. Their tactic is

to delay and drag things out. I have seen these tactics work in court. I've seen Scientologists allowed to drone away on the stand,

not addressing any relevant issue and boring the hell out of everyone.

Now, I'm sure you're a busy guy and all, so you probably won't have time or inclination for this; but a while ago, an ex-

Scientologist named Anon Sparrow was arrested for exercising his First Amendment right to protest outside the Washington DC

Scientology building. The charges were spurious; stalking and, later on, the plaintiff suddenly "remembered" he was also exposing

himself. She didn't mention this to the cops who responded to her complaint, nor did she include it in the 14 page letter she sent

to the police lieutenant the following day. The lawyer for the defendant, Tom Keys, was well informed by his client, and used the

information well. I'm not a huge fan of legal documents, but the transcript for this case is extremely entertaining, as Keys

repeatedly derails the Scientology tried-and-true tactics that worked for them in the past. Especially amusing is Keys questioning

the plaintiff on the stand. He did it exactly right. You can download the transcripts here if you're interested.

I think that about covers it. I sincerely hope you have some knowledgable advisors helping you with this case, because Narconon is

Scientology and Scientology is not your normal play-by-the-rules organization.

As L. Ron Hubbard said,

"Handling truth is a touchy business also. You don't have to tell
everything you know -- that would jam the comm line too. Tell an
*acceptable truth*.

Agreement with one's message is what PR is seeking to achieve. Thus
the message must compare to the personal experience of the audience.

So PR becomes the technique of communicating an acceptable truth --
and which will attain the desirable result.

If there's no chance of obtaining a desirable result and the truth
would injure then talk about something else.

-- L. Ron Hubbard
HCOPL 13 August 1970 Issue II PR Series 2,
in the Volunteer Minister's Handbook


write that down in your book in great big letters.

-- L. Ron Hubbard
Technique 88

And here is a thread about a similar facility...not a Narconon Inc.facility, more like the Dana Point set up.

Well, I hope I remembered everything I wanted to tell you. If I can be of any assistance, let me know.


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In a comment on Mike Rinder's Blog today there was a link to this thread. I wonder how the case went. And if it would be useful in the ongoing case about fraudulent use of NAFC


These people (the Pur Detox charlatans) are just plain stupid and extremely arrogant - a very bad combination. A "rapid taper" off of Seroquel often results in severe clinical depression. At the very least they should have monitored him very closely.

Seroquel is a pretty heavy duty anti-psychotic drug.

One would have to be having some rather severe mental problems to have that drug subscribed....IMO
From: http://forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.net/index.php/topic,11471.msg35457.html

"I am hearing rumors of not paying employees. Other than wage and labor board, is there any recourse for these employees?

Possibly this, but it would require proving legally that Pur Detox is Narconon: http://forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.net/index.php/topic,11997.0.html

Quote from: ethercat on November 21, 2012, 09:10
The complaint states:
It is the intent of this collective action to apply to all similarly situated employees of Defendants regardless of location, such that the scope of this collective action is nationwide and includes each and every State in the United States at which Defendants have been doing business within the three (3) year statute of limitations period between November 2009 and the present.

So anyone reading who has worked at ANY Narconon during that period of time may want to contact the attorneys in this case to be included:

Gregg I. Shavitz, Esquire ([email protected] domain below)
Keith M. Stern, Esquire ([email protected] domain below)
Shavitz Law Group, P.A.
1515 South Florida Hwy, Suite 404
Boca Raton, Florida 33432
Telephone: 561-447-8888
Fax: 561-447-8831
Website: http://shavitzlaw.com

I don't mean to poach this off of a"Tipping Point" thread, but I think it's important information to share on this topic. There may be a current or former employee who would be willing to testify, etc.