People names Scientology whistle-blower Leah Remini 1 of 25 most intriguing people


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Re: People names Scientology whistle-blower Leah Remini 1 of 25 most intriguing peopl


That's an interesting question.

Greta and John (Coale) are apparently extraordinarily intelligent and rational people.

How they have managed to remain in Scientology under the deluge of hard facts that have emerged about the cult the past ten years is rather amazing, actually.

But, are they still in? I haven't noticed either of them in any church promo or publicized at events, so I wonder. I hold out a shard of hope that they very quietly became uninvolved. Hypothetically, if that actually happened, it would be smart for both sides to keep each other out of an unseemly media battle. I would imagine that the COS, as stupid-crazy as they are, would not want a fight with the most powerful cable network (Fox) and a longstanding popular anchor with her own daily show!

Anybody actually know if they are still aboard with dedicated, planet-clearing glares?

I don't.

But I'm reminded of the joke that asks "How do porcupines make love?"

Either Greta is quietly safepointing Scientology with the movers and shakers that be, or else she's slipped quietly utr.

As a mainstream Conservative, she certainly cannot be pleased with the NOI alliance or the various conspiracy theories that COB regularly excretes.

It's a head scratcher alright. (Or else I've got lice)

If Greta doesn't want to be SCOHB she'd best be very careful.

Fantasy: Greta announces in 2016 that she's written a book detailing all of the things she was coerced into doing by David Miscavige to enable Scientology to exert undue influence over Government officials. This spurs Joint Congressional committees and a massive FBI investigation. Miscavige, Linda Hamel and other lawbreakers are convicted and receive maximum sentences.

Sheer fantasy, I know.