"Paulette Cooper Fair Gamed L. Ron Hubbard."


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As late as 2006, Paulette Cooper was targeted by a supposed crazy man for a frivolous charge of libel because she had said he was a felon, and no evidence could be found for it. He was suing her for libel..

Seems the original charge was in Arlington Virginia and I went to the court house and browsed through the files and found a reference to the felony conviction despite the fact much of the internal file's contents seemed to be missing...

The use of apparently crazy mixed up people for operations is a shared tactic of intelligence agencies and of scientology. because it provides plausible deniability, and of course, we will try to be reasonable, and just figure "oh they have a screw loose" when in fact they are being paid to cause disruptions and weirdness and waste people's time.

A guest staying with me, the owner of this vehicle:


with this tag:


was repeatedly harassed by apparently crazy street people at her place of work, however, having already made friends with the local skateboard kids in that neighborhood (Luckily she listened to my advice given HERE) , and having asked them to be a lookout, having explained the situation re $cientology beforehand..., - At first she thought she might be paranoid....but she found out she was not going crazy herself, or just paranoid...after repeated strange incidents with various supposed homeless people... One of the people acting as a bum on the street just after harassing this gal when she was leaving work, was seen by the skateboarders getting into a brand new rental car that stopped to pick them up.


Willis Carto, the head of The Liberty Lobby in Washngton DC, and The Spotlight Newspaper LINK who literally was living in the middle of nowhere in rural Virginia at the time, had a crazy man on his front lawn yelling obscenities at him... It wasn't as if his little house was on the way to anywhere else...This was just after the time that Mr Carto, who had been very friendly with Scientology, printing much of their material from discovery during their litigations against the IRS, had met with Vaughn Young and a bit later with myself, and found out what he had gotten involved in, and had come out with articles critical of scientology.

Now the OP seems to imply that Ms Cooper is guilty of something, so as to deserve such treatment, This idea of making others guilty for one's own crimes is a sociopathic trait, a means sociopaths use to manipulate people, (note) and a symptom of what we are dealing with. The OP is at best a victim of such mental manipulation. This topic of blame and guilt came up in another thread that I wish anyone who hasn't yet read it, to do so.. LINK

Hope this helps..

Arnie Lerma

Note: For good normal people to attack someone, that someone must first be demonized to be deserving of such attack. This is the purpose of the fallacious argument technique called Ad Hominem
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That is not true. The appropriateness of Hubbard's actions are entirely relevant.

If I publish a book of deliberate, malicious lies about a group or an individual they have a variety of legal ways in which they can respond to this. Trying to have me killed, framed or institutionalized would not be among them.

I'm in no way justifying what the church did...believe you me, I'd have done something drastic had that happened to me or a family member. But Balthasar says that Paulette was the aggressor, which she couldn't have been if what she was saying was the truth. All she did was expose the truth.

Any sane organization would have sued her for slander, or defamation, or whatever law fit and moved on. I emphasize SANE.


Staff were ordered to go to libraries to steal her book. They were told if they simply checked them out, that the library would know it's gone. If stolen, not so soon, or hopefully to the cult, not at all.


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Staff were ordered to go to libraries to steal her book. They were told if they simply checked them out, that the library would know it's gone. If stolen, not so soon, or hopefully to the cult, not at all.

And some were asked to steal from The Library of Congress...


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Filed in US v. Fishman.

Vicki Aznaran said:

I, VICKI AZNARAN declare as follows under penalty of perjury:

I joined the Church of Scientology in 1972. In 1978, after approximately four years as staff members, my husband and I joined the Sea Organization. From 1978 to early 1987, my husband and I worked most of our waking hours, with very few days off, at our various assignments within Scientology. I eventually became President of Religious Technology Center and,supposedly, the top "ecclesiastical" authority within Scientology. Richard was a high-level security officer. During this period my husband and I became intimately familiar with the structure and activities of various Scientology organizations. Among other things, I was briefed on and was sometimes a participant in meetings involving litigation tactics and various means used to attack and fight "enemies" of Scientology. In numerous instances I was in the chain of command for approval for such activities. From 1984 to 1987, I held the office of Inspector General, one of the highest worldwide offices in the organization and so was privy to the most arcane practices of the group.


While involved in Scientology I became aware of various operations directed against an author who had written a negative book about Scientology. The author, Paulette Cooper, was subjected to various forms of harassment. One operation included an attempt to frame her. A false bomb threat was written. Scientology agents lifted a fingerprint from Cooper's apartment. These fingerprints were then transferred to the bomb threat letter. Ms. Cooper was subjected to an investigation and was not cleared until an FBI raid resulted in the seizure of Scientology documents that exposed the operation as a frame-up. There was at least one other operation directed against Ms. Cooper. The substance of it was to plant a boyfriend to reinforce and play upon her suicidal tendencies in the hopes that she would commit suicide.


Executed this 18th day of July, 1990, in Dallas, Texas.


Declaration of Vicki Aznaran