Personal Power Vs. Impersonal Power...


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Hubbard was right. Personal Power is the way to go. Every preceding thought regarding Spiritual Power 'being impersonal' was a trap. Hubbard and his Personal Power Theology called Scientology was (and is) the Truth (that he Personally Discovered) that would set all of we mankind Spiritually Free.

Forever and ever and ever.

For a very small Personal Price of course. What's 1/2 million bucks for Spiritual Power, of the Personal Variety?

It's chicken feed. A drop in the bucket. Pocket change.

Yes indeed, Personal Power is the Ultimate Goal that results in Unspeakable Spiritual Power in the world.

Hubbard proved it. David proved it. AND YOU CAN PROVE IT TOO!

I have a set of affirmations *I have written to assist you. It's called:

If Hubbard did it and David did it I CAN DO IT TOO!

$19.95 US Currency. (any major credit card will do).


* for an example of the quality and depth of my unparalleled work, you can read a few prototypes here:

p.s. page seven ought naught be missed (right after page one for the impatient).


The purpose of this experiment is to re-establish the ambition, willpower, desire to survive,
the talent and confidence of myself.
To accomplish the above the following fears must be removed Fear that I have written
myself out by writing junk. I built certain psychoses in myself while living with my former wife as
a means to protect my writing. I affirmed that my writing was hard work and took much labor.
This was a lie. I was always anxious about people's opinion of me and was afraid I would bore
them. This injected anxiety and careless speed into my work. I must be convinced that I can
write skillfully and well, that I have no phobias about writing and no fears of it. People criticized
my work bitterly at times. I must be convinced that such people were fools. I must be convinced
that I can write far better than ever before, that a million people at least would be happy to see
my stories. I must be convinced that I have succeeded in writing and with ease will regain my
popularity, which actually was not small. I must also be convinced that I dictate
stories to a dictaphone with ease.
I must be told that my memory is strong and reliable, that I can remember all I have ever read or
studied, that no illness or medicine has affected mind or memory.
(b) My service record was not too glorious. I must be convinced that I suffer no reaction from any
minor disciplinary action, that all such were minor. My service was honorable, my initiative and
ability high. I have nothing to fear from friends about my service. I can forget such things as
Admiral Braystead. Such people are unworthy of my notice....

....(c) I can have no doubts of my psychic powers. My magical ability is high and clear. I earned my
titles and command.
(d) Any distaste I may have for Jack Parsons originated in a psychic experiment. Such distaste is
foolish. He is my friend and comrade-in-arms.
(e) Sexual feeling has been depressed by several things amounting to a major impasse. To cure
ulcers of the stomach I was given testosterone and stilbesterol. These reduced my libido to
nothing. While taking these drugs I fell in love with Sara. She can be most exciting sexually to
me. Because of drugs as above and a hangover from my ex-wife Polly, I sometimes am unexcited
by anything sexual. This depresses me....

...By eliminating certain fears by hypnosis, curing my rheumatism and laying off hormones, I hope
to restore my former libido. I must! By hypnosis I must be convinced as follows:
(a) I can write. I need not think commercially about writing.
(b) My mind is still brilliant. My memory unaffected by drugs or experience.
(c) That masturbation was no sin or crime and did not injure me. That no sexual practice has
ever dulled me.
(d) That things sexual thrill me. That I am now returned to the same feelings I had at 16 about
sex where excitement is concerned. That naked women and pornography excite me greatly. That
Sara excites me greatly and gives me much pleasure.
(e) That I bear no physical aftermath of disease.
(f) That I do not need to have ulcers any more.
(g) That my eyes (which I used as an excuse to get out of school) are perfect and do not pain me
(h) That I love in Sara everything I loved in Polly or Helen and that such love is now transferred
to Sara.
(i) That I am fortunate in losing Polly and my parents, for they never meant well by me.
(j) That I never need be jealous of Sara's past. That she loves me and is utterly faithful. That she
thrills me more than Helen ever did.
(k) That life is beautiful to me. That I want to live. That things taste and smell and look and feel
wonderful to me.
(l) That I wrote a great book in The One Command and that it removed all my fears even until
now, except that my chapters on the mind do not affect my own mind. That I have will power and
great mental control. That I need not associate anything unless I wish.
(m) That I have only friendship for Jack Parsons.
(n) That I feel no wish for vengeance toward anyone. That I love people and believe in honor and
(o) That I believe in my gods and spiritual things.
(p) That nothing can halt my ambitions.
(q) That I need not believe the criticism of anyone. That vicious criticism can be forgotten by me
at will.
(r) That I tell the truth and must tell the truth. That all past errors and lies are forgotten.
(s) That I have started a new, free life. That the arts and beauties run strong in me and cannot be
denied by anyone.
(t) That I am well and that there is no advantage in appearing ill.
(u) That my code is to be all things a "magus" must be, that I am those things. That I burn high
and bright and will last as a potent and brilliant force until well after this century has run.
(v) That I am not credulous or absorbent of other people's opinions.
(w) That this hypnosis will not fade, but will increase in power as time advances....

You are asleep. You are not accountable for anything you say now. No one will think any less of
you. People want to help you.

L. Ron Hubbard
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