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Personal chef of David Miscavige BLOWS



I like Sinar. I know this was horrible along with lots of other stuff in the SO but now, especially with Marty weighing in here


I think both sides sound a little looney when they were sounding much better earlier in the week.

Comparing his hero, Hubbard, with Miscavige - the "SP" who "Reversed" Scientology - and with Tom Cruise, Marty Rathbun asks his blog readers:

"Do you think L. Ron Hubbard ever treated Sinar Parman with such disdain? Do you think Ron ever forget about Sinar Parman and his services?"

When Rathbun's not doing his PR damage control "acceptable truth" dance, mostly for Internet savvy non-Scientologists, Rathbun reverts back to form.

Yes, Marty, it's likely that Sinar was mistreated by Hubbard, as was everyone else around Hubbard. Even David Mayo, according to Mayo's account (an account much disliked by the Independent Scientologists) found himself kidnapped on Hubbard's orders. Mayo was then ordered, by Hubbard, to run around a palm tree in the desert. Hubbard, personally, C/Sed the Rundown.

Earlier, I did a search on "food" under the poster "Cowboy" - a former youthful Messenger during a time concurrent with Sinar's employ/captivity with Hubbard - and came up with the excerpts earlier in this thread. I just did a search under "Cowboy" on "meals" and came up with a little more:

You should have seen the old man's eyes light up when Mike [Douglas, Kima's husband] showed up with a handful of diamonds which Hubbard had directed him to purchase. Boy, Hubbard was almost as excited as when he saw the bag so filled with Krugerands he could hardly lift it. Nothing like good old material goods to make a man salivate... get those old spiritual juices flowing....

Let's see, there were the LRH meals, of which half were tossed, usually because of continuing attempts to poison and kill or make sick, amazing how many assassins or SPs there were that became cooks.


It must have been awful for Sinar during his time with Hubbard, but he's in MartyWorld now, so all that has been airbrushed away.