Patty is interviewed about Aussie Narconon


That was hard hitting. Great job Pooks. Wow! You looked totally calm, collected and like you knew exactly what you were talking about -- the expert.

I told you I was trouble

Suspended animation

Yes, calm and collected were the words I was thinking of as I watched it, your points were really well made (Pooks) using straight speak and without any rancour.


Purple Rain

It was a great segment and you came across really well, I thought. You were very credible. Thank you for doing that.

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This is a recent show? I missed it. Good stuff Patty, tell it like it is.
Did I ever mention I had the unfortunate experience of doing the Purif with Nerida back in the mists of time? :omg:


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That's an oldie but goodie that should be seen and shared more. Thanks for posting it.
Originally it was posted on youtube in Apr 2008

NarCONon EXPOSED in Australia (Today Tonight Report)
Uploaded on Apr 4, 2008 by Tub3dYou
and on Sept 2008 by VengeanceIsAnon