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PERTH Org Newsletter/Promo Leak Thread


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They are the show dates, the big social events for rural communities.

They used to do the whole VM thing at them in Victoria - Touch Assists etc.. It's a good stat-getter as they can grab lots of folks with time on their hands who've never heard of the wacky, evil cult called sciloontology before.

But I'm sure even a lot of rural folks these days have seen the cult exposed on the TV etc.. So these scams will also be a bust.

Hey I meant to tell you something...spent last evening with an old friend I hadn't seen in a few years. Lives in Aust. these days.

He asked what I'd been up to the last few years and I quietly mentioned "well I left scientology..."

He leapt right in with:

"Scientology is an abusive scam!" He started going on about how the Aussie Govt damn well needs to do something about those child slave issues going on in that cult. "Awful abuses go on in scientology!"

I sat there listening to him just smiling.

Terrific work you Aussies! Bravo! :clap::clap:

You have exposed things which have reached far and wide. :clap::clap::clap:

He was thrilled to hear I was out of the scam. We all raised our glasses to new-found liberty!
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News from Perth!


Lol, what happened was nothing, your silly and confused campaign was roundly ignored or derided. But keep on fooling yourselves!


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This sort of event is a specialty of the IAS and is favoured in ANZO reg cycles.

When I was FSMing and on the OT committee at the beginning of the Idle org scam the Regges used to push this line from the Dissemination drill; "You have to ruin them". Only thing is, it isn't in the drill, but it sounds like it might be.

What does "ruin them" mean?

Well in the dissem drill which goes;


2- Handle.


4-Bring to understanding.

Now this step 3 was always meant to be "find their ruin" and then go to step 4; "We can handle that blah, blah, blah".

But on the ponzi scam money for nothing off policy projects, like the IAS and Idle Morgue programs it became "create an alarming story that caves them to which putting money toward this project will solve". Hence the phrase "ruin them".

Viz; "So because the evil Psychs are going to take over the parenting of all of our children and they'll all be compulsorily medicated, you need to do l you can to put this Idle Morgue here!"

The policy on dissemination wasn't designed for that, it was designed to give people the idea that they needed to add Scientology to their lives.

DM has taken it to terrorise marks to give till it hurts.


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Evil transcriptionist error no.243.

Viz; "So because the evil Psychs are going to take over the parenting of all of our children and they'll all be compulsorily medicated, you need to do all you can to put this Idle Morgue here!"


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Some rather boring news from Perth (its all I can get!)



I love how they stress its NOT a fundraising event.


Lol, I wonder how believed it is with 'Upgrade your ideal morgue status today' splashed along the bottom :duh:
What strikes me as a bit odd but wholy typical is that they fire off a plea for attendence to listen to some doofus telling them how the org building is going, um, why not just write that instead? Well I can certainly guess its all about getting bodies in the shop~ 'Bring your friends!' dat include all your SP buddies?
'This is an info event. So you really need need to know whats going on.'
:shrug: how does this make sense? *shudder*


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"Keep your diary free."

... "Put your life on hold, just in case we decide to hold another fundraiser."

If they paused to think about the original excitement caused by Dianetics as a grassroots movement back in the 1950s, compared to the monolithic, oppressive failure that Scientology became after the very first few years... they'd very quickly become ex-Scientologists. And good luck to them.

Dianetics was about people auditing each other in their living rooms; it wasn't about UFOs, the Sea Org, tax exemption, religious cloaking, disconnection, sec checks...

Dianetics was flawed, for sure, but most of the flaws arose from naivete, and stupid mistakes such as marketing it as a form of medicine. The creepy stuff and the problems caused by greed only spread relatively slowly.

No wonder the poor clams want to celebrate the beginnings of Dianetics.


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Some new stuff from Perth:




You know, I think Errol Schmidt spends more time doing events at orgs other then his own LOL


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Perth Org Newsletter


Wow, they actually managed to scrounge together 40 people to turn up.

I think this says it all about Perth org:

"The bubbles were a highlight of the night"