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Patrick (Pat) LueFan

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I was recently dismayed to hear that Pat LueFan passed away July 22, 2018, at age 66. He hit a guard rail on his motorcycle and was thrown. No other vehicles were involved. He lost his wife, Ann, to cancer in 2016. They had two children, Lindsey and Hamilton. He was in Scientology in the early '70s and was involved with the New York org and the 5th Ave. mission in New York and eventually moved to Clearwater. He was still in at the end. Pat was very energetic and a big-hearted soul. It feel surreal to write this. RIP Pat.



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RIP, Pat :(


I knew you before you became a Scientology zealot, when you were a fun restaurateur in Hoboken, NJ working hard to be the best. You had a sense of humor then. This is how I chose to remember you, even while reading of your avid participation in Scientology activities...

I'm sorry you put all of your thought & energy into becoming, and then being, a diehard scientologist. Apparently your most recent services at Flag did not live up to their expectations:

Pat Luefan SUPER POWER® RUNDOWNS Source 251 2018-04-01
Pat Luefan SURVIVAL RUNDOWN™ Source 251 2018-04-01
Pat Luefan CAUSE RESURGENCE RUNDOWN® Source 252 2018-06-01

I hope the police found the witness who drove through the accident scene, as mentioned in this article.

I pray for your 2 children. :(